How to Buy Brake Parts for a Honda on eBay

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How to Buy Brake Parts for a Honda on eBay

A Honda's braking system is a vital component of the vehicle's continued operation. The system runs on a series of important parts. Two of the more critical parts amongst them include the brake pads and discs, or rotors. This is because other parts like brake lines and master cylinders rarely need to be replaced.

Often, consumers opt to purchase new brake parts for their Honda vehicles rather than depend on a mechanic to choose the parts on their behalf. The car owners may then choose to put the brake pads on themselves or head to a trusted mechanic with parts in hand. For either option, one can rely on eBay to find the brake parts needed for a Honda. The website offers a wide variety of new and refurbished brake parts for nearly every type of Honda.. Before searching for Honda brake parts on eBay, it is a good idea to learn a little about the brake system and the parts that may be needed.

Shopping on eBay for Honda Brake Parts

An easy way to begin the process of shopping for Honda brake parts on eBay is to enter related search terms in the search field. For example, relevant keywords may include "Honda brake pads&", "Honda rotors", or "Honda master cylinder".

After typing the related terms into the search field, press enter to see the multiple related listings that result from the search. The powerful eBay search engine conducts a scan of terms used within the title and body of eBay listings, as written by eBay sellers. For this reason, using more specific terms is likely to garner fewer, but more relevant results. Vague terms produce a greater number of results, but they are likely less relevant. Regardless of how shoppers choose to word search terms, eBay's helpful refinement options may be used to help narrow the results that show up in a search.

Standard Honda Braking System Parts Available on eBay

Pressing the brake pedal in a vehicle while driving causes the wheels to stop rotating and the vehicle to halt all motion, at least under normal circumstances. The process through which this everyday phenomenon occurs is far more complex than people likely realise. First, the push on the pedal sends a reaction by way of brake fluid. The brake fluid travels through the brake lines to the pads. The force, which is greatly multiplied by the power of the vehicle, causes the pads to contract around the brake rotor. The resulting friction in turn stops the motion of the affected tyres. In some instances, this whole complicated process takes place in only a few brief seconds.

Drum Brakes

Honda vehicles have disc brakes behind all four wheels. However, some vehicles have what is known as drum brakes along the vehicle's two rear tires, a place where less braking stress is likely to occur.

At one time, drum brakes were commonly found on all four tires of motor vehicles. However, after careful study and improvement to the disc brake system, the drum brake was determined to be less effective, especially in harsh conditions, and was largely abandoned.

Drum brakes are larger than disc and pad sets. They are circular and rotate along the wheel. Rather than pads, they use what is known as brake shoes to create friction and brake drums instead of rotors. It is important to consult the listing description prior to purchasing them on eBay to verify if the brakes are disc brakes, drum brakes, or a combination of the two.

Emergency Brake

The emergency brake is a special component of the braking system, standard on many vehicles. Despite its popularity, the emergency brake is rarely used by the average driver, unless the Honda is parked on a slope. The emergency brake, which is much stronger than the standard braking system, is usually connected to a small pedal located to the side of the standard driving options or as a lever between the driver and passenger's seat. It is pulled up when the parking or emergency brake is to be set, such as when on a slope. It is referred to as an emergency brake because, in the event that one is driving and the brake lines or other elements of the system fail, pulling the emergency brake should abruptly stop the vehicle from going any further.

Brake Cables

Brake cables or lines are a series of tubes that run from a Honda's brake pedal to the actual brake. These lines generally contain brake fluid and are used to apply the required amount of pressure to individual brakes to initiate friction. Brake lines are present with both drum and disc brakes. When brake lines are damaged or cut, the entire system typically breaks down, failing to stop the movement of the vehicle. Fortunately, brake cables are made out of extremely durable material and rarely become damaged through normal wear and tear.

Combo Valve

The combo valve or proportioning valves are small parts of the braking system used to properly adjust the amount of fluid sent to the Honda's rear brakes. Regardless of what type of braking system one's rear tyres function on, these tyres always need less force to stop than those on the front.

Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is the component that augments the non-hydraulic pressure resulting from the driver's initial pressure on the pedal. It transforms this pressure from a non-hydraulic force into one of hydraulic capacity. This pressure causes the pads of brake feet to clamp around the rotor or drum. The side effect is that all wheel movement stops. The master cylinder also acts as a failsafe, informing the driver of problems with the braking system. Antique cars as well as some racing cars contain two master cylinders. The average light-duty modern vehicle only contains one master cylinder controlling two sets of pistons.

Brake Pads

Brake pads are small, thick pieces of metal that work as a type of clamp around the rotor in the disc brake system. When force is applied to the brake pads, they squeeze the rotor, causing all rotation to stop. The wheel stops moving, and, in turn, the vehicle stops going forward.

Of the commonly recognised elements of the Honda braking system, brake pads are the components that frequently require replacing. A set of brake pads lasts between 30,000 and 70,000 miles, about the same amount of time as a set of tyres. In fact, many people have the brake pads and tyres changed at the same time. With intense driving or serious conditions, the life expectancy for a set of brake pads may be even shorter.

Brake Rotors

Brake discs or rotors are an important part of the modern braking system employed by the vehicles that Honda has designed over the decades. The round rotor is attached to the inside of the wheelbase. It causes the forward motion of the wheel until it is disrupted by the squeezing of the brake pad in response to pressure applied to the brake pedal by the driver.

Purchasing Brake Parts for a Honda on eBay

Prior to purchasing Honda brake parts on eBay, it is important to get to know the eBay seller you are interested in buying the parts from. You can learn a great deal about an eBay seller by visiting his or her feedback forum profile.. From here, you can get the contact information, see other items currently available from the seller, and, more importantly, review ratings and comments left by previous buyers. All eBay buyers are able to leave feedback for sellers and rate the quality of each transaction.

Insuring Shipments

Before shipping brake parts for a Honda, especially over a long distance, it never hurts to add shipping insurance. To learn about shipping insurance schemes, you are well advised to contact the seller. Many sellers automatically include shipping insurance as part of the total price. Others may not, so this is important to verify if insuring the shipment is something you are interested in doing.

Adding Shipping and Handling to the Total Price

Brake parts can be quite heavy. As a result, the cost of shipping them may be high. To ensure that a part is well within your budget, always be sure to add the cost of shipping to the price of the item before committing to a purchase. Another option is to seek sellers who offer free shipping and handling on brake parts.


There is no safe way to operate a Honda or any other motor vehicle without brake parts that are functioning well. Fortunately, almost every brake part for nearly every type of Honda can be located on eBay's global marketplace at any time. Drum brakes, emergency brakes, brake cables, brake pads, and brake rotors are just a few of the parts that one can purchase on eBay for a Honda braking system.

Open 24 hours per day, seven days a week, eBay provides a wide selection of parts from sellers both near and far. With its vast network of sellers who offer a variety of products, eBay may be just the place to find even the hard-to-locate replacement parts for the braking system in a Honda. Moreover, shoppers on eBay benefit from comparative shopping without having to spend time visiting different brick-and-mortar retailers to compare prices. When it comes to car parts, one can choose from new, used, and refurbished items on eBay, available to accommodate a wide range of budgets. 

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