How to Buy Audio Terminations on eBay

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How to Buy Audio Terminations on eBay

Audio terminations are otherwise known as audio connections. Audio terminations are designed to enable clean connections between various audio components, such as DVD or CD players, tuners, stereos, amplifiers, video consoles, and other types of home theatre equipment. Before heading online to eBay to find audio terminations, it pays to understand what type of audio terminations is needed. The range of connections includes banana connections, binding posts, RCA connections, and DIN, XLR, and phone connections. Each has a different type of connection end and is designed for use with different audio components. When buying colour-coded connections, buyers should have an understanding of what the colours correspond to in order to set up audio equipment correctly. Audio terminations are also available as male and female connections.

Buying audio terminals on eBay can be simple and cost effective. eBay is an online auction site that allows buyers to search easily for the desired audio terminations. One can buy with confidence on the website, utilising its secure payment methods and top-rated sellers.

How to Find Audio Terminations on eBay

Buying audio terminations on eBay can be simple, straightforward, and cost effective. To do a general search of any type of audio termination, you may simply type "audio terminations" into the search bar on eBay’s homepage. Searching this way allows you to get an overview of what is available for sale on the website. To search for a more specific type of audio terminal, such as a MIDI audio termination or a spade audio terminal, simply type the desired phrase into the search bar. You may also like to search for audio terminations by using the website’s search category options. These include searching by type, brand, condition, or price range.

Identify What an Audio Termination Is

An audio termination is more commonly known as an audio connector. This device is attached to the end of a cable and carries either an analogue or a digital audio signal. Audio terminations are used to connect various audio components together. Commonly used in televisions, CD and DVD players, tuners, stereos, video consoles, amplifiers and high quality speakers, audio terminations plug into the front or back panels of most audio components. Audio terminations can allow one to use audio equipment more creatively with greater flexibility. An audio connection may be purchased on its own or be already connected to a cable. Most individuals buy audio connectors already attached to each end of a cable.

Types of Audio Terminations

The wide range of audio terminations includes various single-conductor connectors and multi-conductor connectors. Each type is used to connect various pieces of audio equipment. Some connectors are more commonly used in mid-range home audio systems, and some are predominantly used in high end professional audio equipment.

Banana Audio Terminations

Banana connectors, sometimes referred to as 4-mm connectors in Europe, come in two types. The male connector is usually called a banana jack, and the female connector is usually called a banana socket. Banana connectors are single-conductor connectors and are commonly used to connect speakers to amplifiers in a sound system. It is called a banana connector because its jack pin has two small springs that help hold the pin into the corresponding banana socket.

Five-Way Binding Audio Terminations

A five-way binding connector, or binding post, is another example of a single-conductor connector. In home audio systems, this type of audio termination is commonly used for connecting speakers and amplifiers. These connectors are called five-way terminations because they allow the use of five different types of connections. The following table provides a short description of the five termination types used with a five-way binding connector.

Termination Type

Description of Termination Use with Five-Way Connector

Banana Connector

Common use for home sound systems. Banana connector is inserted into the open end of the binding post

Pin Connector

Inserted into a hole in the middle of the post. Pin connector is clamped into place by the screw mechanism on the binding post

Lug Terminal

Inserted around the binding’s metal post and clamped into place

Bare Wire (1)

Bare wire can be inserted through the middle of the post, as with a pin connector, and screwed into place

Bare Wire (2)

Bare wire can be wrapped around the metal post and clamped into place, as with a lug terminal

Five-way connectors are becoming less commonly used because they are not very well isolated. Banana connections are more commonly used in place of binding posts for home audio equipment set-up.

RCA Audio Terminations

RCA terminations, sometimes called phono connectors, are very commonplace. This type of audio termination has three colour-coded pins, in red, white, and yellow, making it a multi-conductor connector. The vast majority of home audio equipment offers RCA connection inputs. RCA connectors carry audio and video signals. RCA connectors have taken the place of many 3.5-mm or 6.35-mm phone connectors in many low- and mid-range home audio systems. However, some high end audio equipment still offer the use of the phone connectors over RCA connectors. Buyers should be aware that there is a difference between a phono connector, which is an RCA, and a phone connector, the 3.5-mm or 6.35-mm connectors.

DIN Audio Terminations

DIN connectors were created in Germany. This is a circular connector with multiple pins, making it a multi-conductor termination. This type of audio terminal is similar to the XLR connector and can carry analogue and digital signals. DIN connectors are used to connect speakers to amplifiers and audio recording equipment. These connectors they have become less commonly used over the years, as RCA connectors have taken their place.

XLR Audio Terminations

XLR connectors are a modern type of multi-conductor connector. Commonly used with professional audio equipment, XLR connectors have between two and nine pins and come in both male and female connection options. Audiophiles and professional audio specialists use XLR connectors because they offer balanced audio connection, an important aspect in high quality sound recording. XLR connectors are also used with video equipment and stage lighting equipment.

Phone Audio Terminations

Phone connectors come in various sizes. The 6.35-mm phone jack is the original phone connector and is often referred to as a quarter-inch jack. The 3.5-mm phone jack is a modern version of the quarter-inch jack and is more commonly used. A mini 2.5-mm phone jack is also available. Phone connectors are predominantly used for audio connectivity, and they carry analogue signals.

Phone audio terminations also come in two-way and three-way contact versions, called TR and TRS connectors. TR stands for Tip Ring and TRS stands for Tip Ring Sleeve, referring to where the termination makes contact. Phone connectors are commonly used for connecting microphones, headphones, or speakers to various audio components. Smartphones, portable media players, camcorders, and computers also use phone audio terminations.

Audio Termination Colour Coding

Audio terminations can be colour coded for ease of use and set-up connection. RCA, TS, and TRS terminations are always colour coded, while other terminations may not be. The following table provides a description of what the colour coding refers to.


Audio Termination

Colour Code Description


RCA and TS terminations

Analogue audio, left channel, mono


RCA, TS, and TRS terminations

Analogue audio, left channel, mono for RCA and TS connections, stereo for TRS connections


RCA, TS, and TRS terminations

Analogue audio, left channel, mono for RCA and TS, stereo for TRS


RCA and TS terminations

Analogue audio, right channel


RCA terminations

Digital audio

Understanding colour coding is important so that buyers set up audio equipment correctly. Knowing this information also helps a buyer to identify what type of audio termination is needed.

Male and Female Audio Terminations

Mating audio terminations, those that connect together, are referred to as having either male or female connections. In basic terms, the female connector is the receiving end of the connector that the male connection slots into. When buying cables with audio connections at each end, one end of the cable usually has a male termination, and the opposite end of the cable has a female termination. Some cables can have a corresponding male and female termination at each end. In some cases, a cable can have a male or female connection at one end and another type of termination at the opposite end. Electrical audio equipment terminations allow the current or signal to flow in one direction, from the male to the female connection.

Buying Audio Terminations on eBay

eBay has designed various useful tools to ensure that shoppers can have an enjoyable experience on the website. Buyers can utilize eBay’s mobile applications and desktop extensions to stay updated with buying activities anytime anywhere. Designed to give buyers easy access to eBay account information and activity, mobile and desktop applications are simple, quick, and free to download. In order to buy with confidence on the website, buyers can use secure payment methods, such as PayPal or credit card, and choose to shop with reputable eBay sellers.

Once a buyer has found the desired item, he or she can see if the seller is a top-rated seller on eBay. These sellers are easily identifiable by the top-rated seller badge located next to their listings. Choosing to buy audio terminations from eBay’s reputable sellers adds a layer of confidence for the shopper. Top-rated sellers consistently achieve 4 and 5 star ratings and excellent feedback, in addition to providing accurate listing descriptions and shipping items quickly.


Audio terminations carry audio signals from one audio component to another. They enable the consumer to add components, such as equalisers and preamplifiers, to a sound system to achieve the desired effect in audio and entertainment. In order to buy the right type of audio termination, buyers need to familiarise themselves with the various types of connections available. These types include banana jacks, binding posts, as well as RCAs, DINs, XLRs, and phone connections. Some terminations, such as RCA connections, are colour coded, and the user needs to understand this to achieve the correct set-up of audio equipment. All audio terminations have male and female connections, enabling the signal to travel in one direction safely and effectively.

Consumers can find a wide choice of audio terminations on eBay, the online auction site. Buyers can use the easy search methods on the website to find the audio terminations that they need. By taking the time to review the product and the seller background carefully on eBay, one can be assured of finding the audio terminations that enhance the performance of an entertainment system.

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