How to Buy Electric Scooter Tyres on eBay

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How to Buy Electric Scooter Tyres on eBay

Electric scooters are being driven all around the globe and have become increasingly popular in recent years. Throughout the UK, they are quickly becoming a primary form of transportation that provides people of all ages with a cost-effective and overall efficient tool to use to get around town. However, one of the most important parts of any electric scooters are the tyres that are used for the ride. It is very important to have top- quality tyres in order to enjoy long-lasting use over the years.

Shopping for quality tyres, though, is much easier said than done. A wide variety of electric scooter tyres and other scooter accessories are currently available on eBay. eBay has developed this guide to make tyre shopping much easier than it seems.

Examine Original Specifications

One of the first steps that needs to be taken by anyone that is interested in buying replacement tyres for their electric scooter would be to examine the specifications of the tyres that they already have. This is really a two-step process that requires all interested shoppers to examine the recommended specifications from both the:

  • Manufacturer of the electric scooter, and
  • Manufacturer of the original tyres

Use these specifications as a guideline to follow and try your best not to stray away from those guidelines. Many customers make the major mistake of placing their own personal preferences as a priority over the recommendations that have already been made by these two different manufacturers. Doing so can have very fatal consequences that can result in safety hazards on the road as well as unexpected damage done to the tyres and the scooter overall.

There are several different places that you can check to find these specifications, including:

  • any instruction manuals that came with the electric scooter
  • any instruction manuals that came with the original tyres
  • the official company website of the tyre manufacturer
  • the official company website of the electric scooter

Only trust in the specifications that came from either manufacturer, especially the manufacturer of the electric scooter. The overall design and style of your electric scooter was created and developed with a specific type of tyre in mind. There is a wide variety of online websites, articles and blog postings that claim to provide reliable information for interested buyers. However, in most cases, these websites are not created by credible sources – just by other drivers and scooter owners. Therefore, the best place to look when it comes to purchasing replacement tyres or even upgrading the tyres that are already mounted onto the scooter would be the original manufacturer of the actual scooter. Doing so can save interested shoppers a lot of time and money in the long run and also preserve the quality condition of their vehicle.

Learn to Read the Tyre Measurements

While examining the specifications of the electric scooter tyres that are provided by the manufacturer, there are certain factors that you want to play close attention to which can help you to make wise purchasing decisions during your shopping experience. These factors include such things as:

  • speed rating
  • load rating
  • diameter of the rim
  • aspect ratio
  • section width

Regardless of the type of tyres that you currently have on any electric scooter, these factors are measured and printed on the sidewall of each tyre. When it comes to finding the particular size, which is one of the most important factors that should be considered, all that you need to do is look at the diameter of the rim as well as the section width. However, all of these factors each play a significant role in the overall function and efficiency of the tyres on the scooter. Therefore, in order to effectively shop for new tyres, it is imperative that buyers pay close attention to each of these different factors provided.

The vast majority of tyre manufacturers will print all of these factors on the sidewall of the tyres in any of the three different formats. Review the format that is provided below, because this is the basic format that is used as an industry standard by the vast majority of electric scooter tyre manufacturers around the world.

Most Common Type

Type: 130/90 – 15 67 H

Explanations of the Terms:

o   130 = section width (mm)

o   90 = aspect ratio (percentage)

o   15 = rim diameter

o   67 = load rating

o   H = speed rating

Even though the above example reflects the most popular type that is commonly used on most tyres, there are two other formats that are also used. The very best thing that shoppers can do would be to examine the contents of the instruction manual that came from the manufacturer of the electric scooter. That booklet should explain these specifications and will teach owners how to properly read the sidewall measurements to identify each of these important factors. These booklets are also extremely helpful when it comes to other aspects of owning an electric scooter, including battery charging, starting the scooters properly and efficient driving methods.

When shopping for either replacement or upgraded tyres, make sure that you pay close attention to each of these factors to make sure that everything lines up the way that it should. Do not hesitate to ask a professional expert (such as a professional mechanic) for suggestions and recommendations if interested in upgrading for performance, quality and additional efficiency.


Millions of people enjoy buying and driving electric scooters.. These vehicles have revolutionised the global industry of personal transportation, especially throughout the UK. In order to get the most use out of these vehicles, however, taking care of them is essential. The best way to take care of these scooters would be to focus on maintaining them and keeping them in top-notch shape.

The tyres on the electric scooter should be a top priority. Before shopping for them, check to make sure that all options being considered match the specifications and requirements of the manufacturer. eBay is a great place to look for great deals, but regardless of which business you decide to use to purchase those tyres, follow the steps of this guide closely in order to choose wisely.

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