How to Buy Camper Van Interior Parts on eBay

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How to Buy Camper Van Interior Parts on eBay

A camper van is considered to be something between a vehicle and a home. It allows travelling enthusiasts to visit distant locations and camp without being exposed to the rough outdoors. A vehicle of this type is multifunctional and provides different levels of convenience depending on its size. Even the more basic ones offer living conditions that can be rarely found on the road.

The accommodations within a camper van can be maximised with knowledge of its spacial limitations and learning how to properly arrange the interior. There are many considerations one has to make in order to create a functional interior in a camper van. Knowledge of insulation, electrical work, plumbing, and furniture selection are all crucial when arranging the interior of a camper van.

Many items are needed as one furnishes a camper van. The items may belong to different categories; however, it is possible to do all the shopping online at a website such as eBay.. One can utilise this website effectively by being aware of the useful tools and functionalities it offers.

Searching for Camper Van Interior Parts on eBay

When searching for camper van interior parts on eBay,, try to browse by category, such as 'Features & Equipment'. Alternatively, enter a relevant search term, such as "freezer&" in the search bar on the home page. One can get a good sense of the types of parts that are available on the website by using these methods.

The use of these approaches also ensures that the results show only products that are applicable for camper van interiors. For example, lighting that is not suited for use within a camper van needs a power convertor to be installed, and this is less energy efficient. The same applies to all purchases regarding plumbing. Plumbing can be a bit tricky, so ask the product vendor when uncertain of compatibility with camper vans.

Shop in Accordance With the Size Of Van

The interior of a camper van is dependent on the size and power of the van. One of the more challenging tasks is to purchase and arrange items in the interior to make use of all the space, providing comfort and functionality. There are different sizes of vans that are converted and used as campers, so different spacial limitations are encountered. Usually, the space in the back is expressed in length, as the width does not vary that much.

Small Camper Vans

Small vans are more practical because they are less heavy and use less gas. However, the length of the back is around 2.5 m, which is not a lot of space. This is limiting in terms of the number of things one can do with the interior. It is difficult to fit a shower or just a toilet in a van of this size, so individuals who would like to have either of these features should consider purchasing larger vans. When planning the interior, one must account for the angle of refrigerator door and other cabinets.

Larger Vans

Larger vans offer greater freedom in arranging the interior. The length of a larger van is about 3.5 m, and the extra space allows for more elements to be fitted inside. A larger van also offers more height, allowing kitchen cabinets to be mounted higher. This also poses a great opportunity to install taller kitchen cabinets with more shelves, moving some of the storing space vertically. Buying cabinets with greater capacity can free up some space for windows on the walls. Natural light is a great asset inside a camper van.

Extra Large Vans

The length of an extra large van is about 4 to 4.5 m. With this much space, a lot can be done to improve the comfort of the camping experience. A full size bed can be added inside without having to compromise on other functionalities. There can also be enough space to create two separate rooms inside. More cupboards can be added to make the living space better organised, and a smaller TV can be placed. Adding a TV to a small confined space poses a greater challenge than one might think. Seek information on minimal viewer distance when purchasing a TV, as it is harder to achieve it in confined space.

Buying and Installing Proper Insulation

The camper van can not feel like a miniature home if it is not properly insulated. Without insulation,, sleeping in a van may not be much different from sleeping in a car. The uninsulated van fails to regulate temperature and lets in every possible sound. Investing in proper insulation is amongst the more important things that one can do in the interior of the van. It is easy to install, and all surfaces can be covered.

Sound Insulation

Sound-proofing material is a universal product, and many vendors on eBay offer this product. It comes in thin sheets that are self adhesive and can easily fit in tight spots. When working with multiple layers of insulation, the sound insulation should be placed first. It goes directly on the van walls, floor, and ceiling. The sound-proofing layer also acts as a primary barrier that reduces spikes in temperature, either hot or cold.

Temperature Insulation

The temperature insulation is usually done with two different materials. The first layer is a reflective material, and the second one is the batting material. The reflective material is installed directly over the sound-proofing material. It reflects almost all radiant energy, and it saves energy for heating and air conditioning. The material is also hydrophobic, which means that it does not take in any water. This is important when insulating a van because moisture can corrode the steel walls of the van.

Polyester, cotton, and fiberglass are commonly used batting materials that can be found on eBay. The batting is a thick layer of insulation that needs to be applied, and usually the floor of the van is avoided. An easy way to install this layer is by sandwiching it with the panelling inside the van. It is important to leave space between the batting and the reflective material. This serves a dual purpose. The air provides additional insulation, and it also prevents moisture from building up within the batting.

Panelling the Camper Van Interior

Panelling does wonders for the van interior. It covers up all the insulation and installations, and it gives a look and feel that resembles the interiors of a house. This is usually a custom job, and it should be done by professionals. Precision cutting is difficult to achieve with tools lying around the house. While panelling is one of the more basic interior adjustments, it is wise to hold it off until all the insulation, plumbing, and electrical work is done. That way, the cuts on the panel can be anticipated and done all at once. Adding a hole later on for an electrical socket or an additional light can be frustrating, and the end result might not be as aesthetic as desired. Make sure that all electrical issues are covered before ordering the panels.

Selecting Electrical Items and Plumbing for Camper Vans

A camper van with a stable electrical and water supply is a rare commodity. Water might be easier to come by, but the sewage can be emptied only in controlled environment. When it comes to electricity, power generators are expensive, and it is not that often that one finds a way to hook to a power grid while camping in the wilderness. Relying on auxiliary battery power and a fixed amount of water, the camper has to prepare the van in a way that allows efficient use of these resources.

Shopping for Lights for Camper Van Interior

Lights are a necessity within a camper van. Having a number of lights that work simultaneously can drain the battery pretty fast. The right approach to saving electricity is installing energy-efficient lighting.. eBay offers a wide selection of LED lighting and neon lamps that use less electricity and work just as well as regular lights.

Another thing to consider is light intensity. Reading light is not needed all the time, so the ones used to aid in cooking or finding the way through the van can be a lot less powerful. Solar powered lights also use less energy, but they are less reliable and require solar panels to be mounted on the outside of the van.

If one is in the habit of enjoying a book during the evenings, then buying an additional reading lamp is helpful. These lamps deliver focussed light with higher intensity, and their power demands depend on the bulb used. Reading lamps that use LED are not that common, but they are more energy efficient.

Other Electrical Appliances in Camper Vans

When selecting other electrical appliances, be mindful of the amount of power they drain. Some of them, even though small, might use a lot of power. Others might even be too big to run on a battery. Installing and using a TV without being hooked to a grid is not recommended. A smaller appliance like a disc player with a radio tuner might be more fitting for a van that runs on a battery, but it is advisable to check if it turns off completely or just goes into standby mode. There are electronic devices that do not shut off completely and use considerable amounts of electricity in standby mode.


One of the key plumbing issues in the van is the water supply. In order to have water pressure, the van needs to have a water pump.. The water pump is a great power consumer, and it has to be turned off whenever water is not needed. A built-in switch somewhere around the sink can do the trick.

A narrow water tap, combined with a weaker pump, also saves electricity while still providing decent pressure. If the van has a shower, installing a smaller shower head solves pressure-related problems on that end. The toilet is not that dependent on pressure, but it does influence the water resources. When searching for one on eBay, look for a model that has two flashing modes for efficiency in water consumption.

Choosing Furniture for the Camper Van Interior

Smart decisions need to be made when picking furniture for a camper van. A normal size or a full size bed might provide more comfort, but it does take up space. A pull-out couch can be comfortable, and it makes better use of the living space. Retractable tables are another great option. Multifunctional furniture is important when considering the limitations in a camper van.

The camper van is a mobile home. Therefore, the furniture within the van needs to be secured properly to ensure safety while driving. Also, it is important to balance the load and not place all the heavy furniture on one side.

Buying Camper Van Interior Parts on eBay

If there is a need for a specific part, use eBay's advanced search feature. This helps shoppers narrow down the results of searches by entering parameters such as price range, type of seller, and product category. One can expect a subset of highly relevant items when using this method.

Once you have conducted the search for camper van interior parts on eBay,, it is important that you take into account the factors that can impact your choice of product. For example, insulation materials are usually sold in boards or rolls, with the quantity expressed in square metres. Measure the length, width, and height of the van and determine the surface area that needs to be covered by insulation. When purchasing insulation on eBay, choose a slightly bigger quantity than the calculated amount. What is left can be used to cover the van cabin.

When it comes to furniture, pay attention to dimensions, as they are very important in the limited space of a camper van. Also, consider purchasing second hand items. Furniture made of wood and metal last a long time and may not see much use within a camper van. Some used furniture of high quality can be found and purchased on eBay for only a fraction of their original price.


The camper van might provide a modest living environment, but the number of items needed to arrange its interior is far from small. Start by assessing the amount of space available within the van, and plan accordingly. With some planning, even small vans can offer a lot of comfort and functionality.

Proper insulation is important, and a well-insulated van saves energy. It also deadens outside noises, providing better sleeping conditions. Electricity and water are precious and limited resources when camping in the wilderness. The interior should be designed in a way that allows for efficient use of the two resources. There are many tricks in the plumbing and electrical work that can decrease energy consumption.

eBay is a one-stop location where nearly everything that one needs to furnish a camper van's interior can be purchased. This is convenient when considering the amount of stores one typically needs to visit to acquire all the items. Browsing through the relevant eBay categories can give a buyer a good sense of the products that can be purchased to complete a camper van.

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