How to Buy Dog Leads On eBay

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How to Buy Dog Leads On eBay

Dogs are a much-loved addition to many families. To ensure they are well looked after it is important to have the correct accessories to help care for them. It is the responsibility of the dog’s owner to ensure that the dog is safe when on excursions.

A Dog Lead is one of the most important pieces of required equipment as it offers this protection. It also enables the owner to maintain control over the animal. Essentially, the lead is what keeps the dog safe when in the outside world. As a result, it is vital that the correct lead for the dog is purchased.

There are many types of dog lead on offer and this guide aims to offer advice on how to purchase the right lead for your dog and you on eBay.

Functionality of a Dog Lead

Although all leads essentially have the same functionality, it is important to know the different types of leads and their purpose.



Training leads

Training Leads are often short for easy control of the dog. This is traditionally used for puppies at during their training.

Retractable leads

Retractable Leads are used for walking in areas that require dogs on leads. This lead allows the dog more freedom but owner can still maintain control.

Standard leads

Standard Leads are used for everyday use and walking.

Important Considerations to Consider When Purchasing a Dog Lead

There are a number of points to consider when purchasing a dog lead.

Length of the Lead

The length of the lead is determined by two main factors: the size of the dog and the purpose of the lead. The personality of the dog will also come into consideration. It is common for leads to be approximately between 10–15cm in length. This length allows for the dog to roam freely during exercise or obedience class, but also allows the owner to maintain control if required. Shorter leads are used for training purposes.

Width of the Lead

For a standard lead, the general rule to follow for width is based off the weight of the dog. A dog under 7 kilos can have a lead width of approximately 0.5cm, dogs up to 20 kilos in weight 1.2cm and dogs over 20 kilos in weight 2cm and over 45 kilos 3cm wide.

The Snap Hook

The snap is the bolt that holds the leather and the clasp together. This can be made out of a variety of different materials. To offer the strongest lead for your dog, look at the material the snap is made out of. Brass, stainless steal or nickel-plated snaps (please note some humans and/or dogs are allergic to nickel) are made from the strongest materials available. Also, it is best to review how the snap is held in place. The stronger leads will either braid, stich or pop rivet the snap into place.

Quality of Craftsmanship

It is vital to look at the craftsmanship of the lead itself. If the lead were to snap when in use, it could be dangerous for you, the dog and other third parties.


It is nice to find a lead that reflects the dog’s personality. It is worth considering colour, pattern and also additional accessories that may be available. 

Type of Lead

The type of lead will be determined by the personality and temperament of the dog, as well as the purpose. Types of leads include standard leads (made out of different materials like leather, chain and nylon) and retractable leads.

Size of Dog

Many of the questions outlined above will be determined by the size of the dog. When researching always start with the size and weight of the dog.

If the dog is a puppy, it is advisable to take into consideration how big the dog is likely to grow before making the purchase.

Different Types of Dog Leads

The Standard Lead comes in a variety of different sizes. The shorter the lead the easier it is to control the dog. As a result, larger dog owners will often pick a shorter lead. The standard lead comes in a number of different materials including:


  • Washable material, great for a dog that likes to get dirty.
  • Won’t stretch at all.
  • It is a strong and durable material.
  • It is durable material in any weather.
  • Affordable.


  • It is advisable to look for high quality top grain leather. Top grain leather is more durable, supple and stronger than the alternative of spilt grain leather.
  • Where possible, choose a lead made out of the leather that is from the back of the animal, as this is the strongest leather available. Leather from any other part is likely to break or stretch over time.
  • Where possible, go for the oil-tanned leather. This type of lead will have a glossy finish.
  • Leather softens over time making it a comfortable material for owners to hold.
  • Tends to stretch over time.


  • Made for dogs that like to chew their lead.

Other types of dog leads can be divided into two variations:

  • Retractable Leads offer the owner a button that dictates the length of lead given to the dog. This is often used for smaller, friendly dogs that enjoy exploring ahead of the owner on walks where the area does not allow dogs off leads. Generally the lead itself will be contained in a plastic box and will be made out of nylon.
  • Slip Leads are placed around the dog’s neck. They are designed to stop the dog from pulling the owner when walking. The slip lead is used primarily as a training lead for correctional purposes. It is vital that if this type of lead is purchased, it is known how to use it correctly, so to avoid physically harming to the dog. It is advised never to leave a dog alone with a slip lead on.

How to Buy A Dog Lead On eBay

A professional website, eBay is extremely user friendly. Searching, browsing and purchasing a lead on eBay is easy. The site offers a number of different search options, including search function (available at the top of every page), advance search choices, category portals and tick box advance searches in the left hand column. These options mean even if the shopper is unsure of the exact product wanted, they can browse and research listed items until such a time as they find the desired product, or are equipped with the information required to advance the search further.

It is also possible to search using the categories portals. The Pet Supplies portal offers a range of different sub-portals to refine the search further. From here, it is possible to click on the ‘Dogs’ tab, which will offer all products related to this category. To refine the search even further, use the specific portal for Leads that can be found in the ‘Shop By Category’ section of the site.

To ensure that the product is exactly what is being looked for, it is important to review the description and photo (if available). Use these tools to scrutinize and cross reference the product to make sure it is what is being looked for. If in doubt always ask the seller for further information. By clicking on the link available, eBay offers an easy to follow process to send an email to the seller. eBay also offers excellent customer service. The Buyers Protection Programme ensures anyone, who buys an item from a seller on the site, can buy with assurance should any problems arise. An example is if you receive a product that is different to the one advertised on a listing eBay looks to protect your purchase.

Once the product is chosen and examined scrupulously, it is time to purchase. eBay’s main method of payment is via PayPal. This is a third party company that transfers the money from buyer to seller safely and securely. PayPal is easy to use and also offer additional support in the unlikely event of a discrepancy. The seller will dictate how the goods are being sold – it will be one of the following: Buy It Now, Bid or Best Offer.

Also, make sure to utilize the Buying Tips page to ensure the best possible usage out of eBay is possible.


A dog is a friend for life as well as man’s best friend. Picking the correct Dog Lead for your dog is an important exercise. Not only does eBay offer an easy way to browse and purchase pet accessories, such as a lead for a dog, but it allows you to do so from the comfort of your own home.

With the great choice of products available on the market today, it is a relatively easy exercise to search for, and acquire, the right lead for your dog. Remember to start by keeping in mind the size, and also the needs of the dog, which will ultimately allow you to find the most suitable lead. The rest is up to what the owner thinks will fit the dog’s personality, in terms of style, colour and design.

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