How to Buy DJ Gear on eBay

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How to Buy DJ Gear on eBay

In the past, when someone needed to locate any kind of DJ gear,, they were limited to local newspapers or other industry publications and word-of-mouth from friends. Maybe they would get lucky and find exactly what they wanted. More often than not, they would have to settle for whatever was available or simply go without. eBay has changed all of that. Now, the entire world of DJ gear, equipment, and supplies is literally at their fingertips. Essentially, anyone can find just about any specific DJ-related item and have it delivered to their studio or home from their computer within a few days. Furthermore, the enormous number of sellers results in rock bottom pricing on top of the huge selection.

This guide provides readers with the information needed to locate every type of DJ gear on eBay, including decks, mixers, controllers, headphones, speakers, karaoke devices, lighting, and more. It discusses the pros and cons of buying new or used and recommends the best ways to navigate the eBay website to be certain the item exactly matches the need. There is information to assist shoppers with how to determine whether a specific item is priced fairly and how to go about obtaining the best possible value. Finally, there are some important recommendations on shipping options and how to get help directly from eBay.

Getting Started

It is important for those just starting out to learn as much as possible about the world of DJ gear prior to purchasing any. Much of the equipment available today may not be compatible with other types or manufacturers. Many novice DJs learn this lesson the hard way after spending a great deal of time and money.

This is a good time to decide whether DJing is going to be a profession or a hobby. Those who seriously expect to become a DJ for income require more and better equipment than those who do not. There is "starter" gear available for very attractive prices. However, serious DJs would never even consider recommending these items as they know that within a year, that equipment becomes inadequate.

Decide on Analogue or Digital

All beginning DJs should consider committing primarily to either analogue and vinyl records or digital and CDs and MP3 media. The styles are quite different and each requires specialised equipment. Both types are readily available on eBay,, and many veteran DJs opt for both. It is then easy to switch back and forth from vinyl to digital, depending on the mood of the audience and style of music.

Analogue DJ Style Advantages

The hard-core veterans swear the sound produced by a vinyl record is superior to that of anything digital. Considering that digital recordings "sample" sounds at a rate of 44,100 times per second, it would take an awfully sensitive ear to pick up those movements from one tone to the next. Nonetheless, there are playback moments when a comparison may yield some differences. However, most of those typically listening to any DJ-provided music have little interest in attempting to determine the source of the recording. They just want the effects, which can be rendered with either version.

From a purely physical perspective, vinyl records are relatively large, heavy, and cumbersome. A well-stocked DJ would need to have a veritable truckload of vinyl recordings to offer a reasonable repertoire of music for all occasions. On the plus side, vinyl records were the original media type for the DJ industry and offer the "feel" that no digital media can provide. A record permits the DJ to see where the breakdown in the grooves are located, enabling various timed actions. While record stores are largely a thing of the past, there is a limitless supply available on eBay.

Digital Style Advantages

Most of the world now consumes music in digital format. The advantages to the consumer are also advantages to the DJ. CDs and MP3 files are far more portable than vinyl records. A well-maintained CD never wears out no matter how many times it is played, and it can be easily copied. If the music is stored on MP3 files, an enormous amount of it fits into a shoebox sized storage container. There is now DJ specific software that enables professional and amateur DJs to combine the feel of vinyl without sacrificing the benefits of digital.

Individualised DJ Gear or Packages on eBay

Another decision to be made initially is whether to buy a DJ package that contains most of the necessities or buy each piece individually. While there is something to be said for having everything arrive together from one eBay source, more experienced DJs may prefer different pieces from different manufacturers. Those starting out without knowing which equipment is most suitable to their style of play are best served with a package. As their experience level grows, they can then opt for changes in specific gear. The advantage to using eBay is that as individuals outgrow equipment, they find it easy to turn around and sell anything used on eBay and then buy the replacement as soon as the original is sold.

Buy New or Used on eBay

That brings up the question of whether or not to purchase new or used DJ equipment.. Obviously, it is much easier to afford a high quality used mixer than a brand new one. The age old argument of whether to spend a budgeted figure for a better quality used or lower quality new item involves a good deal of education. Whenever possible, consult with a professional DJ for advice. Spend some time on eBay reading reviews by previous buyers for their impressions.

The issue goes right out the window if the item is brand new, and there are few or no used versions available. In that case, the only decision is whether or not that equipment is vital from a competitive standpoint. If it is so innovative and offers new features that are highly desirable, it may be a good idea to add it to the existing mix just to provide that alternative to prospective customers. eBay always offers the option to buy new or used.


The turntable,, often referred to as a "deck" or simply "table", is a critical piece of equipment for all DJs. It is also the single piece of equipment most likely to require replacement parts and servicing. For that reason, many top DJs have at least one backup turntable at all times. That makes a total of three, as two are standard during normal operations, allowing seamless transition from one song to another. A turntable is not the place to cut corners. Invest in the best quality possible to get maximum performance and minimum frustration levels. If it comes down to finances, buy one good vinyl turntable and alternate with a CD player, which comes in handy no matter what.


Scratching is a DJ technique that involves moving the record or disc back and forth on a turntable during playback. It was developed in the 1970s on vinyl records with those playing hip hop style music and has become a mainstream feature of the contemporary DJ. While it is possible to scratch with either a vinyl record or a CD, the purists generally opt for vinyl. There are a select few who have had excellent results using magnetic tape as well. Those interested in scratching must decide which media to employ as it affects the type of turntable they need.

Belt vs. Direct Drive Decks

The two types of turntables are those that are belt driven and the direct drive alternative. As the name suggests, belt drive models rely upon what is essentially a large, flat rubber band connected from the motor spindle to the platter. They are less expensive due to limited demand and less engineering. The drawbacks are that they take longer to get up to speed and perform poorly for scratching. Belt turntables are often seen as starter turntables. Those who progress soon become disenchanted with their performance.

Direct drive decks offer much faster speed recovery times, which makes a substantial difference when it comes to scratching. The belt is eliminated and replaced with a ring of magnets that produce much more torque. More torque translates into faster speed transitions. It is the rare professional DJ that chooses a belt driven deck over direct drive. While they are more expensive, the performance is significantly better.


The mixer is the heart of any DJ equipment set. Everything feeds into it, and the controls have a big effect on the final sound. Like decks, mixers are available in differing levels of quality depending upon intended use. Hobbyists or anyone who plays for mostly friends and family events can opt for lower-end types. Those who expect to DJ for income on a professional level absolutely need at least a medium quality mixer. A good mixer can spell the difference between sounding like an amateur or a pro.

The table below describes the different features of DJ mixers:

Mixer Feature



Number of channels

Each deck or other input device requires an independent channel

A minimum of two for those just beginning

Inputs and Outputs

RCA for decks or line for CD players

Enough for all current equipment plus several for expansion


Gain for input level, EQ for tone, kill for specific elimination

Depending upon experience but enough to grow

Faders and Cross-faders

Sliding volume controls

Replaceable cross-fader; curve adjustment if scratching


Wide variety of sound effects either built-in or with separate module

Professionals usually want built in effects; others may opt to add a module later utilising a loop

eBay has a wide variety of mixers for every level of DJ activity. Read the responses of previous buyers to get truly honest feedback. Never rely on paid reviews for accurate information.


Possibly, there is not a more important feature to a set of headphones than comfort. No matter what they sound like, if the headphones are not well-cushioned around not only the ears but also over the top of the head, they soon become an annoyance. Choose headphones with swivel earpieces to enable one ear on and one off. The earpieces should fit tightly enough to effectively minimise external sound, not only for personal comfort but also for the hearing protection they provide.

Finding DJ Gear on eBay

Anyone looking for DJ gear should begin a search on the eBay home page.. In addition to offering a wider selection and better pricing than what is available from visiting a local dealer, it is also easy to find accessories, such as karaoke equipment, mobile disco, speakers, lights, and more. The best way to search is to begin in the keyword search tool found on every eBay page. For example, enter a term such as USB DJ controller into the field. You are then directed to a page with every available choice. From there, you can further refine the search based on intended use, new or used, price range, and more. It is always a good idea to take a look at eBay Search Tips for other suggestions.

Bundling eBay Purchases

One of the most attractive aspects of buying from eBay is the ability to bundle several items into one shipment. Buying multiple pieces of DJ equipment from the same seller can save a lot of time and money. Everything arrives at once, and the shipping costs are measurably reduced. This option also invites the opportunity to negotiate a better price, as sellers are always motivated with larger orders.


The world of DJ gear has undergone some amazing changes over the past 10 years. As tastes and technology have evolved, so too has the DJ equipment that many use to entertain with music. Like everything else digital, the ability to compress an LP vinyl recording into microscopic-sized spaces enables DJs to transport virtually every style of music to any venue on very short notice. While vinyl recordings still have their place, today’s DJ CD players offer customizable features previously reserved for full- scale recording studios only.

Anyone searching for DJ gear need not look beyond eBay. It makes little sense to spend countless hours hoping to find exactly the right equipment elsewhere when it is so easy to go online and take care of the entire buying process without leaving the house. With such a vast number of competitive sellers who have little in the way of overhead expenses, the prices are virtually always lower. All those looking for any DJ equipment are advised to learn as much as possible about the various options available and to head to eBay for the best in pricing and selection.

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