How to Buy Beeswax Candles on eBay

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How to Buy Beeswax Candles on eBay

The use of wax candles for lighting and spiritual purposes has been practiced for thousands of years. Historical records suggest that candles were first used by the ancient Egyptians. They would predominantly use animal fat as a burning agent, and it is believed that candles were a very important source of light. Candles were made by the Chinese from ground insects, seeds and nuts. Ancient Indian tribes are known to have used boiled spices such as cinnamon in the production of primitive candles. Candles are incredibly popular in the UK at the moment, and an increasing number of people prefer their gentle flickering flames to the harsher light of electrical bulbs and lamps. Candlelight is soothing and relaxing, and it is ideal for setting a romantic scene within the home. Many people now use candles in their homes for their aromatic properties, as they are considered to provide a relaxing and welcoming environment for visitors. Consumers now have a multitude of options when it comes to buying candles in the UK. Fortunately, eBay is making the shopping experience quick and convenient. Their user-friendly search options and categorised menus make finding the best candles extremely easy. Beeswax candles are particularly popular at the moment, as they do not rely on fossil-fuels. They are known to burn cleanly, and they last longer than paraffin-based candles. However, beeswax is scarce in the UK at the moment, so the cost of candles is relatively high.

Beeswax Production

Beeswax is found naturally in the hives of bees, and it consists of fatty acids and alcohol. The wax is actually secreted by the worker-bees during the course of honey-production. Although the wax is naturally white, it is tinged with shades of yellow at the time of harvest. Bees need this wax for the production of cells in the hive. A lot of beeswax is harvested by hand, and the process involves the wax caps being cut from individual honeycomb cells. However, this raw material is not suitable for the production of candles, as it contains many impurities. It is heated with water in order to remove unwanted products, and vegetable oils are often added in order to make it more pliable at room temperature.

The Benefits of Beeswax Candles

Beeswax is considered by experts as a much better material for candle-making than paraffin wax, however, its scarcity makes it much more expensive. Consumers should be wary of purchasing cheaper candles, as they often have shorter burning times and undesirable emissions. Despite the higher price, the benefits of burning beeswax candles often make the extra cost worthwhile.

Naturally Scented

There are usually no chemicals in beeswax candles, and there is no requirement for the addition of man-made aromas. Beeswax candles emit a pleasant aroma of honey when they burn; an advantage to people with allergies to scents and fragrances.

No Soot is Produced

The amount of smoke emitted from beeswax candles is negligible, and they create no soot at all. Paraffin candles emit a continuous wisp of black soot that can stain nearby walls and exacerbate respiratory illnesses.

Longer Burning Times

High-quality beeswax candles have a melting point of 145 degrees Fahrenheit, and that is a lot higher than that of paraffin wax. This means beeswax burns more slowly, so the higher price paid for these candles may actually be cost-effective.

Less Drip

If already having burnt paraffin-wax candles in the home, it will be known that they can drip and leave a mess. Beeswax candles often produce no drip at all when they burn.

Good Quality Wicks

Beeswax is a premium ingredient, and it is usually only produced by reputable manufacturers. It is very unlikely that a substandard wick will be used with such an expensive wax. Unfortunately, there are some cheaper candles produced with lead wicks. They emit toxic lead into the air as they breathe, and this hazardous substance can be inhaled at home.

Air Purification Qualities

Beeswax candles emit negative ions into the air when they burn. The ions attach themselves to dust particles and air-borne pollutants, so they become too heavy and fall to the ground. This leaves the inhabitants of the home with clean, odour-free air to breathe.

The Main Types of Beeswax Candle

The eBay website is home to thousands of candles, and some of the very best examples are made with high-quality beeswax. Reputable and responsible manufacturers only use the best ingredients, sourced ethically. However, consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the design and functionality of candles, so a little knowledge on the main varieties available will facilitate informed purchasing decisions.

Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are often used as ornamental features in the home. They are thick enough to stand without a holder, and many of them are hand-sculpted into interesting and intricate designs.

Container Candles

Container candles are often used to circulate pleasant aromas around the home. They are placed in their own jars, pots and tins. They look impressive as focal pieces in a room, and they leave no drips as they burn.

Votive Candles

Votive candles are usually only a few inches high, and they are often placed in their own holders for increased stability and the capture of melting wax. They are very popular as candles for romantic occasions in the home.

Tea light Candles

Tea lights are used widely in restaurants, as they provide an effective and clean source of mood-lighting. They are usually around an inch tall, cylindrical and housed in their own container. They completely liquify when they burn, so they are very effective at emitting pleasant fragrances.

Taper Candles

Also referred to as ‘dinner’ candles, taper candles are usually tall and slender. They are held steady in candlesticks or stands, and they are among the most popular candles on the market.

Organic Beeswax Candles

Organic beeswax candles are made without any reliance on pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals of any kind. Many large-scale wax producers use chemicals on the flowers and vegetation the bees take their pollen from. These chemicals can find their way into wax, and they may be emitted when the candle is burned.

Floating Candles

Floating candles are housed in their own containers which are designed to float. They are often used in garden-ponds and swimming pools during outdoor parties and social gatherings.

How to FindBeeswax Candles on eBay

Shopping for beeswax candles on eBay is easy, and shoppers are given several options to help them find the products they really want. There are literally thousands of beeswax candles to choose from, and they come in several different designs and themes. However, the user-friendly eBay website makes narrowing a search extremely easy. The simplest way to begin a search is by using the keyword search box near the top of the homepage. Shoppers also have the option of searching for the beeswax candles they want through categorised menus, and that gives the consumer a lot more control over the items they find. The search should begin by clicking the All Categories link which is located near the top of the homepage. A drop-down menu will then appear, and the category entitled, Home, Furniture & DIY should be selected. The search icon should then be selected, and a new page will be loaded with a menu of categories located on the left of the screen. The menu is listed in alphabetical order, so finding the Home Decor link should be easy. Clicking that will bring up a new menu, and Candles & Tea Lights should then be selected. It is then possible to narrow the search, as there will be a number of different categories to choose from. Use the eBay website with complete confidence, as the system of feedback scores can help to identify the most reliable and professional vendors. Free delivery is available on many items, and locally-sourced goods can often be picked up in person. Some core items are sold as part of themed packages that include several associated goods, and they can make ideal, ready-made gifts for friends and loved-ones.


Buying candles should be a pleasurable experience, as there are now dozens of varieties on the market. Increasingly intricate and intriguing designs are becoming available all of the time, and many of them are bought as ornamental features rather than sources of light and aroma. However, different waxes have very different properties, so it is always a good idea to know exactly what kind of wax has been used in the production of a candle. Beeswax is widely-considered as the best type of wax for candle-making, as it has clean-burning properties. Beeswax candles create no soot, and they don’t drip whilst burning. However, it is their wonderful aroma that persuades many people to pay a little extra for them. There will be cheaper candles on the eBay website, but they will probably be made with paraffin-wax. The eBay website is the ideal marketplace for buying candles, as it allows people to properly compare a huge range of prices. Searching for very specific varieties is a simple process, and there are several options for payment available.

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