How to Buy ATV Wheels on eBay

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How to Buy ATV Wheels on eBay

All terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are a popular option for those looking for recreational vehicles, farming and ranching transportation, hunting transportation, or simply getting from one place to another on large areas of land quickly. ATVs are also able to tow trailers and attachments to make transporting material and performing tasks on the farm much easier.

The pneumatic tyres found on ATVs are low-pressure tyres that do wear out with extended use and may require more air to be added from time to time. Though the wheels themselves typically do not need to be replaced as often as the tyres, they may become damaged or rust over time, which could mean shopping for a new set of wheels and tyres. When looking for ATV wheels, one must take into consideration factors that include the main purpose of the vehicle, the wheel size, and the tyre tread. Although one can purchase ATV wheels from traditional retailers, shopping on eBay is a great way for prospective buyers to find quality tyres at low prices.

Brief History of the ATV

ATVs first appeared in Japan where they were used by farmers to get around their land more quickly and easily. These Japanese farmers realised that the vehicles could also be used to travel to and from town on roads that could not be accessed by traditional vehicles. This increased the popularity of the ATV tremendously, and soon others were buying ATVs to get around as well. The ATV made its first appearance in other countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, in the second half of the 20th century, where the vehicle quickly gained the same popularity it enjoyed in Japan.

Initially, ATVs were used for farming and ranching purposes as well as by hunters. As people began using ATVs more and more for getting around, they became popular recreational vehicles. Individuals enjoy racing them, taking them mudding, or riding them through the woods. In fact, the term "all terrain vehicle" means these vehicles are perfect for a variety of terrain types, including mud, sand, and grass.

Types of ATVs

ATVs are typically divided into three main categories based on their functions and the features of the models within the category. Many ATVs are capable of multitasking, which means individuals who purchase utility ATVs for use on a farm can also use the ATV for recreational purposes. These types can be found on eBay, depending on what the sellers are offering at a point in time. One should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each type to know which type is right for one's needs.

Utility ATVs

Utility ATVs are amongst the more popular types of ATVs. These workhorses are capable of hauling heavy loads and traversing all types of terrain, so they are perfect for individuals who have larger homesteads, farms, or ranges. Utility ATVs feature large engines and short suspensions, and they can support several types of accessories and add-ons, increasing their versatility. While the majority of ATVs in the market run on petrol, there are some utility ATVs that run on electricity, which makes for a quieter ride.

Sport ATVs

Sport ATVs are used primarily for racing and other recreational purposes. Typically, sport ATVs have heavy-duty suspensions so they can withstand jumps and more rugged terrain as well as sharp turns. Whereas utility ATVs are somewhat heavy, sport ATVs are lighter in weight, making transporting them easier and improving the way the ATVs handle. Sport ATVs can achieve higher speeds than other types of ATVs, which is why they are popular on the racing circuit.

Side by Side ATVs

The side by side ATVs, sometimes also referred to as SxS ATVs, are more of a cross between a golf cart and an ATV. SxS ATVs can typically transport multiple passengers, while many other types of ATVs can only carry two riders. In addition to being able to carry multiple passengers, SxS ATVs have better suspensions and more powerful motors than golf carts, allowing them to traverse terrain that a regular golf cart cannot handle. These ATVs are used for a variety of applications, including military work and fire rescue missions.

The chart below indicates the size of the engine for each type of ATV. Though not discussed as a distinct category, youth ATVs feature much smaller engines so they are safer for younger riders.

Type of ATV

Engine Size Range


250 – 700 cubic centimetres


250 – 800 cubic centimetres


250 – 1000 cubic centimetres


50 – 100 cubic centimetres

Looking at the chart above, ATV owners as well as those considering purchasing ATVs can see the range of engine sizes included in each category. The SxS ATVs have larger engines so they can carry more people and a heavier frame, while sport ATVs have somewhat smaller engines. This is due in part to the fact that sport ATVs are lighter, which means they do not need large engines to achieve the same speeds as heavier ATVs.

The engine size is typically provided in the listings for ATVs on eBay. If this is not in a listing, then the prospective buyer is well advised to communicate with the seller to get that information.

ATV Wheels

ATVs have pneumatic tyres wrapped around metal rims. Many ATV owners use the term wheel to refer to both the rim and the rubber tyre. Just like automobile tyres, ATV tyre tread wears out over time. If a tyre lacks sufficient tread, it cannot gain purchase on surfaces, which could result in the ATV slipping. It is for this reason that ATV owners should inspect their ATV's tyres regularly to confirm there is sufficient tread. In addition, it is possible for ATV tyres to be punctured or burst. In these instances, it is safest to replace the tyres rather than attempt to repair them.

Though the ATV wheel rims do not need to be replaced as often as tyres, they may sustain damage during rough riding or in an accident, or they may rust if the ATV is not cared for and stored properly. If new rims are required, prospective buyers may want to consider purchasing full wheels, which contain both the rim and the tyre. This assures the buyer that the tyre can fit properly on the rim.

Wheel Size

When looking for replacement wheels for an ATV, prospective buyers need to determine the number of bolt holes are on their existing wheels as well as how far apart the bolt holes are. In addition, prospective buyers need to identify which sizes are compatible with their ATVs. ATV wheel and tyre sizes are expressed as two numbers with the letter x between them. The first number indicates the diameter of the wheel, and the second number represents the wheel's width. Sometimes, wheels and tyres also feature additional information after these sizes, indicating the number and spacing of the bolts as well as if the wheel is offset.

The wheel size is usually provided in the listing descriptions on eBay. Typically, ATV owners choose new wheels that are the same size as the existing tyres, though it may be possible to switch to a slightly different size. Individuals interested in installing slightly larger or smaller wheels may want to check the owner's manual to confirm if this is possible before spending money on new wheels.

Tyre Tread

While there are some differences amongst the types of ATVs, they all have similar engine components as well as pneumatic tyres, which are air-filled tyres much like those seen on automobiles. Individuals who are looking for new tyres for their ATV also need to consider what type of tread they want for their new tyres. Different treads are appropriate for different types of terrain, so individuals should determine which tread styles are ideally suited to the terrains they ride the ATVs on the most. It is possible to switch to a different type of tread, but owners need to switch out all four tyres if they choose to do so. When looking for replacement ATV tyres on eBay, one can find that the listings address the tyre tread. If this is not the case, then the prospective buyer should ask the seller for this information.

Shopping for ATV Wheels on eBay

It may be possible for some ATV owners to find wheels or tyres at local ATV dealerships, but chances are they may need to turn to the Internet to find the correct size and bolt configuration for an ATV. Before making a purchase decision, prospective buyers should consider the quality, selection, and prices available on eBay.

When shopping online, prospective buyers need to know the ATV's wheel size as well as how many bolts the wheels have and how far apart the bolts are spaced. If owners are thinking about switching to a different type of tread, they should have an idea of what type of tread they want as well.


ATVs are capable of providing both recreational value and functionality to their owners, especially if the owners are farmers, ranchers, or hunters. Like with any other vehicle, it is important for ATV owners to service the ATVs regularly to keep them running in tip-top shape and make sure they are safe for riding. This includes examining the wheels and tyres regularly to confirm there is plenty of tread and that the tyres are inflated to the proper air pressure. It is also important for ATV owners to look for punctures, holes, or dry rot, especially when the ATV has not been ridden for a while.

Replacing an ATV's wheels or tyres is a simple task, especially if prospective buyers know what they are looking for. ATV owners should know what wheel size or sizes their ATVs can handle as well as where the bolts are positioned and how many bolts are on the wheel mount. Knowing this information can help prospective buyers find the perfect wheels for their ATVs through eBay.

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