How to Buy Black Square Plates

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7How to Buy Black Square Plates

There is no dearth of people who opine that black is beautiful, and consequently, people looking for black plates comes as no surprise. Deviating from the tried and tested,square plates offer a contemporary feel and are ideal for just about any kind of setting. However, looking for black square plates requires more than just addressing budgetary constraints. Besides, getting a few extra plates ahead of time can minimise the cost of replacements.



While black square plates meant for casual everyday use offer durability, formal dinnerware tends to be more delicate, and both kinds use different materials. When it comes to natural materials, ceramic is the hardest, bone china is the strongest, and stoneware, semi-porcelain, ironstone, and majolica follow. Suitable for formal settings, bone china and porcelain plates may come with gold and platinum rings, which accentuate their mirror-like sheen. Ironstone shares many hard-wearing traits of porcelain, although it comes with a more casual finish, making it ideal for day-to-day use. Hardy and impermeable, black stoneware plates work well for everyday use as well. Though another suitable option for the same, majolica plates chip very easily. While the latter materials are not as sturdy as porcelain or bone china, they are considerably cheaper, making replacement easier. In addition, bone china and porcelain plates are not microwave or dishwasher safe, and neither are most plates with gilded patterns.


Disposable Plates

Disposable plates are ideal when it comes to serving large numbers of people, given the affordability factor, and they also offer quick clean-ups. While paper plates are cheap, they are only suitable for serving salads, desserts, and cold cuts. When it comes to serving hot foods or gravies,black plastic square plates serve as much better alternatives. Plastic plates are non-absorbent, resistant to cuts, leak-proof, and stronger than paper and Styrofoam alternatives. However, they do not biodegrade as quickly as paper plates and are typically more expensive.


Type of Plates

A typical black dinner set includes different types of plates. Square dinner plates typically measure between 25 to 30 cm and best suit serving main courses. Square side plates can vary between 15 to 17.5 cm, making them ideal for bread, bread rolls, and dips. Salad plates offer more variations in size, measuring between 10 to 20 cm, and in addition to salads, these plates are perfect to serve crudités and appetisers. Salad plates can also double up as effective breakfast and dessert plates. Considerably larger, charger plates measure between 33 to 35.5 cm, and when stacked under place settings, their peek-a-boo rims add touches of formality. Paying attention to size is particularly important if planning to use plates in the microwave.

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