How to Buy Abdominal Machines on eBay

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How to Buy Abdominal Machines on eBay

When it comes to working out in your own home there are a number of choices available to people when space is a constraint and doesn’t allow for certain larger scale machines being installed.

In locations where a multi-gym, treadmill or cross trainer cannot be accommodated there is an answer with some kind of abdominal machine a perfect and sufficient alternative.

eBay is home to many different kinds of abdominal machines with sellers that use the site some of the most knowledgeable of any online.

The following buying guide explains the different abdominal machines available, how to identify the correct one and the best way to buy one safely and securely using eBay.

What is an Abdominal Machines?

  • In the field of exercise & fitness, one of the main things that many people are looking to achieve is toned abs or a six-pack.
  • Abdominal machines make this a lot easier and through a number of different ways will help users become toned in a much quicker time that just visiting their local gym.
  • Everything from heat and electricity to simple hard graft can be contained within an abdominal machine and the following section outlines all of the different types of machine available on the market today.

Types of Abdominal Machines

One of the beauties of abdominal machines is the sheer volume of different machines that can be bought.

The following headings look at the types of abdominal machines available and the characteristics that mark them out

Abdominal Exercise Seat

  • Various different seated workout apparatus. Work by the user sitting in a seat and then crunching upwards.
  • Others will incorporate a bar into the workout to push against that will help perform the crunch.

Abdominal Roller

  • One of the more common types of machine on the market and are seen in almost every gym.
  • Used either on a floor or mat and the abdominal roller movement is from a lying down position.
  • Arms are put on bars during the exercise and some products will even come with a built in mat or a counter to keep track of the amount of crunches that have been performed.

Body Shaper

  • Machine that exercises various parts of the body with specific focus on the abdominal muscles as one of the areas.
  • Instructions must be referred to and a poster is usually provided to show how to perform all of the different exercises correctly.
  • A body shaper is an extremely good option for those looking to have a well-rounded workout at an affordable price.

Electronic Stimulation

  • Worn around the abdominal area and makes muscles work by providing electronic stimulation.
  • There are various different brands that provide the machines and most can be adjusted to give different levels of stimulation.
  • Useful for those that have a busy daily routine as they can easily be worn under clothing or even at work due to their size.

Hula Hoops

  • Hoop that is lightweight and is usually made from some kind of plastic.
  • Exercise involves making the hula hoop go around your waist by rotation of the hips.
  • Accessible for many due to the affordability and easy movement that is involved.

Sauna Belts

  • Design of a sauna belt is similar to an electronic stimulation belt, although instead of impulses it generates heat that in turn helps the user to lose weight.
  • Some people use the item as a cure for various back and muscular problems.

Vibrating Belt

  • Another item that is similar to the ones mentioned that stimulate performance by either heat or electronic stimulation.
  • The belt makes various different vibrations that will tone the muscles and cause the user to lose weight.

Buying Considerations for Abdominal Machines

Purchasing any kind of exercise & fitness equipment from eBay means taking various different factors into consideration.

The following sections outline the main considerations to take.


  • The number of abdominal machines on the market is vast and it means choosing one from a brand that is well known and reliable.
  • Background research is recommended in this respect and when happy with a brand, eBay allows buyers to search using it as a parameter.


Items on eBay can be listed according to their condition and it will have a large bearing on what the item will be like when received.

Products that are listed as new, will be in the original packaging and will not have been used before.

A number of abdominal machines will be listed as new other (see details). This section is normally reserved for display models that have seen some use in a shop or gym but are almost new.

Any other item is likely to be listed as used, which will mean someone else in the past has owned it.

Try to ascertain how old the item is and if it was in a gym or a residential property.


  • One of the main things that consumers will take into mind before buying is the price being paid for the item.
  • The cost of an item will be affected by a plethora of things, including the condition, brand, age and the type of abdominal machine that it is.

Part of a Fitness Routine

When anyone buys an abdominal exerciser it must take its place in a well-managed exercise & fitness routine and not simply be the only exercise done.

Other larger exercise machines, such as a multi-gym, treadmill or cross-trainer, could be bought in order to vary the exercise being done.

Alternatively an abdominal machine is the perfect way to complement trips to the gym or replace days when you can’t make it down there.

Exercise Area Available

  • Some of the abdominal machines listed on eBay will perform best if plenty of space is available.
  • Before purchasing a product take into account where in your house exercise can be performed and if there is enough space.
  • Plenty are small enough not to need lots of space but this should be clarified before committing to a purchase.

Read the Instructions or Watch the DVD Before Use

Injuries whilst using abdominal machines are common if the instructions aren’t fully examined before use.

Many of the abdominal machines for sale on eBay come with instructional DVDs or videos that make it very easy to find out what to do.

Doing one of these prevents any type of injury taking place and makes toning of muscles more likely.

Correct Adjustments

  • Most, if not all, abdominal machines will be adjustable according to the size of the user.
  • Adjusting the machine correctly will ensure that exercise is performed correctly and produces the desired results.

How to Buy Abdominal Machines on eBay

eBay is home to hundreds of exercise & fitness items with all the components available to make the perfect home gym experience. The site’s large number of knowledgeable sellers are always on hand to offer as much assistance as possible and are happy to answer questions posed via the Ask the Seller feature.

To find abdominal machines on eBay, first go to the Sporting Goods category from the main page.

From there scroll down to Exercise & Fitness on the next page to be taken to the category’s full list of products.

The selection must now be narrowed down, which can be done by selecting Fitness Accessories from the list on the left hand side.

It’s now just a case of clicking on Abdominal Exercisers and in front of you will be all of the abdominal machines available to buy on eBay.

Narrowing it down even further is easy, with various parameters on the left hand side giving you the chance to slim the result down by Type, Condition, Price, Features and Colour.

For buyers that have a good idea of the exact item they want to buy, it’s recommended they use eBay’s extensive search feature. This is done by typing relevant terms into the bar at the top of any eBay page and using the drop down list to the right of it to narrow the result down.

When happy with an item, buyers can make a Bid, place their Best Offer or choose to Buy It Now, all of which will depend on the type of auction listing.


Abdominal machines are an easy way to experience the benefits of a workout at the gym in your own home with a wide variety of machines catering from every type of user.

eBay is home to thousands of abdominal machines with the site benefiting from the widest selection of items and sellers under one roof anywhere online.

The guide above is the perfect companion when looking through the site’s vast listings and the following points are critical when purchasing an abdominal machine:

  • Decide on a type of machine that is most suitable for the main user.
  • Use the machine as part of an all-round healthy lifestyle.
  • Make sure there is a big enough area in the house in which to use the machine.

These points should help inform the process but the final choice is always down to you, the buyer.

When ready to complete a purchase remember to use PayPal to make sure the payment goes through safely and securely.

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