How to Buy An Affordable BMX Bike

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How to Buy An Affordable BMX Bike

If you want to exercise bikes are effective ways of keeping fit. They are an environmentally friendly form of transport and are a pleasant way of looking round countryside. A BMX bike can not only provide these positive aspects of cycling but are also well suited to racing and stunt work. In order to get the most from your BMX bike it helps to know how to buy an affordable BMX bike on eBay.

The history

BMX is the shorthand for bicycle motocross. These developed around 30 years ago in California. In a similar way to skateboarding BMX riders often use their bikes to race or pull off stunts. While often associated with dirt tracks and off road they are also increasingly used in skate parks as well.

The difference

There are various differences between a BMX bike and a road or mountain bike. Road bikes tend to have thinner tyres and are more suited to flatter surfaces and town areas. Mountain bike wheels are larger and have similar qualities to BMX bikes in that they can be ridden over bumpier surfaces and tend to have suspension and solid frames designed to cope with riding over wooded areas and handling these bumps at high speeds.

The main difference between BMX bikes and mountain bikes are the smaller wheels. These are ideal for stunts and racing.

Getting started

A lot of BMX riders get started when they are around 12 to 14 years old. This is roughly around the age that they can start riding smaller adult sized bikes rather than those specifically designed for children. At this point it is recommended that you choose a BMX with a top tube of around 20.5 inches, something that should be specified in the product description.


There are a number of crucial aspects when deciding the BMX bike you wish to purchase.

  • Feel
  • Lightness
  • Strength
  • Compatibility with racing style

Each of these aspects depends on the type of frame you purchase and the kind of style you have. People who want to ride their bikes as transport on dirt tracks will usually want something more durable like a steel frame, while those who wish to use a BMX for racing or stunts are more likely to want something lighter such as aluminium.

Different types of BMX riding

The type of BMX riding you do may affect the kind of bike you get in terms of the suspension, speed and so forth.

  • Vert BMX refers to people riding their bikes along a bowl style track and performing various jumps. The name refers to the vertical nature of the jumps and tricks.
  • Freestyle BMX riding mainly refers to jumps and tricks. This type of riding often requires customisation of bike parts in order to get a suitable riding style. Therefore if someone is into freestyle BMX they may wish to consider a bike they can construct themselves for easier customisation.
  • Dirt BMX riding involves riding over dirt tracks. This can involve both racing and stunts.
  • Cruiser BMX bikes are mainly designed for riding and are noted for their distinct designs.

Frame material

As with other forms of bike the frame material will affect the durability and speed of the bike.

  • Steel is generally the standard and often the first BMX bike that people get is made out of this and so it's probably most suitable if you are buying a BMX for a child.
  • Chrome moly is a steel alloy often made with chromium or molybdenum. This is faster and easier to manoeuvre than a steel framed bike but at the same time it is still a strong frame and suitable for handling the rougher dirt tracks.
  • Aluminium tends to be used for BMX racing frames. It is not as durable as steel but is faster and more responsive.


One of the benefits of BMX bikes is that they are adjustable. While the size difference is more apparent with BMX bikes designed for children broadly speaking a BMX bike designed for adults can suit most sizes. If you need to adjust for size all you need to do is have a longer or shorter seat post or adjust the bars and the seat in order to make it comfortable.

Additional purchases

As well as the bike itself it is worth remembering any additional accessories that may be required. With a racing bike you will want to keep these to a minimum while riding so as to reduce the weight. However in between races it is still advisable to ensure bikes are locked away and secure.

One addition that is common to BMXs are pegs. These are attached to the front or the rear axels. They are often used for additional grip and to perform tricks and stunts while riding.

Getting support

There is a wide selection of technical support available on eBay to assist you when you're looking to make a purchase, you just need to know the right places to look. There are numerous reviews you can check before purchasing a BMX that can give you the technical details you need in order to see what is appropriate.

Reviews are an effective way of researching what is available and comparing the advantages and disadvantages of various manufacturers. A leading brand is not necessarily the most appropriate product for your needs so it is worth asking around before placing bids or purchasing directly from a seller.

Another thing to look for are the product specifications, allowing you to check whether the BMX is suitable for your particular riding style. While a bike can be adjusted for size it is harder to do so for riding style so this should be looked at carefully before making a purchase.

It is also advisable to contact sellers directly with an enquiry. As well as finding out more about what they have to sell it is often a good gauge of their customer service in general. They ought to be willing to talk about what they have to offer and provide answers to any technical questions you may have.

Getting the bike

There are numerous methods you can purchase a BMX bike from eBay and it is worth knowing the options available to you.

Buying method


Bidding via auction

Chance of getting a lower price on an item

Buy it now

Can buy an item straight away and can concentrate on details such as insurance and shipping costs

Buying from a merchant with an eBay page

More likely to be able to offer technical support and may be able to buy new products at a more affordable price

As such each method is suitable for people with different needs. The auction process is one method of getting a more affordable bike as you compete with others to bid for the product. People often find this method exciting, especially if they win and get the product they want.

Alternatively some people may wish to get something straight away and may not wish to go through the bidding process in order to get a product. It is worth remembering that eBay covers this requirement as well with a number of pages offering a buy it now price so that you can purchase an item straight away. When looking at the buy it now price remember to check for additional costs such as shipping. This ought to be clarified in the description as well as any return policy or insurance options.

Professionals and companies also sell products via eBay as well. The reason for this is that eBay is a recognised brand and so it is an effective way to get more business. Furthermore it can often be more cost effective than getting someone to make a website for them with the additional benefit being that these savings are passed on in the form of more affordable prices. When looking at this type of seller on eBay check to see their ratings and feedback. If they have high ratings and feedback they are likely to be reliable, especially if they are willing to discuss items and enquiries with you.

Remember that with any purchase you ought to carefully check the pictures. A reliable seller will show a bike from various angles with genuine pictures. The quality of the photo and whether or not the seller is included in the picture are often ways of telling whether or not they are genuine. If you are not sure ask the seller for more pictures and they ought to cooperate and be willing to show you additional pictures to prove that they are genuine.


In short in order to know how to buy an affordable BMX bike you need to know what you want and the places to get it. It is about carefully checking what is available and ensuring that is appropriate for your BMX riding style. A smart approach and careful comparison will allow you to get the most suitable BMX for your needs.

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