How to Buy Brake Pads for a Chrysler Grand Voyager

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How to Buy Brake Pads for a Chrysler Grand Voyager

Everyone's greatest concern when it comes to driving vehicles on the road is safety. Individuals shop for cars with excellent safety features, such as air bags, seat belts, good crash test ratings, and short stopping distances. The Chrysler Grand Voyager is one such vehicle with a good safety rating. The safety of any vehicle, however, can be improved in various ways. Replacing brake pads is one of the many ways to improve the safety of a Chrysler Grand Voyager. Over time, brake pads are worn down from use, and car owners know when it is time for them to be replaced when hitting the brakes yields a metallic screeching sound before stopping.

There are different types of brake pads to fit one's driving style and specific needs. Brake pads of all materials and styles can be purchased in brick and mortar automotive stores and online through websites like eBay. No matter where one chooses to purchase brake pads, it is essential to keep this component operating in good working order.

How Brake Pads Work

Brake pads are metallic, glass, ceramic, or other types of materials that use friction to stop the wheels from revolving so that vehicles slow down and come to a complete halt. There are several types of brake pads that can be used on a vehicle's braking system, and this varies for drum brakes and disc rotors. The main difference between these two systems is how well they dissipate the heat that results from the brakes' friction. While the drum brakes apply pressure to the inside of the drums that facilitate the wheels' motion, brake pads stop the brake rotors from spinning. Over time, brake pads are worn down from all the friction and have to be replaced.

More expensive brake pads are made of materials that take longer to wear down. Stronger materials also mean better braking, which results in shorter stopping distances for vehicles. Whether one uses drum brakes and brake shoes or disc brakes and rotors, brake pads are essential accessories on braking systems. Without brake pads, the rotors or shoes become damaged by being rubbed against the fast-moving wheels. Eventually, the car would be unable to stop due to lack of friction. Since brake pads are central to one's ability to safely stop or slow down a vehicle, knowing which type of brake pad to purchase is key.

Different Types of Brake Pads

There are four main types of brake pads that can be purchased. The differences among these four types relate to material, durability, noise, and price. While choosing which type of brake pad to purchase may come down to mere preference or budget, shoppers should also consider the level of performance and quality.

Type of Brake Pad


Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

Consists of 30 to 60 per cent steel wool, wire shavings, and other metal powders to create friction on the brake pad

Most durable brake pads and high heat transfer

Not for cold climates

Can be loud and noisy

Wears down the brake rotors more quickly than other brake pads

Non-Asbestos Organic Brake Pads (NAO)

Consists only of organic materials, including glass, rubber, and carbon

Uses resin material to handle high temperatures of braking friction

Less noisy than semi-metallic brake pads

Wears out very fast and leaves a lot of brake dust

Low-Metallic Brake Pads

Made of organic materials, such as glass, rubber, and carbon

Also contains roughly 10 to 30 per cent metal like copper or steel to help heat transfer

Metal content allows for better braking

Can be loud and noisy

Ceramic Brake Pads

Consists of ceramic fibres and filler materials

Some brands also put metal in the ceramic brake pads

More expensive than other types of brake pads

Quieter than other brake pads

Does not wear down the brake rotors

Does not leave brake dust

These four different types of brake pads mostly differ because of the materials that are used to make them, whether that is ceramic, metal, or organic fibres. The components of the brake pads directly impact their performance, stopping distance, and durability. Investing in higher quality ceramic brake pads, for instance, may save shoppers more money in the long run.

Knowing When to Replace the Brake Pads on a Chrysler Grand Voyager

Brake pads can wear down fast, depending on the quality of the product and the level of use that they get. Chrysler car owners should listen carefully for a squeaking sound every time the brakes are applied. The cause of this sound is the metallic 'warning' point that is built into every brake pad as a friendly reminder to replace the brake pads. Ignoring this message can lead to damage of the brake rotors and an increasing inability to slow down or stop within a given distance in one's vehicle.

Another indicator that it is time to buy new brake pads is that the driver notices the brakes are less sensitive than they used to be. One may have to press down harder on the brake pedal to cause the car to slow down. This can be fixed by installing new brake pads to improve the overall safety and reaction time of one's braking system. By knowing what signs to look for, every owner of a Chrysler Grand Voyager can feel safer on the road.

How to Buy Brake Pads for a Chrysler Grand Voyager

Because brake pads are critical to one's safety when driving, used brake pads should not be purchased. There are several methods for buying new brake pads for a Chrysler Grand Voyager. Shoppers can always go to stores that specialise in automotive parts and accessories, but the disadvantage of this method is the inconvenience of travelling to a physical store, or stores if a particular brake pad for the Chrysler Grand Voyager happens to be out of stock at the first location. If brake pads are already in serious need of replacement, this might not be the best course of action.

Another option that keeps growing in popularity is online shopping, which saves shoppers time and money by allowing them to easily shop and price compare from their computers. The ability to research the different types of brake pads and look for sale prices is a very powerful incentive. 


Driving a vehicle can be broken down into two main actions: stopping and going. Without the ability to stop, car owners cannot really go anywhere. Needless to say, taking care of one's brakes and brake pads is essential. The brakes and brake pads on a vehicle cause friction against the moving tyres, and this slows the entire vehicle down. Because friction causes heat to build up, the braking system, whether it be disc brakes or drum brakes, has to dissipate the heat in an effective manner.

There are four main types of brake pads, which vary in material, quality, durability, and price. Brakes vary from being made mostly of metallic materials to being made from ceramic, glass, or durable fibres. The quality of the brake pad affects the price, and it also affects the durability and performance of one's brakes. Knowing when to replace the brake pads is essential to maintaining a safe vehicle. Car owners can recognise when their cars' brakes need to be replaced by listening for any squeaking sounds or by noticing a loss of sensitivity in the brakes while driving.

Brake pads can be purchased in brick and mortar automotive stores or online at websites like eBay, which makes replacing brake pads a very convenient process. By knowing how to buy brake pads for their Chrysler Grand Voyager vehicles, drivers across the UK can spend more time planning where to go on their travels than they do worrying about maintaining the brakes on their vehicles.

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