How to Buy Concert Tickets for the O2 Arena

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How to Buy Concert Tickets for the O2 Arena

The O2 Arena is located in the heart of The O2, a large entertainment centre on Greenwich Peninsula in London. It is named after its main sponsor. Depending on the event, this venue can accommodate up to 20,000 people. It is the second largest arena in the UK, after Manchester Arena, and one of the biggest in Europe. The O2 was built mostly within the Millennium Dome, which was constructed to house an exhibition related to the dawn of the third millennium.

The O2 arena is the busiest concert venue in the UK. Most well known performers choose to have one or more concerts at the arena. Concert tickets are available from a number of sources. They can be bought from the venue itself, online or in person, or from authorised ticket agents. They can also be sourced from ticket resellers and private sellers that often list tickets online on eBay. Learn how to buy concert tickets for the O2 arena, directly from the venue and from third party sellers.

Overview of O2 Arena Concert Tickets

Before buying concert tickets for the O2 arena, check the terms and conditions of sale and learn about the ticket formats available. The table below contains some pertinent features, with a short description of each of them for ease of reference.

O2 Arena Concert Ticket Feature


Ticket types

Paper, mobile or bar code, wristband, chip technology, or other available form.


Cannot be rectified after purchase.

Check ticket carefully on receipt.

Returns and exchanges

No returns and exchanges are permitted at the venue.

May be able to return or exchange if bought from an authorised ticket agent.

Seats on level 4

Not recommended for people with a fear of heights or who suffer from vertigo.


Only a certain number of tickets may be sold per credit card or household.

Only applies to some concerts.

When visiting the O2 arena, children under the age of 15 must be in the company of an adult aged 18 or over. In some cases, children under 16 may not enter the standing area. These restrictions are usually displayed on the website or by the authorised ticket agent.

Buying Concert Tickets at the Venue

Concert tickets are available from The O2 website, via the booking line, and from the venue's box office. To buy online, choose an event and date, select seats, and proceed to the checkout area. Tickets can be collected from the box office, but the card used to pay must be presented. To book and buy in person, visit the box office between 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. on days when there is no event at the arena, and from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. on days when there is an event. These times are subject to change, so it is best to confirm with the venue before travelling. Access to bookings and seats is provided for disabled customers.

It is possible to sign up for email alerts about the venue and performers on The O2 website. This can be handy for people who want to know when tickets go on sale and who are interested in special events and deals.

Buying Concert Tickets from Authorised Ticket Agents

In addition to purchasing directly from The O2, buyers can source tickets from authorised ticket agents. is the official ticketing partner for The O2. The following agents are also used frequently:

  • Ticketmaster
  • See Tickets
  • Ticketline
  • Ticketweb
  • Gigs and Tours
  • Piccadilly Box Office
  • Keith Prowse
  • Gigantic
  • Stargreen

Event organisers or promoters may appoint ticketing agents that are authorised to sell tickets. The O2 advises customers to confirm whether a dealer is authorised if they are unsure.

Buying Concert Tickets from Third Party Sellers

Tickets for concerts at the O2 arena are readily available from private sellers and ticket resellers. They can be found in a variety of places, such as local classifieds advertisements, online forums, and listings, and marketplaces, such as eBay.

Restrictions on Reselling Tickets

While reselling tickets is common practice, The O2's terms and conditions prohibit the resale of tickets unless it is done via an authorised reseller. The text states that reselling tickets may be grounds for seizure or cancellation of the tickets without compensation. If something goes wrong with the ticket, the venue may refuse the ticket holder entry or eject him or her from the arena. If The O2 suspects that a buyer bought tickets for the purpose of reselling them, the tickets in question may be cancelled. This means that a seller could offer tickets in good faith, believing them to be valid, but that the venue cancels them at a later stage.

Ticket Price

Concert tickets from third party sellers may be sold for less than face value, more than face value, or the face value of the tickets. This makes it possible to find bargains, especially if buyers are willing to wait until the last minute to purchase tickets. In addition, some sellers have returns policies where the face value of the ticket is refunded if the show is cancelled. Always buy from a reputable seller to avoid problems.

Tips for Buying Concert Tickets for the O2 Arena

Concert tickets can be difficult to source, especially for popular performers. When buying tickets that may sell out quickly, consider purchasing presales. These are available to certain groups of people before tickets go sale to the public. Check The O2 website for more details.

Check the Ticket Details

Check carefully whether the ticket is for the desired artist, performance, and date before buying. Additionally, check the venue's website to ensure that the seats are in a good location. Note the gate opening time and the time the show starts. It may be difficult to reach seats if concertgoers arrive at the O2 arena only minutes before the main event.

Check the Photos of Online Tickets

When buying from an online source, do not buy tickets if the image included in the listing shows the barcode. The barcode can be used to duplicate tickets. If it is displayed, it increases the chances of buying an invalid item.

Check Whether ID is Required for the Concert

It may be necessary to produce photographic identification and the card used to pay for tickets when collecting them from the box office. Younger people should also carry photographic identification, especially when attending the concert by themselves, as they may be asked for proof of age.

Buying Concert Tickets for the O2 Arena on eBay

eBay sellers offer a variety of concert tickets for the O2 Arena from private and business sellers. To find the right tickets, type a phrase, for example "O2 Arena June", into the search field, which is located conveniently on every page, to see the listings on offer. Refine your search by choosing the most appropriate category and item features. If you would like to narrow or expand your search, use the advanced search feature.

Before Buying on eBay

Evaluate the item and the seller before buying on eBay. To do this, navigate to the item listing page by clicking on an individual listing. Here you can find information such as the full item description, buying choices, the seller's accepted payment methods, postage and packaging costs, the terms of the seller's returns policy, and the seller's feedback information. Always read the full item description before committing to a purchase, taking note of details such as the time and date of the concert. Ask whether the seller has the tickets in hand and when he or she expects to post them to avoid misunderstandings about delivery. If you have any questions about a listing, contact the seller by clicking the "Ask a question" link.

Get to know the seller by checking his or her eBay seller feedback. Click on the number next to the seller's username to see what other buyers think of his or her products and customer service.


The O2 arena is the busiest concert venue in the UK and hosts some of the biggest local and international acts that perform worldwide. Tickets are available from a number of sources. The O2 website allows ticket purchases by credit or debit card and tickets can also be booked by phone. There may be a limit on the number of tickets bought per card and per household. Concert tickets can also be bought in person from the box office. It may be necessary to show the card used to buy the tickets or photographic identification at the venue.

O2 arena concert tickets are also available from authorised resellers. While is the official ticketing partner of this venue, additional agents are often used. This includes Ticketmaster, Ticketweb,, and Stargreen. From time to time, promoters and organisers may use alternative agents. When in doubt, check with the venue.

According to The O2's terms and conditions of sale, tickets may not be sold by unauthorised sellers. When buying tickets from a third party, be aware that the tickets may be cancelled without notice if The O2 suspects that they have been resold. O2 arena concert tickets are readily available on the secondary market, from private and business sellers, who often list their items on eBay. Search the site to find tickets at a price that suits the buyer's budget.

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