How to Buy Dance Video Games for Fun and Fitness on eBay

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How to Buy Dance Video Games for Fun and Fitness on eBay
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How to Buy Dance Video Games for Fun and Fitness on eBay

Dance video games are available for many different platforms, including personal computers and gaming consoles. The games for activities such as dance usually involve popular music to which players or their avatars must move themselves. Syncing movements with music is not always easy, but it can be challenging and fun, especially with a group of friends or family members. Some people play dance video games purely for fun, while others choose the physically interactive versions of the games and use them as a fitness tool. The activity and laughter burn calories, while the repetitive movements work muscles and tone the body.

If buyers are interested in dance video games for fun and fitness, eBay is the ideal place to shop. eBay is a buyer-friendly online marketplace that includes many options and features to make shopping easy. If buyers have not shopped on eBay before, they should become familiar with some of the key tools and resources available on the website.

How to Search for Dance Video Games on eBay

To look for dance video games on eBay, shoppers should start on the website's home page. The search bar provides quick access to products that shoppers are interested in, including dance video games. Once a buyer types in a search query, such as "dance video games," a long list of results should become available within just a few seconds. Each result includes an image of the product, a link, and some pricing information. When the user clicks on a link, a product page containing additional information about the game, such as its specifications and its condition, becomes available.

How to Apply eBay Search Filters for Dance Video Games

eBay's selection of video games is extensive. A search for "dance video games" is likely to yield thousands of results. Many eBay users shop during work breaks or during the evening, when they may not have the time to check every listing to find the games that are ideal for them. eBay has designed search filters that appear on each results page, allowing users to tailor results to fit their preferences.

Search filters for dance video games allow shoppers to narrow results by selecting a platform, rating, or publisher. Users can also choose the seller options, price range, shipping options, condition, and other features that they want. In some cases, additional filters may be available.

When a preference under one of the search filters is chosen, all the listings that do not match that selection disappear. If buyers change their minds and want to remove a selection, they can simply uncheck the box beside the choice. They can also click "Clear" under the search filter to return that setting to default.

Filter by Platform

First, shoppers need to apply the "Platform" filter. This filter limits the search results, depending on the types of gaming system buyers own. Dance video games are available for the Nintendo Wii, the Nintendo Wii U, the Sony PlayStation series, the Microsoft Xbox 360, and other gaming platforms. Buyers can check one or more options to see the games available for those systems.

Filter by Rating

Like movies and TV shows, video games are rated depending on their appropriateness for particular age groups. Shoppers on eBay who have children and need to consider ratings should think about applying this filter to a search. Typically, options include 3+, 7+, 12+, 15+, 18+, or "Not Specified."

Filter by Publisher

Some dance video game fans may have an affinity for games by certain publishers. These shoppers may want to check the box beside one or two of their favourite game publishers to see what options are available. Leading publishers of dance video games include Nintendo, Microsoft, Oxygen Interactive, and Sony, in addition to Take Two, Disney, Acclaim, and Activision.

Filter by Seller

The "Seller" filter is one of the more complex search filters available, but it can be very useful to shoppers. Shoppers who have particular eBay sellers from whom they like to purchase can enter a seller's eBay user ID to view available listings. If frequent shoppers have a "My Saved Sellers" list of their favourite eBay merchants, they can check the box beside that option in order to see listings from only those sellers.

Another option under the "Seller" filter is sellers with eBay Shops. This is an area of the main website where sellers with a lot of merchandise can set up an online space. Sellers post a variety of products in that space, and buyers can enter the online shops and browse at their leisure.

Buyers can choose to see listings from none but eBay's Top-rated sellers. These top sellers have strong feedback and ratings from their previous customers. Some of them supply bundles, package deals, or return policies. Others are known for shipping items within a day or two at no extra charge. All are known to offer professional, courteous service and great products.

Filter by Price

Games can be expensive, and since they fall into the entertainment category of a budget, funds for their purchase may be limited. eBay shoppers can use the price range filter to select the minimum and maximum number of pounds they are able to spend on dance video games for fun and fitness. All games with prices above or below those limits are eliminated from search results.

Filter by Condition

Games are usually divided into two categories, new or used. However, there may be a couple of other options available under the "Condition" filter on eBay. The chart below shows the choices that buyers may have.




Brand-new, not previously opened or played


Previously played by the seller or another owner

Not Specified

Condition not indicated by the seller

When items are marked "not specified," it does not necessarily mean that buyers should eliminate them as possibilities. Usually, the product details on the listing page offer additional information about the designation. In some cases, the game case has been opened, but the game itself is new.

Filter by Location

The "Item Location" filter includes several options as well. Users can choose to see results from sellers in the United Kingdom, the European Union, or worldwide. If they prefer to support local eBay sellers, they can enter a postcode and specify a search radius. Only listings from sellers within that distance radius appear in the search results.

Filter by Shipping Options

Some buyers may need their dance games quickly, in time for a party or the start of a new fitness initiative. In such cases, buyers should check the box beside the "Express delivery" option to see listings from sellers who are offering that service. Other buyers may not care about the timing of the item's arrival, or they may be reluctant to pay shipping fees. For these shoppers, choosing the "Free P&P" (free postage and packing) option allows them to view products that ship at no charge.

Other Filter Options

Shoppers searching for dance video games can also filter their choices by release year if they are looking for a specific game. A "Features" filter is also available, allowing buyers to search for games that are compatible with Kinect, Wii MotionPlus, or PlayStation Move. Shoppers can also choose "Manual Included" if they prefer games that come with the original manual. Online playability and multiplayer options are also choices included under the "Features" filter.

How to Contact eBay Sellers about Dance Video Games

If shoppers have questions about the dance video games they are considering, they should get in touch with the eBay seller of the game. Each product page has an "Ask a Question" link, allowing users to message the seller directly while maintaining anonymity. Another link located on each seller's profile page is the "Contact Member" link. This uses the same private message system, allowing clear communication without compromising the privacy of the buyer or the seller.

How to Save a Search for Dance Video Games on eBay

A buyer may want to wait to make a purchase until he or she feels good about the pricing. Others may come back multiple times to buy dance video games for a collection. In either case, buyers may be interested in the "save a search" feature, which allows eBay to send email notifications whenever sellers post new dance video games for sale. For instance, if a seller creates a listing for "Just Dance 4" for the Nintendo Wii, buyers who saved a search for "dance video games" get an email about the new listing. They can then go online to the listing and check the price and other details about the game. This feature makes it easy for buyers to stay up to date with the products in a genre that they enjoy.


Whether shoppers own a Nintendo Wii, a PlayStation 3, or some other gaming device, they can find dance video games to get their toes tapping and their bodies moving. Users can enjoy these games at a home dance party with friends or use them in a private setting as a fitness tool. They can even use them in educating children about popular music and encouraging physical activity rather than sedentary gaming. No matter how buyers choose to use their dance video games, they should find a broad selection of options on eBay.

With eBay's convenient search filters, finding the right price point and free shipping should be simple for prospective buyers. eBay strives to make each shopping session successful and enjoyable for customers. If buyers understand the eBay process and use it to their full advantage, they should be able to enjoy classic and modern dance video games at prices well below the retail value.

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