How to Buy DVD Remote Controls on eBay

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How to Buy DVD Remote Controls on eBay

Operating a home cinema system without a DVD remote control is likely to be frustrating, if not impossible. Viewers who lack one of these handy devices are forced to get up from their seat to adjust playback. To make matters worse, some DVD players only offer a small selection of frontal control buttons, which limits the capabilities of the player if the remote control is unavailable.

Luckily, when the remote for a DVD player is lost or broken, eBay offers a convenient way to find a replacement. This guide offers in-depth information for people who are interested in buying a DVD remote control on eBay. Selecting a DVD remote control is not difficult, but it does require attention to detail. Before beginning the search, buyers must determine which type of DVD remote control they are looking for. This makes it easier to narrow down the wide array of remote controls for sale on eBay. By researching item details and seller feedback, shoppers can feel confident about their online purchase.

How to Select DVD Remote Controls

When selecting a replacement remote control for a DVD player, compatibility and functionality are the two most important factors to consider. By paying attention to these characteristics, buyers can locate within the eBay listings numerous DVD remote controls that fully meet their specific requirements.


When browsing replacement remote controls on eBay, the main goal must be finding one that is compatible with the buyer's DVD player. Compatibility refers to the controller's ability to communicate with another device. While many DVD remote controls are device-specific, there are also universal remote controls available. It is up to shoppers to decide which type of remote controls best suits their situation.

Original Equipment Manufacturer DVD Remote Controls

Some buyers simply want to replace the remote control originally included with their DVD player. This type of DVD remote control is known as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) model. In some cases, the serial number for the original remote is listed in the DVD player instruction manual. This information may also be printed on the front, back, or within the battery compartment of the existing DVD remote control. Knowing the product number of the remote control, or at least the model number of the DVD player, makes it much easier to search for an OEM DVD remote control on eBay.

Universal Remote Controls

Universal remote controls are a worthwhile alternative to OEM device controllers. These remotes are programmable, allowing them to function with various entertainment equipment, including DVD players. In comparison, most OEM remotes control only the device for which they were designed. Universal remotes vary greatly in design, features, and price, giving buyers plenty of options to choose from. The key is finding a universal remote control compatible with the specific brand and model of DVD player.


After determining DVD remote control compatibility, the next step is evaluating available features. As long as compatibility is confirmed, buyers looking for OEM remote controls need not be too concerned about functionality. A manufacturer's replacement DVD remote is likely to offer the same controls as the original, whereas functionality often differs between various universal remote controls. Buyers are encouraged to look for a universal model with buttons for all the functions available on their DVD player. Some people prefer universal remotes with advanced features not found on some OEM models. These include touchscreen displays, computer-assisted programming, and rechargeable batteries.

How to Buy DVD Remote Controls on eBay

Shoppers can browse a wide variety of remote controls by searching the eBay shops and auction listings. There are several approaches to finding the perfect remote on eBay. Some buyers like to scan through a large selection of DVD remotes before narrowing down their options. Those who need to find a new remote quickly can opt for specific keywords or an advanced search.. Regardless of the chosen search method, sorting and refinements help buyers find the DVD remote control they are looking for.

Search the eBay Shops and Auction Listings

To browse an assortment of matching listings, input ‘DVD remote control&’ into the search box on any eBay page. The search results corresponding to these keywords are likely to be extensive. Often, a number of matching eBay Shops are listed alongside these results. When a search produces too many results to evaluate individually, it helps to choose keywords that are more specific. Including the brand and model number in the search enables eBay to pinpoint-match DVD remote control listings.

How to Sort eBay Search Results

By sorting their search results, shoppers control which type of items appear first in the search. Searches typically default to the ‘Best Match’ results order, which means items that most closely match the search terms are listed first. Choosing one of the options found in the drop-down box on the search results page allows the buyer to sort by alternative criteria, some of which include: newest listings; listings ending soonest; lowest total price (with or without shipping); distance from buyer; and condition

eBay Search Refinements

When searching for remote controls on eBay, refinements help buyers filter out unsuitable models. The following chart gives some examples of ways in which buyers can limit an eBay search for DVD remote controls.



Buying Format







Buy It Now

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Along with the above-mentioned refinements, buyers can also input a desired price range. Additionally, they can restrict their search to top-rated sellers, or to sellers offering free postage and packaging.

eBay Shopping Tips

Those who adopt sensible shopping tactics improve their chances of enjoying a satisfying eBay experience. Before completing a purchase, it is important to investigate both the item and the seller. This way, buyers can be sure the product fits their requirements, while feeling confident that the seller is trustworthy and reliable.

Understanding the Listing Page

Clicking on a title in the search results list brings buyers to the item listing page.. This is the place to find detailed information about the product and related purchase conditions. If a person has additional questions, they can contact the seller via the listing page.

Item Specifics and Description

On the listing page, buyers often start by looking at pictures, buying format, price, and condition. They then read the item specifics to determine if a particular DVD remote is compatible with their brand of DVD player. This is also where buyers can find an in-depth statement concerning item condition.. To learn even more about the product, one should refer to the seller's detailed description of the item.

Purchase Information

Sometimes purchase conditions dictate whether or not a buyer is interested in a particular eBay listing. After evaluating the item details, buyers should consider the terms and conditions listed by the seller. For example, some sellers offer free shipping, while others charge for packing and postage. It is also helpful to note a seller's accepted payment methods,, along with his or her returns policy.

Learn More About the Seller

One of the major benefits of shopping with eBay is the ability to screen sellers based on legitimate customer reviews. This feature allows people to get to know the seller before deciding to buy a DVD remote control. To find out more about an eBay seller, buyers can look at his or her feedback.. This information is accessible through the item listing page, or by searching the page that allows sellers to find feedback..

Evaluate Seller Feedback

Evaluating the feedback score,, which is located on a seller’s page, offers insight into the seller's reputation through reviews and detailed seller ratings.. Similar to word-of-mouth advertising, written opinions of the seller from past customers help build buyer confidence. eBay makes it easy to spot sellers with plenty of sales experience and positive feedback. To quickly locate top-rated sellers,, look for their badge displayed on the search results page.


Without a compatible remote control, a DVD player is bound to provide much less enjoyment, as the viewer must get up and use the controls on the player itself in order to pause or rewind a film. A DVD remote control is not only more convenient, but replacing a lost or broken model is fairly affordable. Buyers have the option of looking for an original factory model or a universal remote control. Either way, it is up to shoppers to find a model that meets their requirements for compatibility and functionality. Some people refer universal remotes for their flexible programmability and advanced design features.

eBay offers a wide variety of new and used DVD remote controls for sale as part of a unique online buying experience that is tailored to the needs of the individual. Depending on their preferred approach, shoppers can use broad or specific keywords to find the remote they are looking for. After learning how to sort and refine search results, it is easy to locate an appropriate DVD remote control on eBay. Those who carefully research potential purchases while getting to know the seller can feel confident about the purchases they make on eBay.

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