How to Buy Custom Riding Boots

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How to Buy Custom Riding Boots

Riding boots are essential for horse riding activities. Custom riding boots can be made to the specific measurements of the rider. Incorrectly fitted boots can cause blisters and may even lead to back problems because they promote an improper posture while riding. Horse riding covers a wide range of equestrian activities, ranging from dressage and jumping to hunting. In addition to their functionality, custom riding boots are designed to provide protection, offer support, and maintain traction while the rider's foot is in the stirrup.

Custom riding boots come in an array of designs, styles, and materials, and the correct model to purchase depends on the activity that they are used for. Leather riding boots are often preferred for their durability, while some riders choose the lightweight feel and breathability of synthetic materials. When purchasing custom riding boots at retailers such as eBay,, buyers should consider the various types, take into account the different factors that help them to form a decision, and learn how to measure for a new pair of custom riding boots.

Types of Custom Riding Boots

There are various types of custom riding boots.. The best type is ultimately a matter of the riding events that the buyer is participating in. Each type of boot is specifically designed for a unique riding style.

Paddock Custom Riding Boots

Paddock boots are considered casual wear. These boots are mainly used for practicing and are usually not worn for competitions. Paddock boots reach just above the wearer's ankle and may contain a zip-up or laced foot bed. Paddock boots are similar to jodhpurs,, but unlike paddock boots, jodhpurs have a smooth footbed and elastic sides, allowing the wearer's foot to slide easily into the boot. When searching for paddock boots, buyers should consider investing in half chaps.. Half chaps are often worn with paddock boots to cover the lower leg of the rider.

Field and Dress Custom Riding Boots

Field and dress boots are both categorised as tall boots. Field boots have laces in the footbed. Dress boots are more formal in style and are often the preferred choice of footwear for English equestrian disciplines. The tall boot is similar in style to the paddock boot. However, it is taller, reaching just below the wearer's knee. These boots are ideal for use in hunting or jumping disciplines. Field and dress boots have a smooth finish and are popular with dressage riders.

Hunt Custom Riding Boots

Those who participate in hunts should invest in a pair of hunt boots.. They are the formal footwear for the sport and share many of the same characteristics as tall boots. Most hunt boots reach about 2.5 to 5 centimetres below the rider's knee. Hunt boots are often two toned in colour, with the lower section of the boot in black and the top cuff in brown.

Cowboy Custom Riding Boots

Cowboy boots are well suited for those who participate in less formal riding. These boots can be found in a wide array of styles and colours. They are usually made of leather and may include intricate details and stitch work. Cowboy boots are designed to fit loosely around the wearer's ankle. The boots come in various lengths. However, most reach about mid calf and contain a sizeable heel.

Factors to Consider when Buying Custom Riding Boots

When searching for custom riding boots, there are various factors to consider. Depending on a buyer's budget, custom riding boots can be found in various sizes, heel and sole types, and materials. Choosing the best type is ultimately a matter of personal preference and the rider's level of comfort.

Budget for Custom Riding Boots

When purchasing custom riding boots, buyers should keep in mind their budget. Depending on their quality, custom boots can be a significant investment. High quality boots are often more comfortable and stylish.

Sizing for Custom Riding Boots

Before buying custom riding boots, buyers need to verify their boot size. The boots should fit snugly. Loose fitting riding boots may interfere with the rider communicating with the horse.

Heels and Soles for Custom Riding Boots

Custom riding boots come in various heel sizes: there are riding heels, walking heels, and combinations of the two. A prominent heel ensures that the rider's foot does not slip through the stirrups while riding. The soles of riding boots can be made of leather, thick crepe, or rubber.

Material of Custom Riding Boots

When searching for custom riding boots, buyers should consider the boot's material. Leather is often preferred for its toughness and ability to protect the rider's legs from abrasions. Leather boots can come in various exotic hides, but cowhide is the most popular choice as it is both durable and inexpensive. Choosing the best type of material is both a matter of personal preference and the rider's willingness to care for it.

How to Measure for Custom Riding Boots

When buying a pair of custom riding boots it is important to provide the correct measurements to ensure a proper fit. Riding boots that are improperly sized can make it difficult to find the correct stirrup placement, and may lead to severe discomfort. When measuring for tall riding boots, buyers should first put on their socks and breeches as the boots need to fit comfortably over these garments. Buyers should sit in a chair with their feet flat and legs at a 90 degree angle. They should then measure around the widest part of their calf. It is important to measure both legs for a custom fit.

Buyers should then measure the distance from the floor to the back of the knee. For proper tall riding boots, buyers should add an additional 2.5 to 5 centimetres to this measurement. This is due to the fact that once the boots break in, the leather begins to slouch slightly around the ankle. Finally, buyers should measure the base of their feet for the shoe size. This is best accomplished by measuring from the heel of each foot to the big toe.

For added support, buyers should also consider measuring around their leg, just below the knee. If this measurement is significantly less than that of the calf measurement, buyers should consider purchasing boots with an elastic gusset at the boot top. The gusset expands to calf width when the boots are pulled on and contracts for a better fit once in place. Although the boots may seem uncomfortably snug when first worn, they should not be impossible to pull on and off. Riding boots stretch once they are broken in.

How to Buy Custom Riding Boots on eBay

To begin shopping for custom riding boots, buyers should visit the eBay home page.. For all related item listings on eBay, buyers should type "custom riding boots&" into the search field at the top of the page. Buyers are free to browse all of the results or to narrow listings by condition and price. Search terms can also be used to find specific items. For example, to see listings for boots for formal equestrian events, buyers can type "custom dressage boots&" into the search field. Check eBay's customer support pages for additional information on searching with keywords..

Buy Custom Riding Boots with Confidence

Buyers should read the item listings for custom riding boots carefully before making a purchase. Check the price of the item, as well its delivery costs. Examine the available photos carefully. If additional images or information is desired, buyers are free to ask the seller. Sellers are usually happy to provide additional information to promote a positive transaction.

Feedback Ratings

It is always a good idea to check a seller's feedback rating before purchasing custom riding boots. These ratings are determined by information provided from other buyers within the past year. This information, along with the number of transactions a seller has completed, can offer an insight into the level of service that the seller provides. Upon receiving the purchased custom riding boots, buyers are encouraged to leave feedback for the seller. This can help reliable sellers to find new customers.


Custom riding boots are ideal for buyers who are looking for both comfort and style. Custom boots not only promote a sense of individuality, but also add flare to the footwear. When searching for custom riding boots, buyers should consider the type of equestrian events that they are participating in. Those participating in English riding disciplines should choose field and dress boots, while those who prefer casual riding or are looking for boots to practice in may prefer paddock boots. Active hunters may prefer hunt boots.

Buyers should also consider the various types of boot material: leather is a popular option. The heel height should be taken into account, as should the sizing of the boot. When measuring for custom riding boots, buyers should take the calf and sole measurements of each leg. Together, these dimensions help to ensure a proper custom fit. The riding boots should fit snugly and comfortably. Custom riding boots are available from eBay sellers.

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