How to Buy Bike Lights on eBay

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How to Buy Bike Lights on eBay

Bike lights are an essential accessory for any bicycle owner. There are many cyclists who like to do a little cycling at night, maybe for recreation, maybe to get some cool night air, or to fetch something at the shop. Lights on a bicycle are invaluable when riding in the dark, for the safety of the rider and the commuters or pedestrians that cross their paths. Some people like to bike for exercise at dawn instead of jogging, as well.

Even when a cyclist is not inclined to ride his or her bike at night or early in the morning, there may be times when such is inevitable. In the winter especially, the daylight fades faster and it is dark when normally there is enough sun not to need an additional light. The icy roads of winter are also safer to navigate with bike lights.

With the rising prices of petrol-propelled transportation, there are more people who turn to less fuel-intensive alternatives, like bicycles or simply walking. There are many different types of bike lights available, and the discerning buyer should read on to know which type of lights should be used for various situations, how to buy bike lights online, and more. Bike lights can be found in most sports shops, though a buyer may find better deals at online auction sites, like eBay.

Types of Bike Lights

A cyclist may want to choose a type of light based on a number of situations. Many buyers purchase lights to be able to see in front of them during poor visibility conditions, but there are also lights whose main function is to allow a cyclist and a bike to be seen. This is important because cyclists often ride on roads where they are likely to encounter bigger and heavier vehicles. A collision with a car or a pedestrian can have serious repercussions.

Type of Light



LED lights

Allows cyclist to be seen


Come in red or white light

Steady or flashing options

Can be attached to any part of a bike, though many prefer them at the rear

Small in size

Often the light is weak, so they are not used to light the road in front of a bike

Halogen lights

Enables cyclist to see

Most powerful light of the three examples provided

Often comes with rechargeable batteries

Buy those with more watts and longer battery life for safer and more effective use

Have a wide range of price and quality so a buyer has more options

Can be expensive because of the high-powered batteries

Good choice for nights with fog or rain

Dynamo lights or generator lights

Enables cyclist to see

Not as bright as halogen lights but make for good visibility just the same

Powered by kinetic energy, or when a rider is pedalling

Cheaper than halogen, and for some people, more effective

Good choice for riders who ride frequently at night or early in the morning

Helmet lights

Enables cyclist to see

Enable a cyclist to direct the light to where it is needed

Use caution, as close proximity of the light to the eyes can distort vision

Another thing to take into consideration when buying bike lights is the area or location in which a cyclist is travelling. Also, it is possible to buy lights based on the type of cycling that a person does. Most cyclists purchase a combination of LED and dynamo lights that are excellent for all-around bicycling.

Light Type



Flashing front and rear lights

Residential areas

Most residential areas have streetlights

A good front lamp for general night use

Cyclists only needs LED lights to be seen by commuters

Powerful lights, like halogen types

Off-road and locations that have no streetlights or little in the way of lighting

Mountain bikers, especially racers, should use these lights to see details of terrain

In urban areas with no streetlights, a cyclist risks stumbling onto pedestrians or being mugged

It is essential to choose the right type of bike lights for any bike or biking activity. Purchasing and using lights means more safety for the buyer, and with bike technology advancing, there are more than a few powerful choices for illumination even for the darkest nights. All of these types of bike lights and numerous variations can be found on eBay.

What to Consider When Buying Bike Lights

Some of the important considerations are already mentioned above like location, type of cycling activity, and conditions in which the lights are used. Those are some of the major questions that a buyer should be asking himself when he chooses bike lights. Others may not be as important, but a buyer should think about them just the same.


Anybody with a bike can acquire bike lights without having to spend a lot of money, and these cheap lights are the most common. The cheaper lights are good enough to light a couple of metres in front of a biker, but are nearly useless in less than perfect weather conditions. Considering that the UK has rather temperamental weather, a buyer is better off with better quality lights, despite them being more expensive. It is a good thing that eBay offers exemplary examples of bike lights at extremely good prices, and buyers can choose what they buy at a good price without compromising quality. The higher-end bike lights can cost over 50 pounds and are good for most bike riding conditions, from offroading to street racing.

Regularity of Use

How often is the light to be used? How long per day? If a cyclist has a bike light with a 50-minute charge, and he or she has to ride for longer than that, then trouble may brew. Riding a bike at night without a light is just asking to collide with, or be hit by, something. If not LED lights, at least get some good reflectors to help others see the bike in the dark.

Some people with long commutes carry a couple of emergency lights with them in case their primary bike light dies before reaching their destination. There are many portable, but powerful, lights that can be stashed in a bag until they are needed.

There are a number of bike lights that are designed to work on low power and extend their use enough to get where a cyclist is going. If a cyclist is going to be riding for hours, maybe looking into dynamo lights can help. Dynamo lights are powered by the pedalling motion of a cyclist, so as long as the bike is in motion, it has light by which a cyclist can see.

Buying Bike Lights on eBay

Cycling is a rather popular pastime, and there are numerous accessories to make this hobby interesting to many people. Bike lights are needed for safety, but they are also essential for getting the most out of the recreational activity. Because of the popularity of cycling, there are quite a few companies dedicated to improving and inventing better lights for bikes. On eBay, you can see examples of all of them.

The sheer number of bike light types on the site can be rather overwhelming, and fortunately, eBay provides tools that make searching and navigating the site easy for you. The easiest way to find what you are looking for is to type a description into the site's search bar. The more detailed the description, the closer the results are to what you are looking for, which also means fewer results. If you want to browse your options, typing in a general "bike head lights" or simply "bike lights" can provide you with more varied results than if you use "waterproof rechargeable LED bike rear lights".

When you have found the items that interest you, evaluate both the seller and the item thoroughly. A good seller has an excellent reputation and good reviews from previous buyers. A product description that is complete and includes pictures of the actual items helps you to determine whether the bike lights are compatible with your bike and biking habits.


If a biker at night suddenly finds himself pedalling through deep mud or has somehow slipped on thin ice, one can be sure that at least part of the problem is a lack of illumination. Lights on a bicycle are important for people who regularly ride their bikes at night or in the early morning. Without even the red rear lamps, a cyclist is lucky if he or she does not get hit by a car, or hit something themselves, when pedalling through the streets at night.

There is really no excuse for not complying with this particular safety consideration, as it is entirely possible to acquire good bike lights without having to spend a lot of money; moreover, sellers on eBay even sell extremely good lights for good deals. It is money well spent, even for a bicycling enthusiast who prefers riding in the daytime, as one never knows when a light may be needed.

The many choices on eBay means that any buyer can acquire exactly the right type of light for specific cycling habits and hobbies. Race a mountain bike? There are off-road lights for the rugged cyclist. A more casual rider? Check out the front and rear lights available from numerous vendors. Do not want the hassle of charging bike light batteries? There are many dynamo lights available on eBay.

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