How to Buy Durable Wheels with Tyres

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How to Buy Durable Wheels with Tyres

Purchasing wheels with tyres involves purchasing both the rim and the rubber tyre that goes on the wheel stud under the car. Wheels with tyres come in many shapes, sizes, qualities, and materials. These many options usually make the buying process complicated, meaning that purchasing durable wheels and tyres requires research, planning, and setting a budget. Most buyers can search for wheels and tyres intended for their specific car make and model, but some buyers can choose to upgrade size or style to modify the car.

To purchase durable wheels with tyres, buyers need to know how to choose the right type of tyre and wheel rims for their vehicle. Because wheels and tyres are sized differently, it is important to measure the rims, check the size of the wheel stud, and of course, choose durable tyres for the vehicle. Most buyers can look in auto parts stores and online stores to find the parts they are looking for.

Basic Guide to Buying a Tyre

The first step to purchasing any tyre is learning a little bit about how to purchase that tyre. The most common mistake is to purchase the wrong size because for many people, the sizing and options listed on tyres can be confusing. Most tyres feature a small panel on one side with an alphanumeric code listing the size, dimensions, tread, and other data. Because the average tyre has 15 to 25 parts inside that can each affect the tyre's performance and durability, buyers should pay attention to these ratings.

Tyre Rating Term



Type of tyre 'Passenger Tyre'


Type of tyre 'Light Truck'

First three digits after letter

Tyre tread thickness in millimetres

Two digits after tread thickness

The height compared to the width 75 means 75 per cent of the height of the tyre




Bias tyre


Tubeless tyre

Last two digits

Size in inches or centimetres

There are many different types of tyres but the information provided on the side of the tyre usually tells everything about the tyre and its durability. Tyres with thicker tread are usually more durable than tyres with thin tread, and different types of tyres each have their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to durability. Common types of tyres include radial tyres, bias tyres, band bias tyres, tubeless tyres, and more. Many of these tyres are divided into seasons, such as summer and winter, but for true durable tyres, most buyers might want all-season tyres or standard tyres, which are designed for optimal performance in both summer and winter conditions. Summer tyres or performance tyres perform better in warm temperatures but wear down quickly while winter tyres are designed to provide extra traction in cold temperatures.

Choosing the Metal for Car Wheels

Car wheels can be made of alloys including aluminium and titanium, or made of old fashioned chrome. Many buyers can initially see that chrome wheels are a great deal more expensive than those made of alloy and automatically assume that they are more durable. However, this is not true. Chrome is a very heavy metal that usually has an overlay, which can chip away over time. Anyone who does not want to eventually pay for new wheels or to have the wheels re-chromed should stay away from these wheels. Alloys are much lighter, often very durable, and a great deal more inexpensive as well.

For most buyers, alloy wheels are the better budget purchase. Not only are they more durable than chrome wheels, but when polished effectively, they can add a similar look to the car. However, anyone who is restoring an old car for show might need genuine chrome wheels for authenticity. Normally, durable wheels with tyres can be purchased in aluminium or titanium alloy.

Choosing the Tyre Grade

Tyres are graded according to tread, traction, and temperature resistance. In most cases, the higher the tyre grade the more durable the tyre during performance. Each of these grades is usually intended to allow buyers to quickly see the maximum resistance of the tyre to wear and tear as well as to heat and cold, and how well they grip on different surfaces. For most buyers, a very high treadwear rating combined with a good temperature resistance and good traction equates a good quality and durable tyre.

Considering the Treadwear of the Tyre

Treadwear is the actual rate of wear on the tread of the tyre. The faster the tread wears away, the sooner the tyre must be replaced. Tyre tread covers the belt and works to directly absorb impact from the road. A 100 tyre treadwear rating is used as a control tyre and then the tyre is driven on a prescribed circuit. Tyre wear and tear is compared to the control tyre and the tested tyre is given a rating. Tyres range from 100 to 600, and the higher the treadwear rating, the more durable the tyre. Most buyers should select 400 or higher in order to get a good quality durable tyre when buying new wheels.

Considering the Temperature Resistance of the Tyre

The temperature resistance of the tyre can affect its durability as well. A good tyre is durable under high temperatures, especially if it is used for racing, fast driving, or frequent long trips. Most tyres must reach a minimum C grade in order to be sold but better grades include A and B. Buyers can check their vehicle's heat and performance needs against those of the tyre. The lower the heat resistance of the tyre, the more likely it is to suffer a blowout or separation while driving for long periods of time, or at fast speeds.

Tyre Grade

Optimal Average Speed (km per hour)







Importantly, it is not necessary to drive at a higher speed in order to require better grade tyres for the vehicle. Other factors that affect heat resistance include distance of travel, heat of the day, and the type of road being driven on, although most people are likely to require tyres for use on asphalt. Usually A or B grade tyres are excellent and very durable for standard cars while grade C might not be suitable for long use. Checking these ratings is an easy way to see how durable a car tyre is, so it is almost mandatory to look into the ratings before making a purchase.

Budget vs. Value when Buying Wheels with Tyres

While it is sometimes possible to purchase durable and cheap tyres, most really good tyres cost a little more money. Buyers can sometimes alleviate costs by purchasing gently used quality tyres, or going to an online store where reduced need for upfront costs allow sellers to sell more cheaply. Most buyers should decide on a maximum budget for their new tyres with wheels and then choose a good compromise between budget and durability.

It is usually possible to find high quality tyres at a medium price, especially in online stores. Options to look for include a high treadwear rating, class A or B rating, and of course, the right size for the vehicle the tyres are intended for. In most cases, the size of the tyres should be matched exactly. Most tyres with wheels are sold for a specific car because, in many cases, the wheels are designed to specifically fit on a single car. In other cases, it is possible to choose a plus size to add a dramatic look to the vehicle, or to change up the tyres. In either case, it is important to check the measurements and durability rating to ensure that both are good quality and up to the durability standards required.

Buying Durable Wheels with Tyres on eBay

eBay is a great place to purchase wheels with tyres for several reasons. The first is that the price is usually good due to the fact that the wheels do not have to be displayed before sale. The second is that the eBay listing includes all of the information you need to find a tyre that suits your needs. You can simply read the description rather than checking the tyre from all angles for specifications.

To find wheels with tyres on eBay, search for the make and model of the vehicle you own plus 'wheels with tyres' by typing the keywords in the search bar on the home page. Next, search for specifications from there. You can choose between different types of tyres, different sizes of frames, and of course, different grade and resistance ratings. Importantly, you should pay attention to the cost and delivery time because wheels with tyres can be quite heavy, hence expensive to ship. Purchasing locally can cut down on delivery cost as well, especially if the seller allows you to pick-up the wheels.


Purchasing durable wheels with tyres involves considering the metal of the wheel rims and the features of the tyres, including the rubber, tread, heat resistance, and type of tyre. Most people should purchase standard tyres for year round use but some may prefer to purchase winter or summer tyres for more durability and performance during a specific season. No matter what the season, the tread rating is the most indicative of tyre durability during travel because it actually specifies how well the tyre holds up while being used.

Paying attention to the tyre specifics can help buyers to choose wheels with tyres that last for longer, and offer what they need for their vehicle. The size is also important as many people unfortunately purchase the wrong size the first time. Finally, it is possible to purchase durable car tyres and wheels in auto parts stores, tyre stores, and online websites like eBay, which might be cheaper and have a wider range of tyres in stock.

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