How to Buy Artificial Flowers on eBay

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How to Buy Artificial Flowers on eBay

Artificial flowers are cost efficient alternative to fresh cut flowers, and unlike real flowers, artificial ones never wilt. Artificial plants are a great addition to any home; owners never have to worry about lack of sunlight or water. Although "silk" flowers have been staples in the artificial plant business, there have been improvements to silk flowers and the introduction of other materials. Shoppers can purchase an array of artificial flowers, so it is important for them to be aware of all the options available. Sellers on eBay often have the name and colour of the flower in the listing, so finding the right flowers has never been easier.

Whether buying single stems, bushes, or in bulk, eBay has a numerous artificial flowers to choose from. Buyers often look on eBay with a certain occasion, style, or colour scheme in mind. If decorating for an event, shoppers must have an idea of what colours and flowers are needed, and the number of arrangements being made.

Materials Used to Make Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are made from several types of materials, and some are designed to be more lifelike than others. Plastic is cheapest material to make flowers, but buyers get what they pay for with plastic flowers. They look fake and are not the best choice for home or occasional decoration. Foam flowers are popular choices for hair clips and accessories; this material holds its shape, but still does not look lifelike.

The most artificial flowers are often referred to as "silk" flowers; however, most of these flowers are not truly made of silk but of polyester instead. Silk flowers come in an array of styles; some are better than others. High-end silk flowers do not have frayed edges and look more lifelike. Some shoppers want artificial flowers to have glitter or beaded decoration. Latex artificial flowers are a contemporary version of silk; these flowers are made from polyester or parchment then dipped in latex. This extra step gives artificial flowers a lifelike appearance.

Styles of Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers come in an assortment of styles, and when purchasing them on eBay, buyers should be able to distinguish between styles. Bushes are an excellent selection, especially if decorators need several of the same style flower. A stem is a single, artificial flower, and the flower is generally larger than other bunches of flowers. Picks are short-stemmed clusters of greenery or small flower; they are useful for filling bouquets, table arrangements, and potted plants.


The bush is a common arrangement for silk flowers. It consists of a cluster of stems and flowers joined at a base. These artificial flowers often have silk leaves for a more realistic appearance. The bush of flowers can all be the same, or flowers can be mixed. Decorators can leave these flowers bunched together or separate them with a pair of scissors.


A stem refers to single artificial flower. Larger artificial flowers and leaves, especially of the tropical variety, are often sold as stems since they can be a focal point. Some stems have a bunch of flowers at the top, called a spray. Stems are an excellent option for budget conscious shoppers, as they are not spending money on flowers they do not need.


Picks are bunches of foliage, small flowers, and berries used as accents and fillers in floral arrangements. They are typically sold with shortened stems since they let flowers the forefront in the arrangement. Picks are also used with wreath making and in home decor.

Garland and Vines

Artificial garland and vines are most often used in making wreaths or home decorating. Garland is a popular Christmas decoration. Vines can be draped along mantles and the tops of furniture. The artificial options come in an array of options. Some are only leaves; others have flowers. Shoppers with a particular look in mind can search eBay by flower or colour, such as purple artificial vine.

Pre-Made Arrangements

Pre-made arrangements refer to any type of artificial flower vase, pot, wreath, or otherwise completed set-up. They are available in an assortment of sizes, colours, and prices. Pre-made arrangements are convenient buys for those in the market for an artificial floral arrangement for the home.

Finding Artificial Flowers on eBay

Since eBay has thousands of artificial flower options to choose from, it is best for shoppers to have an idea of what they are looking for. Shoppers should start with quantity; for example they may need a single flower to complete an arrangement or dozen to complete a project. Moreover, customers can sort by style by searching for certain flowers or colours. Buying artificial flowers for a special occasion can be expensive, especially if the event is large. Home decorators need to have an idea of how many rooms and how much they have to decorate. The following sections have tips for shopping for artificial flowers.

Quantity and Style

eBay has sellers with single flowers or bulk quantity, and with so many to choose from, it is important for shoppers to know how many of each style of artificial flowers they need. When buying artificial flowers for large events, shoppers should be able to get a price break for buying larger quantities. Better quality artificial flowers are a bit more expensive, but are well worth the extra money.

Shoppers can specify the either the colour or type of artificial flower on eBay. Decorators can search for artificial flowers based on the type, such as lilies, roses, or daisies. eBay also allows users to choose by colour; for example, artificial pink carnations are inexpensive and easy to come by.

Special Occasion

Buying artificial flowers for a special occasion such as birthdays or Mother's Day on eBay is a breeze. Whether buying roses or other favourite flowers for matching wedding bouquets and centrepieces or a custom made corsage, choosing artificial flowers over fresh cut for events has many benefits. With thousands of flowers to choose from, nearly every colour scheme and flower type can be arranged. Often, eBay sellers offer great rates when buying in bulk. If making centrepieces, decorators should consider shopping for vases and other containers on eBay as well.

Home Décor

Choosing artificial flowers for home décor can be as simple as finding a pre-made arrangement already in a vase, or DIYers can buy individual stems, bushes, and picks to assemble a custom look. If looking for an artificial plant to fill a larger space, consider purchasing an artificial tree on eBay. Before shopping on eBay, customers should have an idea of how many arrangements they need and the colour scheme for each room.

Benefits of Artificial Flowers

Besides the fact artificial flowers can maintain that fresh cut look all year long, there are many other reasons to use silk flowers. They less cost and are less hassle; for example, silk flower arrangements at formal events and weddings not require refrigeration. There are a variety of options on the market that look lifelike and at a fraction of the cost. Artificial flowers and plants can go anywhere, unlike real plants that are limited to areas with natural sunlight.

There are no limits to what artificial flowers can be used for: arrangements, wreaths, bouquets, hair accessories, to name a few. Silk flowers are sold in an array of options, and on eBay, there should be something for everyone. Artificial flowers are also excellent for people with allergies to pollen; now, they can be in close proximity of a beautiful arrangement without having a sneezing attack or watery eyes.

Buying Artificial Flowers on eBay

eBay has tens of thousands of artificial flowers to choose from at any given time. Therefore, no matter if it is a bride shopping for centrepiece flowers or an office worker looking to liven up the cubicle, eBay has something for everyone. Buyers are encouraged to have a list and general quantity of which flowers they want before checking eBay. Adding a few keywords into your search helps narrow down your results. For example, searching for "artificial roses" helps eliminate unwanted results; specifying the colour, such as "red artificial roses", is even more precise.

Top-Rated Seller

eBay constantly monitors its sellers and their activity to make sure buyers find what they need and get the service they deserve. Sellers with an outstanding reputation for client satisfaction and quality items are awarded eBay's top rated seller status. Look for the top-rated seller icon next to the username for a superior buying experience.


Artificial flowers have many advantages over their fresh cut alternative. They can never droop or die from lack of sunlight or water. Artificial flowers are just a fraction of the cost, and when buying on eBay, many buyers get deals better than average retail. Buyers can purchase just one or place bulk orders. Pre-made arrangements in vases or wreaths are an easy way to live up the home or office. Shoppers should check with the seller to verify the materials used to construct the flowers; very few silk flowers are truly silk.

Additionally, shoppers are encouraged to have an idea of the type of flowers they are looking for. Roses, lilies, or bird of paradise, customers should have at least an inkling of which flowers and foliage are best suited for them. eBay also always shoppers to browse by their priorities to ensure they are buying artificial flowers and at an affordable price.

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