How to Buy Brush Cleaners on eBay

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How to Buy Brush Cleaners on eBay

Make-up has become an integral part of millions of women’s lives. It is just as important as clothes and accessories as part of their personal style and the application of this make-up in the correct way is also important.

The cosmetics industry, colloquially known as make-up has always been an integral part of society, with evidence of its use dating back to at least Ancient Egypt and Greece. The industry has developed significantly since its beginning and with millions of people reliant on a plethora of different make-up products then the application of these products and their applicators need looking at too.

Make-up brushes can be bought in bulk or sometimes come with the product when it is bought. Many people prefer to buy specialist brushes, and for each part of the process - from the eyes to the lips - there are specifically designed brushes available. Sourcing these brushes through eBay is simple, but it is also possible to source specifically chemically developed brush cleaners to keep brushes in tip-top condition.

The importance of a quality brush cleaner should not be underestimated as keeping make-up brushes in the best condition gives them a longer lifespan and reduces risk of contracting infections due to bacteria. Buying brush cleaners on eBay ensures the buyer gets a range of products to choose from which often far outstrip what is available on the high street at prices that are often far more competitive too.

The Importance of cleaning Make-Up Brushes

There are three key reasons why it is important that make-up brushes are cleaned regularly. Each of these reasons is as important as the last and should highlight why brush cleaners should be an essential item in any make-up bag:

  • Risk of bacterial infections
  • Risk of damage to the brush
  • Difficulty in applying make-up.

All make-up brushes come into contact with skin and will pick up excess oil. When this is mixed with the make-up item such as foundation or blusher it creates a prime environment for the propagation of bacteria. Dirty make-up brushes can cause skin infections, the development of allergies and other health related concerns. If brushes aren’t cleaned then they are at risk of causing damage to the skin, as the user is simply reapplying germs and bacteria to their face or body. There is a particular danger when it comes to lip and eye brushes, as wet areas often harbour more bacteria and viruses which could be continually applied to the skin and spread if brushes aren’t cleaned regularly.

Brushes don’t last forever, but their longevity is improved if they’re kept in the best condition. Regular cleaning means the bristles remain intact and the brushes can be used for a longer time period. Regularly cleaning means it is worthwhile investing in quality make-up brushes as the user can be sure they’ll be good value as will last a long time.

Finally, unclean brushes can make applying make-up more difficult. Make-up brushes that are clogged with old powder or product run the risk of ruining the effect the user wants to achieve. It’s hard to produce a sheer, polished finish with a brush which is splayed due to being packed full of sticky residue from the last application. Using brush cleaners ensures that make-up brushes are kept clear of any residue or leftovers and therefore are ready for the perfect application of make-up each time they are used.

These are the main points that need to be kept in mind if make-up brushes are regularly used. It simply isn’t safe not to clean them and it can be costly too as replacement products may constantly be required.

How to clean Make-up Brushes

The process involved in cleaning make-up brushes is very straightforward and quick so users don’t have to be concerned that it will take hours and add yet another task to their schedules. Below is a very short step-by-step guide explaining exactly how to clean make-up brushes using brush cleaner.



Step One

Lay out brushes ready for cleaning.

Step Two

Pour an amount of chosen brush cleanser into a ramekin or small dish.

Step Three

Dip each brush gently into the solution allowing it to permeate the bristles.

Step Four

Lay out the brushes on a clean tea towel and let them dry. Whilst damp they can also be reshaped and excess product can be removed.

The process doesn’t need to be carried out more regularly than every fortnight and can be done in bulk so all brushes are cleaned at once and nothing gets left out. Setting aside a few minutes a fortnight to clean brushes thoroughly can be essential for avoiding skin problems and damage to the brushes.

Different Types of Make-Up Brush

There is a huge range of different make-up products and therefore it stands to reason that there is a correspondingly huge range of make-up brushes. There are many different brushes but the most common and regularly used include:

  • Foundation Brush – used for applying foundations and come in a number of different forms.
  • Powder Brush – large round brushes used for applying face powders and sometimes blusher products.
  • Eyeliner Brush – a specifically angled narrow brush designed for applying liquid eyeliner. Many eyeliner products come with the applicator included but many buyers prefer to have a premium eyeliner brush instead.
  • Eyeshadow Brush – a long brush with a small head that is either padded or short bristles. It’s used to apply eyeshadow evenly.
  • Lip Brush – designed for the application of lipsticks and lip glosses. They are usually short with soft, smooth bristles to ensure an even covering across the lips.

All of these brushes can be cleaned in the regular way using brush cleaners, which makes the cleansing process much simpler than the application of the make-up itself.

Individual make-up brushes are designed to give the desired product the best possible coverage and application. People who wear make-up regularly often choose to buy separate brush kits to ensure they have the best quality products for the application of their make-up. The applicators which come with products usually aren’t of as good quality.

Cost-Effective Make-Up Brush Cleaners

Make-up brush cleaners were initially developed by some of the more famous branded companies in the cosmetics industry. However, more cost-effective alternatives have become available and the range has expanded beyond the luxury market.

Buyers looking for a high-end branded product will be able to find what they’re looking for on eBay, whilst there are also more budget-friendly alternatives ensuring all market areas are covered. The products can also be bought in sets with other make-up products and there is scope for finding a great value product online.

Some of the more popular brands have become highly sought after and regularly found on eBay at competitive prices. This is particularly true of products that are discontinued but still popular on the market. Finding a make-up brush cleaner product to suit buyers individual needs should be no problem on eBay.

Buying Brush Cleaners on eBay

Choosing eBay to buy brush cleaners is a sensible option if buyers are looking for a wide range and plenty of choice. Locating brush cleaners on eBay is straightforward and there are two different ways of finding relevant products.

Firstly, buyers can begin by accessing the health and beauty category from the eBay homepage. From here the make-up and tools subcategory should be selected. The majority of brush cleaner products will then be found under the brushes and applicators subcategory.

Secondly, buyers can choose to use eBay’s search function to locate their preferred product. All that needs to be done in this case is to choose a search term and type it into the search bar at the top of the eBay homepage. The search term will bring up results from all sections of the website and therefore many of the results won’t be relevant. However, it is very simple to narrow the search down using the left-hand categories and refinement sidebars. Buyers can narrow their results down to the health and beauty section and see which products match their terms within this specific area.

Buying brush cleaners on eBay is a definite way of ensuring competitive prices and a wide range of products.


Brush cleaners should be considered essential for every make-up bag. The health benefits alone of regularly cleaning make-up brushes and keeping them in their best condition are a reason for keeping them clean. Make-up brushes will also last longer and the results when you apply your make-up will be improved too.

Buying brush cleaners on eBay provides the widest choice and the best range of prices. Individual buyers can find products which suit their specific needs and this includes everything from top-end branded products to entry level alternatives.

Choosing eBay to buy your brush cleaner is a sensible choice as the variety on the market makes finding the right product possible for all different types of buyer.

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