How to Buy ATV Tyres on eBay

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How to Buy ATV Tyres on eBay

Whether they are used for work or for sport, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are great machines to have in the shed. They can travel over rocky terrain, handle steep hillsides, and tow incredibly heavy loads. ATVs also make great recreational vehicles, and operators can ride them across beaches, through parks, and in the snow and mud. However, the might of the ATV would be for nothing without the proper pairing of ATV tyres. The rubber companions of this recreational vehicle vary in construction, tread pattern, terrain specialisation, and sizing to provide a variety of options for ATV owners around the United Kingdom.

ATV owners can buy ATV tyres on eBay by searching for the exact types of tyres they need, and the purchased goods can be delivered straight to their doors in no time. Buying ATV tyres is a breeze when using eBay, and ATV owners can spend their valuable time outdoors enjoying the ride, rather than visiting tyre stores.

Considerations Before Buying ATV Tyres on eBay

People purchase ATVs to experience the distinct performance that only all-terrain vehicles can provide. ATVs are meant to tackle harsh road conditions, rough terrains, and extreme workloads. Buying the wrong tyres for one's ATV can critically undermine the vehicle's ability to perform any of these tasks, so knowing what to look for in ATV tyres is crucial. ATV tyres come in all sizes, tread patterns, strength levels, and terrain types so that ATV owners across the UK can purchase the right tyres for their environments. Before buying ATV tyres on eBay, shoppers should know what types of tyres they need for their ATVs to perform at their best. Understanding how tyre sizing works is also important, although eBay Motors can help uncertain shoppers solve this problem.

Bias vs. Radial Construction

ATV tyres can be found with two different types of construction: bias or radial. The construction of an ATV tyre directly influences the strength and performance of the tyre. Bias construction tyres are best used on rough terrains and for taking on steep inclines. The tread of bias tyres wears out faster than radial tyres, partially because they are of cheaper quality and partially because they are used on harsh terrain. Bias tyres are also fuel inefficient and do not perform well under high speeds.

If fuel economy and good steering ability are one's preferences when driving an ATV, then radial construction tyres are the better option. They are not designed to have excellent traction on rough terrain or steep hillsides, but they handle the road with ease and perform best under accelerating speeds. Because they are designed for flat surfaces, radial tyres can be damaged easily and are much more expensive to repair than bias tyres.

Tread Type

While there are several types of tread that one can find on ATV tyres, the two main categories for tread can be defined as wide and narrow. Wider tyre tread is best for traction, as the larger space in the tread provides an escape for air and water on wet roads. The wider tread also makes accelerating and braking easier for the ATV. However, wide tread also takes away from the ATV's fuel economy. Narrow tread is easier to steer and is more fuel efficient. Another benefit of ATV tyres with narrow tread is that they perform well on soft grounds like mud and snow because there is little space for the substance to pack itself within the tread. As with tyre construction, shoppers should pick the tread type on ATV tyres to match the demands of the ATV's terrain and use.


The most important factor to consider when purchasing ATV tyres is the terrain the machine is used on. ATV stands for 'all terrain vehicle', but the tyres can be purchased for specific terrains in order to make steering, towing, and climbing steep hills easier for both machine and operator. All-terrain ATV tyres are the most common type of tyre and are designed for mastering several types of terrain, from rough and grassy knolls to paved roads. However, all-terrain tyres are not ideal for navigating on difficult terrain like sand, mud, or snow. For those who use their ATVs for performance and speed, all-terrain tyres also inhibit the acceleration capabilities of the machines.

Sand tyres can be purchased for one's ATV to enable the vehicle to navigate with ease through loose, grainy sand. This is ideal for ATV users who like to go for rides along beaches, where escaping the sand is impossible. Sand tyres can be identified by the tread, which looks like tiny paddles. The tread pushes sand outward from underneath the tyres. Investing in special terrain ATV tyres also prevents an ATV's engine from overheating, as the proper tread makes it easier for the machine to operate.

Snow tyres are the second most common tyres for ATVs in the United Kingdom. The tread on these tyres runs horizontally, allowing an escape for snow, rain, and mud at all times. This tread pattern also prevents ATVs from spinning out in slippery, wet conditions. Because these tyres are soft to allow optimal control in snowy conditions, the tread wears down quickly if the vehicle is constantly driven on dryer, harder roads.

Ply Rating

The ply rating is another name for the strength level of ATV tyres. Using a four-star rating system, ATV tyres vary in strength in the sidewalls, which affects both quality of tyre and pricing. Two-star ply rating is the most commonly found strength in ATV tyres, although shoppers can find four-star ply rating in more expensive ATV tyres. Higher ply ratings are beneficial for those who use their ATVs for towing heavier loads and travelling on rougher terrains because the sidewalls are more difficult to puncture.

Tyre Size

After tyre type, the size is the next most important factor to consider when purchasing ATV tyres. The sizing system of motor vehicles in the United Kingdom uses two numbers to mark the width and rim diameter of tyres. For those who are unsure of what size tyres fit their ATVs, the manufacturer's guide for the machine has this information. The height and width of the new tyres can be up to 25 millimetres larger than what the manufacturer recommends for the model. Altering the recommended width of ATV tyres can provide better stability for the machine when operating on rough terrain, and the increased height gives the ATV better clearance from brush and rocks underneath.

There are ATV tyres for every purpose and terrain so that every all-terrain vehicle performs at its best when on and off the road. By understanding the differences that are found in ATV tyres, shoppers can more efficiently and confidently search for and purchase the ATV tyres they need on eBay.

Buying ATV Tyres on eBay

Finding the right ATV tyres should not take owners away from being able to get work done or enjoy the great outdoors on their all-terrain vehicles. Using eBay's search engine tools makes purchasing ATV tyres a fun, quick task rather than a time consuming ordeal. Users can insert keywords like 'ATV snow tyres' or ' ATV bias tyres' into the search box that is found on every page on the eBay site. This yields relevant search results within a matter of seconds. These results can then be filtered to only show results that fit one's specific requirements.

When shopping on eBay, shoppers can research the reputation of the seller by reviewing the feedback left by previous customers. The feedback feature provides great insight into other shoppers' experiences with a seller and the quality of the products they purchased. Another great feature on eBay is the eBay Motors page, which provides a sleek design to allow users to search for anything automobile related, including all types of tyres. By using eBay Motors, shoppers do not have to worry about buying the wrong tyre sizes for their all-terrain vehicles.


All-terrain vehicles are meant to be enjoyed by their owners as they explore the beautiful landscape that can only be found in the UK. When an ATV's tyres wear out or are damaged or punctured from all the fun and games, many operators dread the sometimes long, drawn out experience of purchasing new tyres. eBay understands that time spent running in and out of tyre stores can be a bore, so the eBay website offers its users the ability to buy new and used ATV tyres online from the comfort of home or the workplace.

ATV tyres vary in tread pattern, size, strength, and construction, and all of these aspects directly affect the vehicle's performance on and off the road. By using eBay Motors, shoppers can find the perfect size tyres for their ATVs, without worrying about making a mistake identifying the necessary tyres. eBay users can use the search box to find exactly what they are looking for on the site. When buying ATV tyres on eBay, users may find that they have much more time left to spend outside enjoying their new tyres instead of wasting hours locating and purchasing them.

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