How to Buy An Affordable Fishing Rod

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How to Buy An Affordable Fishing Rod

Whether you want to go deep sea fishing and catch something to eat on a boat, enjoy a quiet day or night by the lake or want something to do on a camping trip there is a fishing rod that is suitable for your needs. An appropriate fishing rod does not necessarily need to be expensive and knowing how to buy an affordable fishing rod on eBay can allow you to enjoy this relaxing sport at a reasonable price.

Different types

As with any form of sporting equipment there are numerous types of fishing rod available and each has qualities that make them suitable for different types of fishing. What you purchase will depend on the type of fishing you intend to do and your level of skill.

Type of rod

What it is used for

Ultralight Open faced spinning rods

Freshwater fishing

Open faced spinning rod surf fishing rig

Used at sea, attached to boats


Freshwater fishing

Spin casting

Often used as an introductory rod for children and people getting started in fishing

Lightweight fly fishing rods

Fly fishing

Trolling rods

Attached to boats. Used for larger fish and generally used for deep sea fishing.

Open Faced Spinning

With this type of rod the reel is mounted underneath the handle. The line is kept in place using a wire loop known as a bale. After you have cast the line the bale needs to be pulled away. It can then be put back and used to help guide the line when reeling in a fish. This type of rod is mainly used for freshwater fishing.

Bait Casting

These are said to be the most popular rods for freshwater fishing. They tend to measure around six feet in length and often less than that. The reel on this one is placed on top of a mount. A button is then used to hold the spool in place and release ready for casting. One of the main reasons that this type of rod is said to be popular is that it allows for more accurate casting, something that is especially important if you are in a lake or a river and there is not a lot of space to cast out.

Spin Casting

Spin casting rods have a design that takes elements from open faced spinning and bait casting rods, effectively making them a compromise between the two styles of rod. The main difference between the spin caster and other rods is that it has a protective covering with a hole over it that the line can be fed through. This makes it a lot easier to use which is why it tends to be popular with younger anglers and people who are going fishing for the first time.

Fly Fishing

You may have heard of fly fishing. The term does not actually refer to the rod but to the lures that are attached to the end of the rod. The lures resemble flies and these are used to catch fish that like eating flies such as trout.

The ideal fly fishing rod will be light and use light fishing hooks to hold the flies. This is also means that the rod needs to be very long and flexible so people who use them often cast them using a whipping type motion in order to get the distance required.

Trolling Rods

Trolling rods are not cast and are usually attached to boats. They are usually placed at the rear of the boat and trail behind. Given that they tend to be used to catch larger sized fish these need to be larger and more durable than standard sized fishing rods. In a lot of cases heavy weights will also be attached in order to deal with the more troublesome larger fish.

Buying the Right One

Once you have an idea of the kind of fishing rod you want to buy it then becomes easier to choose one that is suitable for your purposes. One of the simplest methods of choosing one is to think about the kind of fishing you do and how often you are likely to go fishing. If you regularly go fishing every week then it is likely you will want one that is more durable than someone who only goes out on occasion.

If you want a suitably durable rod then single section rods are probably the most appropriate. They are also the most appropriate if you do not have to travel a lot of distance in order to go fishing. If you have a skybox or plenty of room in the car then having a single section rod should not be too difficult to transport.

If you are travelling quite a long way or you want something that does not take up too much space in your car then you may wish to consider a multi sectional rod that you can put together yourself. These are probably most appropriate for people who are confident in their ability to put things together. Whereas previously multi sectional rods were considered less durable this is becoming a rarer occurrence and many multi sectional rods are manufactured to a similar high standard to single section rods.

There are other aspects to consider.

* Longer rods will usually mean you can cast further distances. A longer rod may not be appropriate if you only intend to fish on a small lake or river.

* Shorter rods will tend to have heavier lines.

* Longer rods are more suitable when using lures

Fresh or Salt

Another aspect that will affect the kind of rod you get is if you do seawater or freshwater fishing. While some rods can accommodate both kinds of fishing generally a rod will specify in one or the other. The reason that this is important is that the rod may not suit the range required for the other type of fishing so you need to check this in the product description when buying fishing rods on eBay.


The material the fishing rod is made from can also make a difference. What you choose depends on the kind of fishing you are doing and what suits your particular style of fishing.




Inexpensive and low maintenance

Carbon fibre

Solid and low weight


Lightweight, resistant and durable

Graphite carbon fibre


Looking for Fishing Rods on eBay

There are numerous categories where you can compare the various fishing rods on sale on eBay.

* Rods for beginners

* Sea fishing

* Freshwater fishing

* Fly fishing

* Vintage rods

* Trolling rods for boats

* Additional accessories such as lights, tip replacement kits and so forth

Looking through the specific categories will make it easier to narrow down your search to find items that you want. It is also advisable to look for reviews from other anglers, especially if they are using it for similar purposes that you intend to. For example if you want to do freshwater fishing then it is recommended that you look for reviewers that use freshwater fishing rods.

You also need to ensure that the seller you are buying them from is knowledgeable as well, regardless of whether you are buying through the bidding process or straight away for a buy it now price. In each instance you need to be prepared to ask questions to ascertain the quality of the item and whether it is appropriate for your needs.


In short the most effective way of knowing how to buy an affordable fishing rod on eBay is to know the kind of fishing you are doing, the most suitable rod for that particular type of fishing and who to get it from. Checking reviews and researching carefully will help you to get that bargain you are seeking but also get the most for that precious time when you go fishing.

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