How to Buy Car Waxing Accessories on eBay

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How to Buy Car Waxing Accessories on eBay

Waxing a car does more than simply make it look good. It provides a protective barrier between the exterior of the vehicle and damaging agents, such as road salt, bugs, bird droppings, and more. Owners are encouraged to wax their cars every few months to keep the exterior looking good. The market is saturated with many types and brands of car wax, and buyers should familiarise themselves with the options before committing.

In addition to choosing a type wax, shoppers must also buy the appropriate tools and supplies to do the job right. Some prefer to wax the car by hand, while others like electric buffers to expedite the process. Automotive stores have all the necessary tools, but shopping online is much easier and more convenient. From buffers to spray wax, eBay has all the car waxing accessories buyers need, in both new and used conditions, to make a car shine.

Before Waxing the Car

The first step to waxing a car is making sure it is clean; therefore, car owners must wash and dry the car thoroughly before waxing. The secret to a supreme car wax means following a few rules when washing the car. Cars must always be washed with a formula car shampoo or soap, and it should be washed in the shade. Rags should never be used to wash the car. Brushes are best for wheels and tires, and microfibre or lambskin cloths work well. When washing and waxing a vehicle, it is important to focus on small areas since soap and wax can dry quickly. Once the car is properly washed, it is ready to be waxed.

Buyers should be aware of the difference between cleaner and non-cleaner waxes as they have varying effects on exterior of the car. The layer on top of the paint is referred to as the "clear coat", and with the introduction of cleaner waxes available on the market, buyers must do a little extra research before purchasing wax. Although some cleaner waxes are designed to remove oxidation and stains, it is possible to damage the surface. There is no risk for over waxing a car with non-cleaner waxes.

Types of Car Wax

Once the car is washed and ready to go, it is time to wax it. But with so many options up for grabs, it can be overwhelming deciding which one is best. Expensive car waxes are not always best, and it is not uncommon for less expensive alternatives to work just as well. Buyers should be wary of waxes that boast being the best for a certain brand as they are often more expensive, and the increase in cost is unwarranted. Waxes tend to wear away between five and eight weeks regardless, so drivers should keep to a regular schedule for waxing their car. The sections below outline the characteristics of each type of wax.


Carnauba wax is made from the fronds of the Wax Palm native to Brazil. This type of wax is the hardest and purest wax created by nature. Many show cars are polished with carnauba wax since it has a reputation for creating a deep, hardy shine many describe "three-dimensional". Dark colours, such as black, red, and blues look exceptional with carnauba wax. Although carnauba wax is the best natural option, synthetic waxes typically last longer. Even with this shortcoming, many show car owners prefer this option.


Synthetic car waxes and creams are favoured over carnauba wax for their durability. Typically made from acrylic resins and polymers, synthetic waxes come in a variety of consistencies. Synthetic waxes are available in three types: liquids, pastes, and sprays. Liquid waxes are favoured since they produce the best results in terms of shine, cleaning, and endurance. They are the hardest to apply and buff out, but the use of an electric tool can alleviate these issues.

Many car owners prefer a paste wax since they are easiest to apply. This option is ideal for people who want a quick and easy job, with long lasting effects. Although liquid waxes may produce the better shine, the convenience factor makes this a popular option. Spray waxes are the least effective of the options. They last for the shortest amount of time and are best used for spot waxing. This style is not recommended for older cars that require better protection. The chart list below summarises the characteristics of the common types of synthetic waxes.




Best for cleaning, shine, and long lasting; most difficult to apply


Easy application but not as efficient as liquid options


Lightest of waxes and wears out quickest; use on relatively new cars or for touch ups

Synthetic waxes, no matter the application process, have a reputation for lacking the deep, rich of carnauba wax. Some waxes even highlight instead of hide minor blemishes. If the main purpose of the wax is to provide long-lasting protection to the car, then synthetic waxes are sufficient. However, drivers who want their car to shine and do not mind putting in the extra effort should stick to carnauba wax.

Polymer Coating

The newest option for creating a protective barrier around a car is not technically a wax but functions as one. A new sealant is made from a translucent, nanotechnology, polymer coating that outlasts any synthetic wax when applied correctly. The molecules in the formula are smaller than water and other potentially harmful substances' molecules, thus keeping out toxins that harm the car's exterior. Polymer coating are resistant to abrasive materials, such as acids, detergents, and hard minerals. They are applied similarly to wax, but users should read the instructions thoroughly before applying.

Tools for Waxing Cars

Besides selecting the wax, customers need the appropriate tools and materials to complete the job. Stagecoaches were the first modes of transportation to be waxed and polished, and before electricity, all waxing had to be done by hand. Some car owners still prefer to wax by hand, and others have embraced technology to get it done quicker. No matter the preferred method, eBay has both hand and electric tools available in new and used condition. The following sections list the most popular options.

Electric Tools

An orbital buffer is one of the best tools to use to get an even, polished look when waxing a car. Moreover, using an electric tool is much easier than applying wax by hand; it saves both time and money. Orbital buffers have a rotating foam pad that helps evenly distribute the wax. Before using an orbital buffer with wax, read both sets of instructions to properly wax the vehicle. Each type of wax requires a certain curing time. Once the wax cures, it can be removed to reveal a bright, protective shiny coat.

Hand Tools

Some car owners prefer to wax their cars by hand, and although it is more time consuming, they find it more rewarding. There are a plethora of options to choose for wax and buffing a vehicle. Microfibre is a popular material for cloths and towels. Some applicators can also be used to buff the vehicle, although it is advised to never use a new rag.

Buying Car Waxing Accessories on eBay

There are thousands of car waxing accessories on eBay at any given time, and it is up to the driver to make a list of what he needs before searching. Whether you need a "microfibre cloth" or "paste wax", simply type in a few words related to what you are looking for. The more keywords you include, the more specific your search is. For example, adding the brand name in addition to the item, such as "Poorboys paste wax", limits the search even more. If your results are too specific, remove one or more terms to broaden your search. Check out eBay's Search Tips page for even more helpful hints.

Top-Rated Seller

Buyers who want a quality product from a reputable seller should look for the top-rated seller icon next to the username. eBay consistently monitors the status and feedback of these sellers to ensure those buy from top-rated sellers are receiving excellent products and customer service.


Making a car look like a million bucks is inexpensive and easy with the right car wax and accessories. Shoppers who have taken the time to learn the advantages of each type of wax and tool make the best decisions. Natural waxes are ideal for drivers who want their car to shine beautifully. Synthetic waxes provide better protective barriers but cannot replicate the same lustrous look. Since some less expensive waxes outdo more costly competitors, buyers should research brands to buy the best and avoid overspending.

Another method for saving money is shopping online; eBay is a one-stop marketplace where car owners can get everything they need. Buying used creates the opportunity for customers to purchase top-notch electric buffers for a fraction of the price. Microsuede cloths and other car waxing accessories are often sold in bulk at low prices. Whether they use natural or synthetic wax, electric buffers or microsuede cloths, shoppers can choose from a plethora of materials at eBay.

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