How to Buy ATV Engine Parts on eBay

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How to Buy ATV Engine Parts on eBay

All terrain vehicles (ATVs) are used as a mode of off-road transport. They are motorised vehicles with a four-wheel design that allows for stability and control when navigating unpaved roads. They are able to venture where few other vehicles can go, and are ideal for those who find themselves driving on uneven terrain. Most ATVs seat one passenger, although there are several models designed to accommodate two riders. They are often used for racing, recreational riding, hunting, farming, hauling, ploughing snow, and cutting grass. In order to avoid being left with an inoperable ATV at the most inopportune time, buyers should maintain the ATV's mechanical components, especially the engine parts.

ATV engine parts are made by a wide range of manufacturers, including Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and John Deere. The parts vary in type and together ensure the proper functioning of the ATV's engine. Many choose to shop on eBay's online marketplace for the best deals and the widest selection. When purchasing ATV engine parts on eBay, buyers should familiarise themselves with the history of ATVs, consider the various types of engine parts, and learn how to navigate and search by using eBay's user friendly site.

A Brief History of ATVs

ATVs were originally manufactured as three wheel vehicles in the 1970s. They had a very low power engine, limiting their use to recreational travel. However, as technology advanced, the ATV engines became more powerful, which lead to the vehicles being redesigned in the late 1980s to include a fourth wheel, allowing for greater stability and safety especially at higher speeds. ATVs have grown in popularity over the years and now be found in a wide array of colours and sizes, with the option of two or four-wheel drive.

Types of ATV Engine Parts

There are various types of ATV engine parts, including camshafts, carburettors, crankshafts, valves and valve stems, filters, gaskets, and piston rings. Together these parts help the engine to function properly.


Camshafts are used to operate the poppet valves, allowing the air-fuel mixture to enter the cylinders as well as opening the exhaust valves to allow the exhaust gases to exit the cylinders once the mixture has ignited. The part consists of a cylindrical rod that runs the length of the cylinder bank with multiple rectangular lobes protruding from it. When searching for camshafts on eBay, buyers must choose between original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket parts. OEM camshafts, while specifically designed for replacement, do not offer the same feature specifications as their aftermarket counterparts. Aftermarket camshafts are often designed to increase fuel mileage or the ATV's power.

Camshaft issues may arise as a result of old engine oil. Oil that has lost its viscosity can cause the camshaft to create irregular noises from uneven lobe wear. This means that before purchasing a new camshaft, buyers should change the oil in the ATV to see if the problem disappears.


The carburettor blends the air-fuel mixture in the engine of the ATV. If riders notice that their engine is running roughly or idling harshly, this could be an indication that there is dirt or debris in the carburettor. If this is the case, the carburettor may need to be dismantled and cleaned. If this is not the case, the carburettor may simply need to be adjusted so that the proper air-fuel ratio is sent to the engine. When purchasing a new carburettor for an ATV on eBay, buyers should first consult their owner's manual, which includes the tension specification for the carburettor jets and air valve so that appropriate adjustments can be made.


The crankshaft is a major component of the ATV's engine. It is responsible for translating the reciprocating linear piston motion into rotation, allowing the engine output to be rotational. Constant strain on the crankshaft can cause it to bend. When purchasing a crankshaft on eBay, buyers should examine the its colour carefully, especially if buying a used product. If the crank pins of the crankshaft are dark blue or black, this indicates that extreme heat resulting from a lack of oil has been an issue. Crankshafts in this condition should be avoided.

Valves and Valve Stems

ATV engine valves, also known as poppet valves, control the timing and amount of petrol or vapour that flows into an engine. The valve is a flat, metal disk with a long rod, called the valve stem, attached to one side. This engine component needs adjustment periodically to be kept in proper working order.


ATVs filter both oil and air, preventing contaminants such as dirt and debris from entering the engine via the air intake system. Over time, these filters can become clogged and lead to larger scale engine issues, so they should be cleaned and replaced periodically. Buyers can get a better understanding of the various classes of air filters used in ATVs and their qualities from the table below.


Performance (percentage)

Particle Size (micrometres)



Greater than five


65 - 80

Greater than five


80 - 90

Greater than five


Greater than 90

Greater than five

G1 filters, although often less expensive than other types, need to be replaced more frequently due to their low performance. By maintaining the filtration system regularly, buyers can increase the horsepower of the ATV and lengthen the life of its engine.


There are various gaskets in the engine of the ATV, including the head, base, and upper end gaskets. The head gasket, which is located between the engine block and the cylinder head, is designed to seal the cylinders to ensure maximum compression and to avoid leakage of coolant and engine oil.

Using a pressure gauge, ATV owners should check the compression of the engine gaskets periodically. Gasket failure can lead to more serious engine problems, including compression loss or the leakage of exhaust gases into the cooling system.

Piston Rings

Piston rings are the metal seals between each engine cylinder and block. As the engine ages, the rings become worn and begin to lose their seal. As a result, the motor's power is greatly reduced, which can cause it to burn oil.

Searching for ATV Engine Parts on eBay

ATV engine parts can be found through various means on the eBay website. From the eBay home page, buyers can use the search bar to find ATV engine parts. This method is likely to render a large number of listings. Buyers with a more specific idea about the type of ATV engine part that they would like to purchase should use eBay's advanced search feature. This feature allows buyers to include additional search terms to help to narrow their results. Buyers have the option to choose between new and used ATV engine parts or to search within a limited price range. eBay has filters set in place, allowing for easy navigation of the site's features.

Search by Manufacturer

Buyers may choose to narrow their search of ATV engine parts by manufacturer. Major ATV manufacturers include Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki. This is ideal for buyers that prefer to purchase parts that are made by the same manufacturer as their ATV. This ensures compatibility and reliability.

Search by Price

Narrowing item listings by price is a great search tool for buyers on a budget. If purchasing used parts, buyers should confirm that the cost is below that of the retail price.


A wide selection of ATV engine parts at competitive prices is available on eBay. When searching for these parts, buyers should keep in mind the make, model, and year of their ATV as many parts are designed for a particular vehicle. Using the wrong parts can lead to problems with the engine. In addition, buyers should familiarise themselves with the purpose of each part and how it relates to the functioning of the ATV engine as a whole.

Maintaining the parts of the engine can prolong the life of the component. Filters, if replaced on a regular basis, can prevent larger scale engine damage, while maintaining the piston rings ensures the maximum ATV power. Other parts, such as the camshaft, require ATV riders to replace the oil regularly. With the wide array of ATV engine parts on eBay, buyers are sure to find the right component for their off-road requirements.

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