How to Buy Buff Headwear

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How to Buy Buff Headwear

In 1992 the Original Buff S.A. company in Spain developed a line of multifunction head gear that can be worn in a number of styles. The Buff Headwear is a seamless tubular accessory made from microfibre cloth that users can wear on their heads, around their necks, on their wrists, and in their hair. The many styles in which the Buff headwear can be worn include face mask, cap, foulard, balaclava, pirate, and others.


Selecting Buff Headwear

Even though the items are listed as Buff Headwear, buyers should know that the very same item can be worn elsewhere. The Buff scarf or Neck Buff, Buff bandana, and Buff balaclava is the same Buff headwear depicting one of the ways it can be worn. All Buff headwear can be worn in various styles, so buyers should base their preference on the type of material the gear is made from and the various colours and prints that would be suitable to their needs. Polar Buff or Fleece Buff headwear are generally chosen for chilly weather or to be worn during snow related activities. These tubes are made from warm materials or with thermal layers to provide additional warmth.


Ways to Wear Buff Headwear on the Head

There are quite a number of ways to utilise the buff headwear as a hair and head accessory. It can be worn as a headband to pull off that tough Rambo look, it can be worn as a doo rag or foulard without the remaining section hanging down the back of the head, and it can even be worn like a rounded skull cap.


Other Ways to Wear Buff Headwear

One of the most popular Buff headwear styles is the balaclava. This style includes both a hooded and a masked section which only leaves the eyes of the wearer exposed. This style is often worn by people working in a dusty area, riders who want to keep the harsh wind out of their faces, or anyone who finds himself exposed to the elements. The balaclava style is generally accompanied by a sunglasses or goggles to protect the eyes. For persons who wear caps or helmets, the Buff headwear is simply worn as a mask, where the tube only covers the lower parts of the face and neck. Alternatively, you do not need to cover your face, but can still keep your head covered with the hooded style. Simply place the tube around your neck and draw the back all the way up over your head.


Buying Buff Headwear

Buyers need to remember that they do not have to buy multiple Buff headwear to wear the different styles. All Buff headwear can be flexed, stretched, and manipulated to create all the styles mentioned above and more. Additionally, there may be other neck tubes available for sale in stores and on the internet, but it is not Buff headwear if it does not display the small Buff logo on the outside of the tube.

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