How to Buy Camping Accessories on eBay

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How to Buy Camping Accessories on eBay
Before you can depart for your camping trip, you will need to purchase accessories to make your holiday safe and enjoyable. Everything you need can be purchased on eBay, and there is a wide range of both new and used camping accessories to choose from.

Specialised camping equipment is listed within the “Camping” section on the eBay website. There’s also an “Accessories” sub-category where many useful camping accessories can be purchased.

Start by searching for keywords, then, use the filters on the left hand side of the page to narrow down the camping accessories you need.

Keeping Warm

Even in summer, it’s important to consider the nighttime temperatures you may encounter. eBay sellers offer affordable camping accessories to keep you and your family warm.

Hand warmers

Gel hand warmers contain chemicals which self-heat and provide relief from the cold. To heat the pad, simply depress the switch. The gel hand warmer can normally be re-used by boiling it in hot water on a camping stove. eBay sellers offer different shapes, colours and designs, with discounts available on bulk purchases.

Solid fuel hand warmers are more expensive but emit heat for a longer period. Once you have purchased a solid fuel hand warmer on eBay, your seller will normally be able to offer you refills.

Sleeping Bags

Some camping enthusiasts choose to buy two sleeping bags; one for warm weather, and one for cold weather. In winter, it is important to carry a sleeping bag that will insulate adequately against the cold. Check the GSM (gram per square inch) rating on your bag, or the seasonal rating, to determine which sleeping bags are most suitable for your camping trip. Mummy-shape sleeping bags are compact and retain body heat well but may feel restrictive in summer. Some sleeping bags also have a collar opening to trap as much heat inside as possible.

To make an existing sleeping bag warmer, purchase a sleeping bag liner on eBay, or buy a blanket to drape over the top. You may also wish to purchase a compact camping pillow for your trip.

Mats and Mattresses

Inflatable mattresses offer good protection against cold ground, but for efficient use, you will need to purchase a foot pump. Although very convenient and comfortable, the added weight of an inflatable mattress and pump can make bags significantly heavier. In warmer weather, or on longer trips, you may prefer to economise on space and purchase a foam mattress instead. Foam mattresses are easy to carry and store and are often offered on eBay with free postage.


A polythene poncho is an ideal alternative to a heavy raincoat and is an essential item in changeable weather conditions. eBay sellers offer individual plain or novelty ponchos, ponchos for children and bulk packs for longer trips.

Eating and Drinking

Some campsites have basic cooking facilities, but for the majority of campers, you will need to purchase camping accessories for cooking and meals.

  • Remember to take detergent and paper towels to dry your cooking utensils, plates and pans.
  • Special camping food, including ration pouches and self-heating tins, can be purchased on eBay.


A variety of sizes of camping stove can be purchased on eBay, from small stoves to full-size barbeques. Stoves take gas or solid fuel and may double up as a source of heat. While single burner stoves are compact, cooking a large meal on a single burner may be impractical. As such, it’s best to review the pros and cons of larger stoves. Remember to research the cost of fuel on eBay and purchase additional fuel before your trip.


Carrying a lighter is usually a sensible option if you anticipate cooking or lighting a fire, since wet matches are almost impossible to dry out. Look for a butane lighter on eBay; these lighters are more convenient that disposable lighters. Don’t forget to purchase fuel for your lighter from your eBay seller.

Flasks and Bottles

Safe water storage is essential for camping trips, particularly in hot weather when it is crucial to stay hydrated. Purchase a re-usable 500ml water bottle and an insulated flask. Modern flasks are inexpensive, but you will make even bigger savings if you opt for a retro-style flask. These are often listed in eBay as collectables and are affordable and practical.

Cool Bags and Boxes

Cool bags and boxes are insulated to protect food against warm weather. For best results, you will need to use your cool bag or cool box with specially made ice blocks. These can keep food chilled for up to 24 hours. If you need to store food over the weekend, look for an affordable 5-day cool box on eBay.


Plastic utensils, plates and bowls are readily available on eBay, from modern sets to vintage and retro picnic sets. A matching picnic set in a case or hamper makes a great gift for a camping enthusiast. Purchase a compact can opener on eBay and remember to take a chopping board and knife.

Food Storage

Re-sealable plastic boxes are ideal for storing raw and cooked food safely on camping trips, and taking cooked food will save valuable time on arrival. Pick up a set on eBay to ensure your set nests together for easy storage when not in use.


A camping toilet is a practical camping accessory that many families find invaluable. Disposable toilets are ideal for camping at music festivals.

  • If you do not plan to take your own toilet, remember to purchase a reliable torch from eBay so that you can use the on-site facilities in the dark.
  • Take detergents so that your toilet can be fully cleaned before your return journey.

Camping Toilets

Camping toilets, such as the popular Porta Potty, are ideal for situations where toilets are not available on a campsite. You can purchase the chemicals for your camping toilet on eBay; larger packs will make your purchase more economical.

Disposable Toilets

For one-off use, disposable toilets made from cardboard are available on eBay. These toilets take biodegradable bags which are usually bundled with the toilet itself; waterproof covers are also available from eBay sellers. Smaller toilets can be purchased on eBay for children.


It’s important to buy camping accessories that will protect you and your family against accidents and injuries. Thinking ahead will also ensure your equipment is usable for the duration of your trip.

Puncture Repair Kit

A basic puncture repair kit from eBay will allow you to quickly fix holes in your inflatable mattress. Small air bed repair kits are very affordable and will ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

First Aid Kit

An inexpensive first aid kit should contain everything you need to deal with minor injuries while camping. Ensure your first aid kit contains paracetamol, gauze, antiseptic wipes, burn lotion, after-sun or Aloe Vera lotion and plasters. Write the telephone number of the nearest doctor’s surgery on a card or luggage tag and place it inside the first aid kit.


A mobile phone is an essential in case of emergencies. If you do not expect to have a source of power while camping, purchase a solar charger on eBay. eBay sellers list many older mobile phones which allow basic calls and texts; often, these offer longer battery life than modern smartphones. eBay sellers also list waterproof gadget bags so that valuable electronic devices can be safely used and/or stored in wet weather.

How to Buy Tent Accessories on eBay

Every camper needs a sturdy tent. Camping accessories can help you improve the shelter your tent offers and ensure it’s usable every time you leave for a camping trip.

  • Before you depart, put up your tent and inspect the poles, groundsheet and cover for damage.
  • Putting up your tent a couple of weeks before your holiday will give you enough time to purchase any spare parts on eBay well ahead of time.

Tent Poles

Tent poles can be rigid or flexible and are made from plastic, fibreglass, steel or aluminium. If you need to replace missing tent poles, check eBay for single poles or multi-packs of poles and extensions. Sellers often bundle tent poles and storage bags, making it easy to store your tent poles between uses.


A tarpaulin can be suspended over your tent for extra shelter or to block heat from the sun. Some camping enthusiasts carry an extra tarpaulin to use as a secondary ground sheet, although tarpaulins are not usually completely waterproof and need to be treated with spray (see below).

Affordable tarpaulins (often made from canvas or polyester) are readily available on eBay. If you will be sitting in your tarpaulin in warm weather, a lighter colour will be more comfortable and absorb less heat from the sun.

Guy Ropes

Frayed or damaged guy ropes can cause a tent to sag or collapse. Replace old guy ropes with brightly-coloured ropes that are easier to spot in the dark, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

Tent Pegs and Extractors

Tent pegs are available in a variety of colours, materials and lengths on eBay. Different shaped pegs are suitable for different types of ground, so the tent pegs you need may vary depending on the weather conditions you expect to encounter. For convenience, look for a bundle that includes tent pegs, a mallet and an extractor tool.

If you will be camping in a field that animals may use after you leave, purchase environmentally friendly biodegradable pegs rather than pegs made from metal or plastic. These pose less risk to farm animals and machinery if they are accidentally left behind.

Waterproofing Spray

Waterproofing spray is a useful addition to any campers’ backpack. It coats items such as tents, clothing, bags and shoes with a waterproof layer that can be re-applied when necessary. On eBay, waterproofing spray can be purchased as an individual 200ml or 600ml cans, or in a bulk pack of two or more cans.


eBay is the perfect place to source new and used camping equipment. Many families choose to sell on camping accessories when they are downsizing or spring-cleaning; many of these items have seen very little use and are perfect for a family looking to build their own set of camping accessories on a budget. If you prefer to buy brand new camping accessories, there are hundreds of business sellers on eBay offering everything you’ll need for the perfect camping holiday.

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