How to Buy Brake Pads on eBay

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How to Buy Brake Pads on eBay

Disc brakes first appeared in England during the 1890s, and by 1902, the first patented disc brake emerged from a Birmingham factory. The earliest disc brake utilised copper as the braking mechanism that slowed and stopped cars. Copper's inability to sustain constant pressure led manufacturers to develop brake pads comprised with asbestos, which researchers later proved to present numerous health hazards. As road conditions improved, so did the quality of brake pads. This indispensable auto part reduces the friction between the calliper and rotor when a vehicle owner applies the braking system.

Since brake pads are an infrequent purchase, many vehicle owners are lost when it comes to purchasing the right ones. Vehicle owners should learn about brake pads through research. Then, they should take the knowledge acquired and go online to shop for brake pads on eBay. eBay sellers typically offer brake pads at lower prices than other retailers. The knowledge that vehicle owners must acquire includes how brake pads work, the types of brake pads available, and the advantages of ceramic brake pads.

How Brake Pads Work

Most automobile components serve the primary purpose of enhancing driver and passenger safety. Perhaps no other car part plays a more important role in protecting drivers and passengers than brake pads. This essential car component absorbs the friction force that slows, and then stops, a moving vehicle. The pedal induces a hydraulic line to pinch the brake callipers against the rotors of a car's tyres. Brake pads, which are located between the calliper and rotor, absorb the bulk of the heat and energy that transfers from the calliper to the rotor. Because of the force applied from the calliper to the rotor, brake pads receive immense wear and tear. Eventually, brake pads wear to a point when they do not absorb enough of the friction to grip the tyres to slow and stop. Therefore, manufacturers constantly research new ways to produce brake pads made with highly durable materials. The continuous research has expanded the types of brake pads available on eBay for both personal and commercial vehicles.

Types of Brake Pads

When drivers hear a high-pitched squealing coming from under their vehicles, there is the distinct possibility that the squealing is a warning sign that the time has come to change brake pads. Squealing indicates the brake pads have worn down to the metal that rubs against the brake rotor. The squealing may be high-pitched or a dull, grating noise. In either case, vehicle owners have four types of brake pads from which to choose on eBay. The type of brake chosen depends on the type of vehicle and vehicle owner driving habits. Some brake pads do a better job of transferring heat, while other brake pads reduce braking noise levels. Here are the four types of brake pads found on eBay.


Manufacturers construct semi-metallic brake pads between 30 and 65 per cent metal. The types of metal used to construct semi-metallic brake pads include: steel, copper, and aluminium. Metal composition is the primary determinant of brake pad strength and durability. Semi-metallic brake pads sold on eBay rank high in durability tests, but once they wear down, they cause considerable damage to the brake rotor. In addition, semi-metallic brake pads perform poorly in cold weather.

Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO)

After raw metal brake pads were introduced, manufacturers began incorporating significant amounts of asbestos into brake pad construction. Researchers eventually demonstrated that asbestos caused serious health problems. Brake pad manufacturers developed NAOs to provide the same soft, low noise properties of asbestos brake pads, without the health hazards. NAOs derive from organic materials, such as fibre, rubber, glass, and Kevlar. The soft materials wear faster and produce more dust than semi metallic brake pads.

Low Metallic NAO

Brake pad manufacturers spent decades trying to find the right balance between semi-metallic and NAO brake pads. They discovered an organic formula mixture integrated with small amounts of copper or steel that mitigate the disadvantages of each type of brake pad. Low metallic NAO brake pads sold on eBay work best for drivers who do not frequently brake.


Ceramic brake pads are made using ceramic fibres and other filler materials. Drivers can expect ceramic brake pads to produce lower noise levels and create less dust. While ceramic brake pads are the most expensive brake pad found on eBay, the pad continues to outsell other types of brake pads because of their superior braking attributes.

The Advantages of Ceramic Brake Pads

The optimal braking system offers smooth, quiet braking under varied ranges of temperatures and road conditions. Loud noises and dust buildup detracts from brake pad performance. Brake pad manufacturers have continuously researched ways to apply maximum friction, while subduing noise and reducing dust levels. Each of the four types of brake pads found on eBay offer advantages, but by far, ceramic brake pads offer the most advantages. The only negative factor that involves ceramic brake pads is their potentially prohibitive cost. Vehicle owners who operate on a tight budget should consider the many advantages of ceramic brake pads before they make a purchasing decision.

Ceramic brake pads provide car owners with the quickest stopping capability due to fast heat transfer and dense fibrous composition. Since ceramic brake pads produce fewer wear particles, the result is a less abrasive brake pad. Loose material does not lodge between the pads and rotor to create the annoying squeaking noise that is common with semi-metallic brake pads. The resistance to wear means ceramic brake pads generate little, if any, dust. Large amounts of brake pad dust can negatively influence braking performance. eBay-listed ceramic brake pads have proven to be the most durable type of brake pads, which makes the pads the perfect match for motorists who often drive in stop-and-go traffic. Finally, ceramic brake pads possess smoother and less porous material than other types of brake pads, which increase the lifespan of brake rotors.

How to Shop for Brake Pads

Even the highest-graded ceramic brake pad wears down to the point when the rotor is adversely affected. However, replacing brake pads occurs infrequently, and many vehicle owners only need to shop for new pads once during the lifespan of their vehicles. Therefore, most vehicle owners do not know how to shop for brake pads. The process, while it appears daunting, is fairly simple if vehicle owners follow three brake pad buying steps.


The first step involves determining the brake application for the vehicle in question. Does the vehicle make frequent and sometimes hard stops, or is the vehicle used for long-distance driving when stops are much more infrequent, yet harder because of higher travelling speeds? Semi metallic brake pads sold on eBay offer the best stopping power, but the pads must be warm before they can apply a strong grip. Ceramic brake pads do not need to warm up to quickly grip, but they are less effective in warmer temperatures.

Wear Characteristics

Vehicle owners should examine the wear characteristics listed by the manufacturer for any brake pad under consideration. Wear characteristics describe the rate and consistency of how a brake pad wears down over a projected time frame. Brake pads that possess strong wear characteristics typically contain dense materials. However, there is a trade off between strong wear characteristics and stopping power. The general rule to follow is the longer the rear brake pad life, the diminishing return on stopping power. Vehicle owners who shop on eBay should ask prospective sellers about brake pad wear characteristics.

Where to Shop

Conventional wisdom suggests that vehicle owners should shop for brake pads in person. However, a better way to shop for brake pads is to employ the browse and shop strategy. Browse places that sell brake pads to gain knowledge about the different types of brake pads. Analyse the brake pad materials and the differences between brake pad brands. Ask professionals questions that pertain to brake pad stopping power and durability. Armed with knowledge, vehicle owners should shop for brake pads online, where they can find better deals. Of the myriad online auto part shops, the best option for vehicles is to shop for brake pads on eBay.

Buying Brake Pads on eBay

Once you acquire the information that you need to make a brake pad purchasing decision, go online to eBay to find a seller who matches your shopping criteria. You should target sellers by utilising eBay's powerful search engine. The key for getting the most out of the search engine is to type specific words that match your criteria. For instance, if you shop by brake pad manufacturer, you can type either "Brembo brake pad" or "Mintex brake pads" to reduce the number of search results. You can also target sellers by typing keywords that describe where the pads are to be located on a car and the make of the automobile.

Because brake pads represent one of the most important automobile safety features, you should consider buying new brake pads from an eBay seller. Some eBay sellers offer brake pads that have only been removed from the box, but never used. This is due to sellers changing their minds about a brake pad brand or sellers who decide to purchase another type of brake pad. Once you find the right new brake pad seller, review the enlarged brake pad photograph featured on the seller's product page, along with information about accepted payment methods and delivery terms.


Brake pad development has come a long way from the first pads made of unreliable copper and harmful asbestos. Manufacturers have tested different types of brake pads to hone in on the attribute required to produce instant stopping in the wettest environment. Research took years to unfold before manufacturers discovered that ceramic brake pads offer vehicle owners the best combination of stopping power and durability. Because of ceramic brake pad effectiveness, the pads typically cost more than other types of brake pads. However, cost should not be a factor if vehicle owners shop for brake pads on eBay.

eBay is a virtual marketplace that brings together brake pad buyers and sellers. Vehicle owners can find excellent deals on virtually new brake pads by shopping on eBay. First, vehicle owners need to perform brake pad research. Learn about the different types of brake pads that include semi-metallic, non-asbestos organic, and ceramic. Comprehensive research eventually uncovers the many advantages of placing ceramic brake pads between the friction generating calliper and rotor. Buying the right brake pad also involves determining brake pad application and learning the wear characteristics of any brake pad under consideration.

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