How to Buy British World Superbikes Tickets Buying Guide

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How to Buy British World Superbikes Tickets Buying Guide

Attending live concerts and sporting events is an exciting activity for all ages to enjoy. Some events, however, are more high energy than others, including British Superbikes events. Attending British Superbikes events can be an exhilarating experience, as the superbikes themselves whizz around the track at high speed and high volume. During the British Superbikes season, several events are hosted at many different tracks as competitors race one another with the ultimate goal of becoming British champions, as well as the opportunity to compete in international superbike competitions.

For those who are interested in attending live British Superbikes events, it is important to spend some time learning about the sport as well as the various types of events that one may attend before seeking to purchase tickets. Additionally, potential purchasers should learn about the possible venues where superbikes compete in order to gain an understanding of the seating options available. The range of ticket prices should also be considered and purchasers should be familiar with pricing before seeking tickets, particularly from any resale venues, so that the buyer is making an informed purchase and finding the best value.

What is a Superbike?

Unlike comparing highly-modified racing cars to street legal automobiles, superbikes vary in minimal ways from those sports bikes one might see driving down the road. In fact, manufacturers are required to homologate, or obtain approval, for a model to be eligible, and only after a specific number of road eligible machines have been manufactured. The frames of superbikes may not be modified in any way, and the appearance of the superbike from the front, sides, and rear views, must remain the same as the road eligible counterparts. Because of how similar the superbike is to the common sports bike, the industry has adopted the slogan, "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday,” meaning, those models of superbikes that do well in competition are likely to cause an increase in sales of the street legal variation the following day.

There is a comprehensive list of permitted modifications that is distributed by the governing body of British Superbikes competitions and includes options related to cylinders, camshafts, oil sumps and pumps, water pumps, transmissions, and airboxes among other technical elements. Visually speaking, no modifications are to be allowed, and the appearance of the superbike must conform with the most up-to-date model, regardless of whether or not the specific bike was manufactured in the current year. This applies to mudflaps, fairings, and body work.

The British Superbike Championship

Sponsored by MCE Insurance, British Superbike Championship, or MCE BSB, is a leader in the world of superbikes racing. MotorSport Vision manages and organises the British Superbike Championship. The superbikes reach speeds of up to 322 kilometres per hour and average 180 brake horsepower. Because the superbikes are all required to adhere to strict standards regarding modifications, races are very close and dramatic.

Due to the high speeds and close proximity to other riders, superbikes are prone to losing control and wiping out. This adds to the suspense and thrill of being in the stands during the races. In addition to many enthusiasts wishing to purchase tickets and be present during superbike championships, the events are broadcast live throughout Europe and Asia. Some of the world's most accomplished riders are competitors in the British Superbikes Championship. Each year, two awards are given: one for the individual rider, and one for a manufacturer.

British Superbikes Championship Venues

Each of twelve rounds of the British Superbikes Championship is held at a different racing venue, or sometimes at the same venue but in a different track pattern. There are several tracks where the events are held. Each venue has its unique attributes as well as a variety of track shapes, which creates differing obstacles for superbike riders. The following tracks are utilised by the MSE BSB.

Brands Hatch

This busiest race circuit in Europe is also considered an iconic sporting venue. Originally a dirt racetrack with its beginnings in 1926, this track is located in Kent and has undergone a number of improvements. The manner in which the track is configured allows for maximum viewing from all of the venue's seats and grandstands.


Thruxton has historical significance, having been built in 1940 for the Royal Air Force and United States Air Force as a World War II airfield which was used for the D-Day landings. After the war, Thruxton was decommissioned and shortly thereafter in 1950, it became a venue for motorsport. This is considered one of the fastest tracks on the circuit.

Oulton Park

This racetrack is considered one of the most challenging on the BSB circuit, with various gradients and blind crests. Oulton Park is considered one of the most picturesque locations as well, with beautiful surroundings enjoyed by spectators as much as the track itself.


A combination of old service roads and railroads merged to create Scotland's Knockhill Racing Circuit. Both car and motorcycle championships are hosted at Knockhill.


This three-mile long circuit is the second longest raceway in the country and is the newest circuit in the UK. Snetterton is known for spectator enjoyment.

Cadwell Park

This is the most popular locale for the British Superbikes Championship, and each year, the largest event is held at Cadwell Park. Particularly fascinating to spectators is a section of the track referred to as "the Mountain", where bikes can become airbourne.

Donington Park

Donington Park was first opened in the 1930s for motorcycle events and later for car events as well. While not part of the circuit in recent years, Donington Park is now back in the MSE BSB events calendar.

TT Circuit Assen

This iconic track has been dubbed, "The Cathedral". Both riders and spectators consider this a popular venue because of the terrain as well as due to the excellent view from all of the seats.


Silverstone is another former wartime airfield location, turned racing track. Many renowned events have been hosted at Silverstone, including MSE BSB event as well as F1 and the British Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Purchasing tickets for events held at all of these venues can be done at a number of ticket outlets including online at eBay.

How to Buy British Superbikes Tickets on eBay

To find British World Superbike events for purchase on eBay, use the general search bar found on every eBay page and type "British Superbikes tickets" into the search bar. When purchasing tickets for events, you want to pay close attention to the listings to make sure you are purchasing tickets to your intended event, especially regarding the dates, times and locations of the event. Some listings may be for tickets from past events, for example, that are signed and being sold as memorabilia as opposed to listings for tickets to future events. One way to distinguish between the two is to check the category of the listing and make sure your listing is under Events Tickets as opposed to the Sports Memorabilia category.

Next you should take a look at the listing details for more information. Consult a seating chart for the venue to locate where the tickets being sold are located. Compare the prices of tickets listed with other available listings of similar seating options in order to locate the best deal.

When purchasing tickets on eBay, it is also important to learn more about each individual seller. Click on the hyperlink of the seller's name to be redirected to the eBay seller feedback page where you can read comments left by buyers involved in previous transactions. You can also use this page to contact the seller securely with any questions or concerns regarding the details of the listing without having to provide a personal email address.


Superbike racing is an exciting and thrilling live event to witness in person. The British Superbike season is full of thrilling races at a variety of courses. The variety of superbikes utilised in these races are a sight to behold, whipping around the tracks while spectators cheer on their favourite riders and bikes.

Finding and purchasing tickets for British Superbikes events requires some background knowledge of the sport as well as information about the various venues where races are held. Before seeking to purchase British Superbikes race tickets, one should take time to research the locations of the best seats to meet each individual's comfortable price range. Additionally, those looking to purchase tickets for British Superbikes events should take care to purchase tickets for dates and times that best fit their schedule.

When purchasing tickets from any resale outlet, including online at eBay, buyers need to pay strict attention to the date, time, and location of the event to make sure the tickets being purchased fit the parameters desired. Any time one is seeking to purchase tickets to a sporting event set for a specific time, planning ahead is important to make sure the experience is an enjoyable one. With a little research and planning, buyers are able to find and purchase tickets to British Superbikes events with confidence and enjoy the experience of attending an event in person.

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