How to Buy Bleach Figurines

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How to Buy Bleach Figurines

With 366 episodes and a myriad of fascinating characters, the anime TV series Bleach has a strong fan following. Its intricate plotting, supernatural premise, and colourful characters gave rise to many different toys and collectibles. If you are interested in starting or expanding a collection of Bleach anime figurines, learn what to look for and how to identify some of the popular choices.


Buy Bleach Figurines with Pedestals

Look for figurines that come with pedestals. This makes them easier to display. If you find a great deal of figurines without pedestals, be sure that you purchase some stands or pedestals separately or invest in acrylic display cases for your prized figurines. Without sturdy pedestals or stands, the Bleach figurines are more likely to topple from shelves or furniture and suffer damage.


Invest in an Ichigo Kurosaki Figurine

For a die-hard fan of the show, an Ichigo Kurosaki figurine is a must-have item. One top choice depicts Ichigo standing, ready for action, with his right hip swayed slightly to the side in preparation for battle and his right hand reaching up over his shoulder to draw an enormous sword. Another Ichigo figurine shows him standing sideways, with his head tilted down and his sword drawn but lowered. He appears deep in thought as his robes flow around him as though blown by a strong wind. Throughout the series, Ichigo undergoes subtle changes in appearance and a few weapons changes as well. Since he is the main character in the anime show, you may want more than one figurine of Ichigo Kurosaki in your collection.


Purchase Other Popular Bleach Characters

Other than the main character, Ichigo, there are many other key characters that are essential to any complete collection of Bleach anime figures. Rukia Kuchiki is such a character. In the first season, Ichigo absorbs his powers as a Soul Reaper from her after a hollow, or ghost, wounds her severely. Another female character, Orihime, is a love interest of Ichigo's and therefore deserves a place in the collection. Display her next to Ichigo or on her own, as she is a powerful entity in her own right, with the ability to change the fabric of reality. Yet another top choice for a figurine is Toshiro Hitsugaya, leader of a band of Soul Reapers called the Gotei 13. First an enemy and later a friend, Urya Ishida also plays a key role in the series. Round out the collection with evil characters such as Jin Kariya and Aizen, or add in a modsoul like Kon or Lirin.

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