How to Buy Battery Cover Replacement Parts for Your Mobile

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How to Buy Battery Cover Replacement Parts for Your Mobile

One of the most common things to come loose on a mobile phone is the battery cover. Though most of the time the cover will slot in and out of place with ease, once the grip has gone, it essential to get a replacement in order to keep the battery protected.

The Benefits of the Mobile Phone Battery Cover


Battery covers are often the only barrier between mobile phone batteries and the external elements. This cover will protect the battery against environmental damage that could short the electricity within it and will protect it from knocks and scrapes which can irreparably damage the cells of the battery. As the battery provides all the energy for the phone and carries an electric current, the cover also provides protection to the user and avoids unnecessary shocks from the battery or harm if the battery liquid starts to escape after a knock.


The battery cover is also essential to keep the battery in place. Without an effective cover the battery can easily move or fall out making the phone completely inoperable. When a battery is removed, many phones will lose data or reset to factory settings. If this happens due to a lost or missing battery cover, this can be very costly to the user and very frustrating. Therefore if the battery cover is lost or damaged, the only effective way to keep the phone operational is to buy a replacement.


For many mobiles and smartphones,, the battery cover encompasses the entire back of the mobile phone. A good quality cover is therefore essential to ensure the phone looks good. A damaged or old cover can reduce the cosmetic appearance of the phone and even reduce its possible resale value.

How to Find Battery Cover Replacement Parts for Mobile Phones

Choosing the right battery cover for a mobile is essential to ensure the continued protection and look of the phone, but there are many alternate sources which supply battery cover replacement parts.

Mobile Phone Manufactures

In most circumstances, a mobile phone company is likely to be able to provide a battery cover replacement. If the cover is easy to replace, then it is often possible to order directly from the manufacturer and the part will be delivered. However, with more sophisticated phones, such as the new smartphones and iPhones,, it is more likely that the manufacturer will request that the phone is sent back to them for a replacement. Though this solution does ensure that the replacement battery cover is the perfect fit and that the phone is as good as new, it can be very costly. In most cases, a like for like replacement in this way will maintain any time left on the warranty of the handset and will have no adverse effect on the phone in any way. However, having a battery cover replaced with a brand new original from the manufacturer is the most costly method of replacement, and the fitting process required for the more modern handsets can incur additional fees.

Generic Battery Cover Replacements

An alternative to the manufacturer's branded mobile phone replacement cover is the generic model. This type of part is not supported by the manufacturer but can be a far cheaper way of replacing the damaged or lost element to the phone. In addition, such a product may be ideal if the original phone is no longer manufactured and branded replacement parts are no longer on offer. Buying a generic cover also provides greater access to a wider range of styles and designs that have now been developed for mobile phones. This improves the image of the phone at the same time as providing the security and protection required. Generic Battery Cover parts can often be replaced in a DIY repair, or it is possible to use the skills of specialists within phone shops to carry out the change. When buying generic battery cover replacement parts, make sure that they have been designed to accommodate the needs of the specific phone that requires repair. Though generic parts can be made to fit more than one phone, it is essential to ensure that the make and model of handset is included in the list of compatible units to ensure the cover is going to fit properly.

Used Replacement Parts

When keeping the original look and feel of the phone is of top most importance, yet a new branded battery cover replacement part is too costly, purchasing a used replacement part can be the only alternative. Though the battery cover will have been used before, as long as it is not scratched or damaged, it can provide the same role in the new phone and no one will ever know the difference. Buying used parts is significantly cheaper than buying new parts and with someone that has no working parts carries little or no risk. A used replacement part is also ideal if original parts are no longer available for a particular model of phone or if the phone itself has been discontinued. It is also perfect for the slightly older phone where a brand new part would not be in keeping with the overall handset image. Used replacement battery cover parts can either be purchased individually, or sometimes it is easier to buy an entire phone for parts. This can be a handset which is or is not working, as the part required will operate in the same way no matter what the operation of the overall product. When buying an entire phone, ensure that it is exactly the same make, model and colour as the phone which needs the replacement. It is then possible to simply replace the battery cover and still have other spare parts should anything else go wrong with the phone.

Points to Consider When Buying Battery Cover Replacement Parts for Mobiles


The most important thing to consider when buying a battery cover replacement part for mobiles is the fit of the part. When buying a manufacturer’s guaranteed part or a used branded replacement part, this should not be a problem as the model will be specified. But with generic battery covers it is essential to ensure that the make and model of handset is included within the list of compatible units to ensure a proper fit. Only in this way will the part provide the protection and security required.


When buying a single replacement part for the external of a handset, it is essential to get the colour match right. In some cases, manufacturers will slightly change the shade of the phone case or the materials used to manufacture the product which can cause dissimilarity in the replacement parts. If this is a concern, then it may be a better to buy an entirely new mobile phone case or purchase a non-working phone that has its cover intact and use this as a replacement part to ensure consistency across the case.


The cost of replacement parts varies considerably depending on the manufacturer and the brand. Check carefully. For an item such as a battery cover, a brand new replacement part could be far more costly than expected while a used part may be more cost effective. Balance the overall cost of the part with the desire to have a perfect match ensuring the quality and the fit is acceptable.

Find Battery Cover Replacement Parts for Mobiles on eBay

Battery cover replacement parts for mobiles are found within the Cases and Covers section on eBay. From the home page, select the Electronics & Technology category and choose Mobile Phones & Communication.. From here, click on the Mobile Phone Accessories tab to see the full range of parts available for a wide variety of handsets. Cases and Covers is then a section within this category which will display all replacement parts of this type. For more specific results, use the search engine on the eBay home page and input the exact criteria required.


When a mobile phone battery cover is lost or broken, a battery cover replacement part may be the only alternative for many. It is far cheaper than replacing the entire cover but carries far less risk than trying to repair the existing cover or do without the part all together. By finding the right type of product at the right price, a battery cover replacement part can protect the phone, keep it looking good, and ensure the continued operation of the handset for a long time to come.

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