How to Buy Blind Spot Mirrors on eBay

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How to Buy Blind Spot Mirrors on eBay

Road safety is of paramount importance on the UK's busy roads. Every year traffic accidents occur as a result of impaired road visibility. Drivers sometimes have difficulty seeing the blind spot just behind their vehicles, which can make it hard to safely change lanes.

Luckily, The blind spot mirror is a vehicle accessory that helps drivers avoid these accidents and save lives. These little round mirrors attached to the side or wing mirrors of the vehicle can show the driver's blind spot on any vehicle. Shopping for these mirrors on eBay is an excellent way to save money. However, there are thousands of options to choose from. Buyers can use many of the tools available on eBay to make searching for the perfect mirrors to fit their vehicles easier. After acquiring the mirrors, it is not difficult to affix them to the car. Blind spot mirrors take mere seconds to attach, stay on for as long as the driver wants, and can be removed within a few moments.

Using a Blind Spot Mirror

The blind spot mirror is a small fisheye mirror designed to help the driver see parts of the road that are blocked by the vehicle structure, or parts that the driver simply cannot readily see. This mirror is specifically designed to help drivers see to the left and right side of the car when preparing to change lanes. Reason being, is that drivers often have a difficult time seeing if there are any vehicles next to the car on the right or left side, even with the use of a side mirror. The peculiar shape of a blind spot mirror allows drivers to see objects that are very close to the car, compared to a side mirror, which gives the driver a much broader view of the road behind the car. Hence, most blind spot mirrors are designed to attach to the side mirror of a car.

The blind spot mirror is usually small, round, and convex. The convex design means that the blind spot mirror always shows the driver's blind spot, even when the side mirror is angled for a wider view of the road.

In the UK, a blind spot mirror can be extremely helpful for spotting cyclists who tend to weave between cars and lanes on the road. In this context, the blind spot mirror can literally save the life of the bicyclist who is coming up fast without the driver realising when he tries to change lanes.

Narrowing Down the Selection on eBay

Shopping for a blind spot mirror on eBay is a great way to save some cash on this essential vehicle accessory. Even though blind spot mirrors are not required on the average vehicle, they are inexpensive, easy to attach to the car, and can potentially save drivers from a dangerous crash. There are several tools available on eBay to allow drivers to find the perfect mirror for their vehicle. One of these tools includes the "Refinements" menu. Drivers can use the refinements menu to narrow down the selection of mirrors they have to choose from more quickly.

Make and Model

Drivers can narrow down the selection of blind spot mirrors by the make and model of the car they are designed to match. This makes it easy to find the perfect blind spot mirror for a particular vehicle. Not all blind spot mirrors are designed exactly the same. Some actually affix to the top of the mirror casing, while many are small and attach directly onto the mirror glass. This means that some wing mirrors are not going to work with just any mirror. Use the refinements menu to make sure the mirrors purchased are a good fit for the make and model of the vehicle owned.


Searching for products via price point is another refinement option available on eBay. Blind spot mirrors are sold at widely varying prices, often with the same type of mirror being sold at several different prices through various sellers. Find the best deals on these mirrors using the "Price" refinement. Shoppers can enter the price range they want to search within from the lowest price up to the highest price they are able to pay. The site automatically updates the search results to show only those listings within the price range.

Placement on Car

Another search option that buyers may want to use when purchasing blind spot mirrors on eBay is the "Placement on Car" refinement. This refinement is specific to car accessory and car part categories. It allows buyers to specify where the product is normally affixed on the vehicle. Buyers can specify mirrors that are fixed solely to the left side, right side, rear of the vehicle, or ones that have no specification at all. Most blind spot mirrors are useful for both the left and right side wing mirror of the car. However, some may be designed for use in specific spots. This refinement can help drivers narrow down mirrors by where they intend to place them on the car.

How to Attach the Blind Spot Mirror

Attaching a blind spot mirror to the car's side mirror is simple. The biggest difficulty drivers have in fixing these mirrors is determining where to place them. Drivers may also have trouble with mirrors that seem to fall off shortly after attaching them. However, there are some simple steps to ensuring these mirrors do not lose their grip.

  1. Clean the side mirror with window glass cleaner and a clean towel. Completely dry the mirror before moving onto the next step. This is the step most people skip, which results in a poor grip between the mirror and the glass.
  2. Open the packaging and remove the blind spot mirrors. There should be two mirrors inside the package.
  3. Remove the paper backing from one of the mirrors. Underneath, is a sticky adhesive material.
  4. Press the blind spot mirror against the far outer corner of the car side mirror. The mirror can be placed in the upper corner or the lower corner, depending on personal preference. Press firmly so that the adhesive backing makes complete contact with the glass surface.
  5. Repeat the last two steps with the other side mirror using the other blind spot mirror.
  6. Get into the car and adjust the side mirrors so that the outside edge of the car can just barely be seen in the blind spot mirror on each side.

The blind spot mirror stays in place for as long as is needed. Removing the blind spot mirror is also simple to do, using a fishing line and water displacement spray. Just spray down the mirror with the water displacement spray. Pull the fishing line taut and slide it down behind the top of the blind spot mirror. Keep pulling and alternately spraying down behind the mirror as it is gradually loosened from the side mirror. Within a few moments the entire blind spot mirror can be removed without causing any damage to the wing mirror.

Buying Blind Spot Mirrors on eBay

Searching for the right blind spot mirrors for your car is easy using eBay. There are thousands of listings on the site, so you may want to use the search engine to make shopping faster. The search engine looks for your search terms in all of the seller listings in any category of the website. It is also easy to access the engine from any page on eBay. You can use almost any term you want in the search engine. For instance, consider searching for mirrors by car make and model, such as "BMW 3 Series blind spot mirror".

Customer Feedback

When purchasing products on eBay, it may be a good idea for you to learn about the seller through his or her customer feedback. All sellers with previous sales display customer feedback in the form of comments and a star rating from each previous customer. You can access this history by clicking on the seller's name in any listing. This takes you to a new page showing all of the comments from previous buyers and their star rating for that seller based on their transaction.


Drivers concerned with road safety can improve their ability to see what is behind them with blind spot mirrors. It does not matter what kind of car the driver owns. All vehicles have some form of blind spot drivers simply cannot see without turning around. This act alone is dangerous while driving at high-speeds. Primarily, the blind spot mirror is a nifty little accessory that allows drivers to see the blind spot. It saves lives and prevents traffic accidents.

The online auction site, eBay is an excellent place to shop for these mirrors at good prices. Sellers have thousands of listings on the site at a wide range of prices. Drivers can use the eBay refinements menu to narrow down their selection of blind spot mirrors according to car make and model, or location of the mirror on the vehicle. One can even set a price range to search within. Before purchasing any product on the site, buyers can learn a little more about the seller by checking out that seller's customer feedback. Once the transaction is complete, buyers can leave feedback of their own in order to inform the online community of their buying experience.

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