How to Buy Car Headlights on eBay

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How to Buy Car Headlights on eBay

Replacing car headlights is just something that has to be done on occasion. Take the stress out of shopping for car parts by heading over to eBay to get everything that is needed for a car, including headlights and any exterior parts such as headlight covers or simply replacement bulbs.

Buying car headlights is simple for buyers who know what they are looking for. Consumers should make sure to have the model number of the headlights handy, and know the exact make and model of the car to ensure a simple shopping experience. Headlights are important because they help keep drivers safe when driving at night and during inclement weather, so selecting the right headlights is a priority.

There are a couple of categories of external lights that buyers are able to choose from, such as standard halogen lights and brighter Xenon headlights that illuminate the road a bit better. Many buyers are using Xenon headlights because they allow drivers better peripheral vision when driving in the evening, and they light the road with a wider expanse of illumination. Select the proper headlights for a car based on model and make of the car, and which model of headlights is prefered and needed for that specific vehicle.

Shop for Car Headlights by Placement on eBay

There are different types of lights for different areas of the car. Front lights are specially made for the car's front portion, while some lights are created just for the rear of the car. For buyers who are looking for very specific types of lights, they can search for front lights or rear lights on eBay using the modifications listed once consumers have navigated to the car headlights page. Select the Bulbs & LEDs option to narrow the search to simply headlight bulbs.

Consumers are also able to purchase the headlight assemblies, which is the entire headlight and not just the headlight bulb. Headlight assemblies replace cracked or broken cases and assemblies, and sometimes consumers can upgrade their old assemblies to more modern, stylish, and updated assemblies, which makes a car look a bit more trendy and up to date.

Front Headlights

Front headlights are typically halogen lights, Xenon lights, or LED lights. Halogen lights are standard in older models of cars, but LED lights, which give off a stronger type of light, power many newer cars. After selecting the make and model of light that is needed, consumers can determine whether or not they want halogen, Xenon, or LED lights.

Another option is for buyers to key in exactly what they are looking for to make the search results come up faster and more relevant, such as Ford Xenon car headlights. Consumers should check to see whether the seller is offering one headlight or a set of two, so they can be sure they are getting exactly what is needed. Selecting the right front headlights is mostly based on cost, brand of headlights desired, and the model of the car. Some front headlights are made to work better in inclement conditions, such as fog. Read the seller's description carefully to see what the headlights offer.

Rear Headlights

When it comes to rear headlights of the car, choosing the right ones is very important because these brighter lights increase the car's visibility from the back, keeping the driver safer at night and in off-road situations. Another good option is Xenon headlights. These are usually a better bet than halogen because they last much longer. The only downside is these lights are typically more expensive than the more affordable halogen style of headlights.

However, they do not have to be replaced as often. LED lights are considered safer than halogen lights due to the fact that they light up faster and respond quicker, which is an important safety feature of LED lights. Rear headlights vary by size according to the car make and model and type of lights needed.

Shop by Car Make

The search for choosing headlights is narrowed when buyers select the car make to pick headlights that are made specifically for that certain vehicle. Shop Ford headlights, Toyota headlights, or Fiat headlights by selecting the make of car from the options given on eBay.

While there are different types of headlights which are created for certain models of cars, there are some styles of headlights that are more universal. Check the seller's detailed listing to find out which vehicles the headlights are compatible with, and click "Ask A Question" to communicate directly with the seller about the headlights.

Shop by Headlight Brand and Model Number

Headlights also come in brands which the buyer may be partial to. Check for favourite brands from the list of headlights brands available for purchase on eBay, such as Osram or Philips. Another option for buyers is to look at headlights by the model number on the lights. Check the existing headlights to see what the numbers are and browse by that particular model number to find corresponding lights that are sure to fit properly.

Some model numbers available for sale on eBay are 2002 and 501 models of headlights. Some sellers offer a list of all the vehicles that a certain model number of light fits, so shop carefully and ensure that the lights purchased fit the vehicle correctly. It is easy to find the model number on a headlight; the buyers should simply remove the bulb and look for the model number at the base of the light socket.

External Headlight Parts

The outside part of a headlight, or the cover, is also called the headlight assembly. The headlight assembly is the external part that consumers can see from the outside of the car. Headlight assemblies are sold separately from headlight bulbs, and there are a few options when it comes to buying these items on eBay. Assemblies can be purchased alone or in pairs, and they include the covers and sometimes the bulbs.

Purchasing Headlight Assemblies

When purchasing headlight assemblies, it is important to note which part of the car they are for, such as the right or left side of the car, so consumers know they are buying the correct headlight assemblies or covers. Select the "headlight assemblies" option to see the wide selection available, and choose assemblies based on car model and brand of assemblies.

Special indicator headlight assemblies are also an option on eBay. For buyers who need blinker headlight assemblies or bulbs, they should simply choose the option for indicator assemblies to see all of those options.

Purchasing Headlight Covers

Headlight covers are the outermost part of the headlights. They sometimes become cracked or broken and may need to be replaced with new ones. Buyers should search "headlight covers" specifically to see what types of covers are available to purchase on eBay. There is no reason to purchase an entire assembly if the cover is all that is needed.

Buying Car Headlights on eBay

Finding headlights for your car on eBay is affordable and simple. The search engine and internal pages are easy to navigate to find what you are looking for. Simply key in "car headlights" to begin your search, then narrow the search based on your make and model of car or headlight number or brand, and you can find an array of options to pick from.

If you are buying used headlight assemblies, check to make sure that the covers and assemblies are still in good condition without any holes, dents, or scratches. Search easily according to the different types of headlights and assemblies until you find what you need for an affordable price on eBay.

It is always best to shop from Top-rated sellers so you get an excellent buying experience. Do not forget to consider what tools you may need to install your new headlights or headlight assemblies, so you may want to consider purchasing a wrench, screwdriver, or other helpful tools to have on hand if you do not already own these items. Talk to the seller to find out what you need exactly to install the headlights. Maybe he or she can offer you a bundled deal on a new wrench too, or lower the shipping price for more than one item by including a spare replacement headlight bulb.


For buyers who need to either replace headlights which have burned out, or purchase whole new headlight assemblies, eBay is a great option. Not only are there are a wide variety of styles, brands, and models to choose from, but consumers also get an affordable deal. Navigating eBay is easy due to the simple search bar and ease when it comes to browsing and finding a great deal is exciting for consumers.

on eBay, consumers can get their bulbs, assemblies, headlight covers, tools, and any other vehicle parts to make safety even easier and more affordable. All consumers have to do to ensure they are getting the right parts is to know the make and model of their cars and the model numbers of the headlight bulbs. This makes finding the perfect headlights a lot less frustrating and complicated. For buyers who also need specialised items such as fog lights, indicator lights for blinkers, or additional brake lights, eBay is the spot to find all of those items.

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