How to Buy Beaded Trim

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How to Buy Beaded Trim

Beaded trim is like a secret weapon for crafty DIYers; it transforms something ordinary or store-bought into a one-of-a-kind item. Beaded trim is commonly added to apparel or used in home decorating projects. Whether adding beaded fringe to throw pillows to give the sofa some flare or reinventing an old top, creative crafters should have a few ideas about what they are looking for. With several types of beaded trim permeating the market, each one unique, shoppers should learn the difference between the most common styles.

When looking for beaded trim, whether in local arts and crafts stores or browsing online, one should have the fabric or item to compare colours, types, and materials to ensure they are buying matching items. Beaded trim can be formal or casual, and coordinating styles is also important. Additionally, the weight of the trim should also be considered; heavy beads could weigh the item down, pulling in places that should be free-flowing. Buying beaded trim is a cinch for those who have a list of criteria when searching.

Styles of Trim

Beaded trim refers to any type of trim with beads attached to it. The trim can be made from an array of materials, such as cotton, lace, and leather, and is commonly sold in spools like ribbon. Some styles have beads sewn or secured into the trim, and others have beads suspended from the trim. Beaded trim can thin or wide, and many thick banded trims have accent beads sewn into them. Lamps and pillows often have beaded fringe attached for added dimension. Beaded trim can be geometric and studded. The following chart lists common styles of beaded trim and their characteristics.

Type of Trim



Ribbon-like trim with various sized beads sewn into the pattern; trim can be thick or thin


Dangling beads attached to a trim; array of colours, shapes, and sizes available


Two options available: beaded accents woven into lace or band of beads across the centre


Rows of studs, typically in real or faux leather; most studs are circular or square and can vary in size

Although fringe trim is a favourite, it is best kept out of high traffic areas since strands are easy to damage. The beads and lace combination has been used for bridal and formal gowns, costumes, and lingerie for decades. Studded trim is best left to handbags and other accessories. Choosing the style of beaded trim is only part of the process; shoppers must also match it in style and colour.

Uses for Beaded Trim

Beaded trim is most commonly used in the apparel and home decorating businesses although some crafty individuals use beaded trim for jewellery making. It adds flare to drapes, lamps, and throw pillows. Jeans and women's tops are popular clothing items that can be updated with beaded trim. The sections below outline popular uses for beaded trim.


Beaded fringe can add a touch of elegance to window treatments. Beaded trim can be attached along the bottom of the panel or line the edges. Fringe can also be used to dangle from a valence. Adding it is along curtain ties is a simple way to enhance the look.


Beaded trim is any easy way to reinvent a lampshade. All DIYers need is a needle and thread or a hot glue gun to attach beaded trim. It is often used to line the top or bottom perimeter. Beaded fringe adds a new layer to lamp shades; hairy fringe is a popular choice since it gives the object more depth. Lace is another option to consider.


Women looking to update their wardrobe without spending a fortune can sew beaded trim onto a variety of clothing items. Lining just the pockets of pants, skirts, and shirts can reinvent an entire wardrobe. The type of fringe used can change the look of the skirt. Studded trim has a more casual look to it, while bead-embedded trim can dress up an item.


From chokers to cuffs, beaded trim can also be used in jewellery. Thick banded stud trim is a good candidate for making either and these can be made by attaching a snap for each end. Thinner materials, such as lace, may require wire or some other support to hold its shape.


Home decorators can give bland throw pillows a makeover with beaded trim. A bit of fringe lining the edges takes only a few minutes to sew. Crafty DIYers not afraid to use a sewing machine can stitch beaded trim into the front of the pillows into fun designs.

Choosing Beaded Trim

Deciding which beaded trim is right for a particular project or item depends on a variety of factors. First and foremost, the colours must coordinate. Shoppers should have an estimate of how much trim they need. Large quantity projects may have fewer results since amounts of some trim are limited. Some customers have an idea of which type of material or style they want.

Finally, it is important to consider the weight of the trim and whether or not the other item can support it; for example, heavy fringe trim can weigh down thin fabrics. The sections below offer tips for choosing beaded trim.


Picking out beaded trim involves coordinating with what is already there. For example, if shopping for trim for draperies, consider the colour of the drapes, walls, furniture, and floor. Basic neutral coloured rooms can be livened up with a bright accent colour. On the flip side, bold colour schemes can be enriched with blacks, browns, and beiges. If searching for trim for clothing items, the same rules of colour coordinating apply. Of course, plain black or white item can be paired with nearly any shade.


Before buying beaded trim, buyers must have an idea of how much they need. Shopping for beaded trim with no estimated length can lead to complications. If jazzing up a lamp shade or even a blouse, small jobs like these require less than a metre of fabric; shoppers should measure the item prior to looking for trim. Larger projects that require beaded trim may be limited in their search results; when buying in bulk, it is prudent to purchase more than needed in case of emergency.

Material and Type

Not all beaded trim materials are created equal. Buyers are encouraged to know the differences between the most popular options. Embedded style beaded trim is close cousins to ribbon. They can be thick or thin banded and made from cotton, lace, satin, and more. There are hundreds of variations to choose from. Some beaded trims have large accent beads to highlight certain areas; other have strings of thin beads sewn on in strings. Knowing the type of beaded trim also helps decide between options. See the chart above for the feature characteristics of each type.


The last factor to consider when buying beaded trim is the weight. There are plenty of lightweight options available, but there are certain responsibilities that come with using heavier trim. The weight of the trim should match the weight of the fabric. Single layer fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, bamboo can be easily weighed down by heavy fringe or beaded trim. Double-lined or thicker fabrics such as twill can handle heavier trim with dangling beads.

Buying Beaded Trim on eBay

eBay has plenty of options to choose from to meet your beaded trim needs. Before starting your search, it is best to have a few specs in mind. For example, have an estimate on hand so you know how much trim to look for; colour and style help too. Be sure to include specifics in your searches. Including keywords such as "black beaded trim" and "lace beaded trim" help optimise results, but too many can be too finite. If you find you only have a few results, take out a keyword or two. Have a peek at eBay's search tips page for more help.

Know Your Seller

Before buying any spools of beaded trim, make sure you are dealing with a reputable seller. Check the seller's eBay history, specifically the approval rating and feedback. Reading reviews and comments is a good way to determine how the seller may handle your order.


Beaded trim is a simple way to upgrade a basic clothing or household item and turn it into something swanky. Beaded fringe perfect for modifying drapes, apparel, lamps and pillow; unfortunately, the line used to attach the hanging beads is fragile, and they are susceptible to wear and tear. Additionally, they could also be choking hazards for small children, so DIYers should carefully consider this option if they have little ones. Studded trim can be used for a casual or glammed out look and is typically not office appropriate. Lace beaded trim is most often used in weddings, but some crafty individuals can find other projects.

When shopping for beaded trim, no matter the project, it is always a good idea to know what how much is needed to avoid over- or underbuying. Colour, material, and trim style are factors that contribute to choosing the right beaded trim. In addition to the trim, shoppers should make sure they have the supplies to apply it.

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