How to Buy Face Moisturiser on eBay

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How to Buy Face Moisturiser on eBay

Dry skin is one of those issues most people are plagued with, either occasionally or most of the time. It is also an issue nobody likes. Dry skin feels rough and adds to the appearance of age, and in a youth-conscious society this is the last thing any person wants. This is where facial moisturisers come in. Keeping the right moisture balance is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance for anyone's skin. Not everyone needs to use face moisturiser, but many people do need to use it on a regular basis. For those who do, one of the best places to buy it is on eBay. Buying online from eBay is a great option because the site has such a wide variety of available products, making it easy for a person to find just the face moisturiser they need. All any buyer needs to do is pay attention to their skin care requirements and finding the right product on eBay becomes a matter of a few mouse clicks.

History of Face Moisturisers

People have been using face moisturisers for thousands of years, going back at least as far as the ancient Egyptians, if not further. They were not the only people in antiquity to use facial moisturisers. Both the Greeks and Romans paid attention to skin care, as did the Chinese. In fact the majority of cultures in recorded history have used face moisturisers and other skin care products as part of their regular routine. While the practice may have fallen off to a degree in the medieval period, the upper classes never stopped using some form of moisturising products due to the inextricable association between skin condition and the appearance of youth. As society became wealthier, more and more people were able to take advantage of the benefits brought by the regular use of moisturisers.

Understanding Skin Types

The first step towards buying face moisturiser is determining what kind of face moisturiser the user needs, which is dependent on their skin type. Different skin types require different skin care products, and the product that may be perfect for one person could actually damage another person's skin. People with dry skin are likely to need a heavier product that can put more moisture into the skin, while those with oily complexions are more likely to focus on products that do not clog their pores. By understanding the user's skin type, an informed purchaser can quickly eliminate the products that do not benefit a given user and focus their attention on products that do.

Things to Consider When Buying Face Moisturiser

Once the user understands their own skin, they can more accurately determine which kinds of face moisturiser works for them. Knowing what they are dealing with as far as skin type gives a person the ability to make informed decisions based on the formulations of the face moisturiser as they are then able to predict how the product functions. Still, there are several factors that every prospective purchaser should pay attention to before making a purchase, and one that is surprisingly unimportant.

Pay Little Attention to Price

In many fields there is a direct correlation between price and quality; not so much with facial moisturisers. This is not to say that higher-priced products are not high-quality, but rather that other factors are often more important when choosing the right face moisturiser. In many cases, people buying higher-priced product are paying for either the name or the packaging; neither of which is applied directly to the user's face. Instead of price, buyers should focus on the formulation, the active ingredients and their strength. These factors are far more important than the price, as they have a direct effect on the efficacy of the product.

Pay Attention to the Season

Just because a person has the same skin all year round, it does not follow that they should wear the same face moisturiser at all times of the year. Just as the weather changes, so should a person's face moisturiser. A product that works well in a dry winter may not be appropriate for a wet and rainy autumn. Changes in the weather can have a significant effect on how effectively a moisturiser works, and so it is a good idea for buyers to pay attention to when they intend to use a product before buying it.

Sunscreen is Vital

One of the most important ingredients, if not the most important ingredient, for any face moisturiser is sunscreen. It not only helps protect the skin from harmful ultra-violet radiation but also helps maintain skin hydration by providing a moisture barrier to prevent evaporation. Without sunscreen a face moisturiser is largely ineffective for anyone spending time outdoors, and almost everyone spends at least some time outdoors. There is simply no point to buying a daily face moisturiser that does not include a sunscreen.

Enrichment Matters

It is actually relatively easy to produce a product that can do at least a basic job of face moisturising. What can often make the difference is the list of additional active ingredients that can be found in a given face moisturiser. These products can include everything from ingredients to stimulate elasticity to those which exfoliate dead skin cells and promote a more rapid pace of skin renewal. In many cases these additional enriching ingredients are the ones that make the real difference between one product and another.

Keys to Buying Online

One of the keys to buying online is paying close attention to the information the seller provides. It is not enough to simply look at the list of available products and pick one almost at random. Instead, the buyer needs to take the time to do the research so that they know what they are buying before they buy it. This starts with paying close attention to all the information the seller has in their listing. This information, along with outside research, can help any buyer make an informed decision and find a product that exactly meets their needs.

Doing the research can help the buyer find out exactly what active ingredients are present in a particular formulation, and what skin types it is most suited for. Looking at listings can also help the buyer see the amounts that are being offered, as sometimes what may appear to be a poor deal may actually be a very good investment due to the larger size of the container. It really is like any other purchase; knowledge is the most powerful tool in any buyer's arsenal.

The Process of Buying Face Moisturiser on eBay

Buying face moisturiser on eBay is a quick and easy proposition. All you need to do to start is enter the terms in the search box that appears on every page and watch the results fill your screen. You can be as specific or as general as you like with your search terms, as even if you get a number of results that might not meet your requirements there are plenty of ways you can take control of your search results. If you do get a number of results that don't quite fit your needs, you can use the filters in the sidebar to narrow them down to just the ones you want. You can filter by everything from brand, to price range, and even seller location. You can also narrow the results to just the category you want. With all these tools, finding the right product is a snap. Once you have a list of results that meet all your requirements you can also sort them to put the ones you like best at the top of the list.

After you have your results arranged the way you want them, the next step is to find your best fit from amongst eBay's many reputable sellers. One of the best ways to do that is to start at their profile page, where you can get a feel for the seller. This is where you can see everything from their feedback to their location, and any special policies they may have. You can also see whether they offer bundles, such as other skin care products along with the face moisturiser, or even if they allow local purchasers to pick things up in person.


Almost everyone who goes outdoors needs face moisturiser. People have been using moisturisers for thousands of years because they are one of the best ways to counteract visible signs of ageing. The first step to choosing the right face moisturiser is to understand the intended user's skin type as this is often the determining factor in which product works for a person. Once that is known, prospective buyers should pay more attention to the list of active ingredients on the container than either the name or the price tag. Excellent products can be found at a wide variety of price points from brands such as Estee Lauder. One thing buyers should look for is an enriched face moisturiser as this can do more to promote healthy and youthful appearing skin than moisturisers alone. These products can also include sunscreen, which is vital for anyone who spends any time outdoors. One thing to remember is this: The key to purchasing face moisturiser on eBay is knowledge; knowledge of one’s face or skin type and knowledge of the product itself.

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