How to Buy Construction Diggers on eBay

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How to Buy Construction Diggers on eBay

The construction digger is a heavy, earth mover that is essential to most construction jobs. Diggers come in many forms and can sometimes be sold under different names. Buyers should make certain to be aware of all of the different kinds of construction equipment on the market. This allows them to find the vehicle that best suits their needs, whether it is called a digger or not.

Another tip is to look for this construction equipment by its condition. Some prefer to use only brand new vehicles, but it is possible to get equipment that has only been used a couple of times. It is also possible to just buy diggers that are intended for use as parts or are not working. This can be a good way to get an expensive piece of equipment at dirt cheap prices, especially if the buyer is also a mechanic. Other areas to pay attention to when shopping for construction diggers on eBay include the power source and the means of mechanical motion.

Searching by Type

One of the best methods for searching for construction diggers on eBay is to search by type. This is a refinement option available on the search results page in one of several eBay categories or after one performs a search through the search engine. This refinement contains a number of types of construction vehicles, some of which are described here, including diggers.


Diggers are construction vehicles typically designed for digging on a construction site. They dig out trenches, foundations, pools, or anything else needed to complete a construction project. Diggers have one arm with the scoop attached, and a cage or seat for the operator to sit in. The scoop is set facing the cage and hauls dirt up towards the vehicle as it lifts it out of the earth. The digger is controlled manually by the operator. It is able to move on two tracks, rotate 360 degrees, and dig holes up to 7 to 10 metres (m) deep. The mini diggers come in at about 2.5 m tall and weigh about 900 kilogrammes (kg), while a full-sized digger can reach 9000 kg.


Excavators are used for multiple purposes including digging on a construction site. Excavators are very similar to diggers. They have long arms, with scoops, but the scoop is tilted upright rather than in towards the vehicle. Most excavators sold on eBay are mini excavators, meant mainly for private use or small projects. Many excavators and full-sized excavators run roughly equal in size and weight to diggers.

Other Types

Those interested can find several other kinds of construction vehicles through eBay using the "type" refinement. These vehicles include dumpers, breakers, cement mixers, compactors, and even water pumps. Just click on any of these options in the type refinement menu and the site automatically updates the listings to show only that kind of construction vehicle.

Looking at Condition

Another option is to shop for excavators on eBay by their condition. This refinement is on the same menu as the type refinement on a search results page. It is important to know what the condition of a construction digger is before purchasing it. A piece of equipment in good condition can be put to work right away, and lasts for several years before major repairs are needed. A piece of equipment in poor condition may be in need of repairs before it can be used on the job site. Generally, buyers would rather pay for a well-maintained, like-new piece of equipment rather than something that has been left out in the rain for years.


Brand-new diggers and excavators are rare on eBay. However, they do appear from time to time as surplus from manufacturers, dealers, and private owners who decide they really do not want to own their own digger. Brand-new diggers are the most expensive construction vehicles listed. They should be less than a year old and they should not have been used on any projects.


Used diggers are much more common to find on eBay. The used digger can be just a few years old or as many as 10 years old or more. Make sure to confirm the make, model, and year of this piece of construction equipment before purchasing it. If considering a very old, used digger, look at the price compared to other prices of slightly newer models to ensure that the best deal is made. Also, pay close attention to the buyer's description of the digger and its condition.

Other Conditions

There are several other conditions in this menu refinement that buyers can select. These include new (other), manufacturer refurbished, seller refurbished, and also for parts or not working. The last option is self-explanatory, and should be used on the cheapest diggers listed as they barely work or need major repairs before they work. Seller refurbished diggers are pieces of equipment that have been fixed up and have had certain parts replaced by the seller before listing them. Manufacturer refurbished equipment has been sent back to the manufacturer for repairs before it was placed up for sale. Diggers listed as new (other) have usually only been used once or twice by the owner, and are practically new.

Searching by Power Source

Construction diggers use one of two power sources and one of two mechanical means of motion. These different options can affect how long a piece of equipment lasts, how long it takes to refuel, and even its strength.


Electric diggers tend to be smaller machines and some may even be operated remotely. These diggers have a battery supply to provide power that may need to be taken to a special recharging location. An electric construction vehicle is easier on the environment and can be used both indoors and outside. This makes the electric digger perfect for digging out basements and foundations in pre-existing structures. Electric diggers are not as commonly seen on eBay as petrol powered diggers.

Petrol/ Gas

The petrol or gas digger is strong, and easy to refuel. All that is needed is more petrol to get the digger going again. This does limit the digger to use outside, but it is not usually a problem for most construction projects. Petrol diggers can be larger than electric diggers as they have more readily available energy from combustion. Occasionally, diggers are made to run on diesel. Be certain to check what fuel the vehicle runs on before purchasing it. Keep in mind that these heavy diggers can use up to thirty litres per hour.


A pneumatically operated digger uses pressurised gases to move the arm and scoop on the machine. This method is not as commonly used in powering the mechanical motion of a digger. However, pneumatics are more reliable than hydraulics and helps keep maintenance costs down on the equipment. This is primarily because the gases help absorb any shock from sudden movements, while oil in a hydraulic system directly transfers this force to the mechanism. Pneumatic system designs are also simpler.


Buyers can find lots of diggers with hydraulic systems. These systems use non-compressible oil to force the arms and scoop to move. The hydraulic system has a lot more power because the oil does not absorb any of the system's kinetic energy, it simply transfers it from one piston to the next piston. Hydraulic diggers can carry heavier loads too.

Buying Construction Diggers on eBay

You can buy construction diggers through eBay's many sellers. Some of these diggers can be found manually through eBay's categories. However, the search goes faster and allows you to check every category on the site using the search engine. Make sure to enter a keyword that fits what you are looking for, it can be anything from a general term to a brand name. For instance, "JCB" makes all kinds of construction equipment and vehicles, including diggers. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the many brands and types of construction equipment available to you.

Seller Location

Since diggers are such large pieces of equipment, they are very expensive to ship. If you do not want to deal with this expense, consider shopping for diggers in the local postcode only. This is possible using the "Distance" refinement on the search results page. The refinement includes a place to enter your postcode and your preferred search radius.


A construction digger comes in handy at the job site. These large earth movers can dig out trenches, pools, and much more. Plus, it is possible to own a mini digger or excavator for smaller projects. Mini diggers are perfect for backyard use or a small business. Finding diggers on eBay means searching through dozens of listings at a time. Use the many search refinements to narrow down those results quickly. Buyers can start by the type of equipment they are looking for, as both diggers and excavators can be used to dig out earth. Next, make sure to move onto the condition of the digger. New diggers are rare, but buyers can usually snag a like-new digger that has only been used a couple of times. Used diggers are also listed regularly on the site.

The power source is the final, most important method when searching for a digger. These vehicles can be electric or petrol powered. Diggers that use petrol are by far the most commonly seen type of vehicle on eBay. They are much easier to refuel. Another consideration is whether or not the digger is hydraulic or pneumatic. Hydraulics are more popular because this system can handle heavier loads.

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