How to Buy Beatles Vinyl

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How to Buy Beatles Vinyl

Beatles vinyl records are hugely popular. Whether LPs, singles, or 12-inch models, the choice is huge. However, condition varies considerably. Some vinyl records are limited edition, and others are equally as rare. Knowing what to look for in Beatles vinyl ensures you get the best possible vinyl records for your Beatles or vinyl collection, and can thoroughly enjoy the band's timeless music.


Condition of a Beatles Vinyl

Whether you want to just collect Beatles vinyl or want to collect and listen to the records, the condition is an essential consideration. First, check that the vinyl is completely flat, with no warping. Any warping causes bad quality playback and destroys the value of the vinyl. Look at the surface of the vinyl. While most vintage vinyl has a certain amount of light surface marks and scratches, avoid models with deeper scratches and scuffs, as these offer poor audio playback and often skip or stick when you play them. Damaged vinyl that causes inappropriate scratching noises or sticks and jumps has little value to audiophiles or Beatles collectors. Ensure you pull the vinyl all the way out of the sleeve and carefully examine the perimeter, as most serious scratches and damage occurs within the first 30 seconds of a side. Heat damage is a common type of damage that destroys a vinyl, making it unplayable. Heat damage appears as bubbles on the surface or pock marks. Heat warps the vinyl and lifts the grooves out of shape, so the vinyl does not play.


Condition of a Beatles Vinyl Sleeve

The condition of the sleeve of a Beatles vinyl is almost as important as the condition of the vinyl itself. While some wear and light dog earing of the corners of the sleeve is normal in vintage vinyl, the sleeve should otherwise be in good condition, with no rips or scribbles. Ensure the sleeve shows no signs of dampness or mildew, as this ruins the sleeve and is a strong indication of damage to the vinyl. Vinyl with sleeves signed by the Beatles is highly prized and very valuable. However, you require a certificate of authenticity to ensure you have the real deal.


Collectible Beatles Vinyl Records

Any signed Beatles vinyl is highly collectible if you have proof of authenticity. While any albums or singles from the Beatles are popular with collectors, there are a number of particularly outstanding albums and singles. 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', from 1967, is among the most popular Beatles albums, and was their eighth album. 'Revolver' from 1966 is another classic album that no Beatles fan can do without. Considered a revolutionary pop album, 'Revolver' features hits such as 'Yellow Submarine', 'Eleanor Rigby', and 'Tomorrow Never Knows'.

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