How to Buy Face Moisturiser with SPF

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How to Buy Face Moisturiser with SPF

While wisdom often comes with age, so do wrinkles. Many people prefer to be wise than wizened, but often end up as both. What they may not realise is that face moisturisers can help stave off the wrinkles that come with age and keep facial skin looking supple and soft. They are also beneficial for many other people in addition to those seeking to maintain a youthful appearance. Consumers with dry or blotchy skin can treat it with specific types of face moisturiser. Many face moisturisers also include sunscreen with sun protection factor (SPF) to help protect users from the sun's harmful effects.

While face moisturisers with SPF have numerous benefits, choosing the right one can be challenging. Consumers must understand how face moisturiser works and what to look for in a face moisturiser with SPF in order to reap the rewards it offers. Not all face moisturisers with SPF work for all skin types, so buyers should know what suits them before making a purchase. Face moisturisers are available at department stores and specialty retailers. However, the online source eBay makes the process of buying this product easy for a person who already knows what he or she wants.

Understanding How Face Moisturiser Works

Before shopping for face moisturiser with SPF, it is important for consumers to understand how a face moisturiser works. Consumers can accurately evaluate the quality of products that they come across by being familiar with how a moisturiser acts on the face, the process of using face moisturiser, and how to minimise the risks associated with using face moisturiser. Furthermore, understanding how a face moisturiser works helps them know what kind of benefits to expect from the product.

How Moisturiser Acts on the Face

Contrary to popular belief, face moisturisers themselves do not add moisture to the skin. Instead, they work to help the skin retain more of its natural moisture and absorb moisture from other sources. Face moisturisers contain occlusives, which form a thin layer on the skin to help trap moisture that is already present. By inhibiting the evaporation of moisture that is already there, this helps the skin remain moist. Face moisturisers also have humectants, which help the skin absorb more water from the air. Some products may also add natural moisturising agents, such as lipids and sterols, to the skin. The overall result is softer, more pliable skin.

Using Moisturiser

In order to achieve maximum benefit from face moisturiser, users must follow a few important steps. First, it is ideal to apply moisturiser when the skin is still holding a great deal of water. Immediately after showering or washing the face is the right time to apply. Second, before applying face moisturiser, the user should gently pat the face dry with a towel to make sure that only the surface of the skin is dry. Third, one should apply the moisturiser gently, making sure not to pull and stretch the skin. Lastly, it is ideal to apply face moisturiser twice per day, with the second application occurring at least half an hour before going to bed. When using face moisturiser with SPF, one application should come just before going outside for an extended period. By following these steps, users should be able to maximise the effectiveness of their face moisturisers.

Minimising Risks

As with any skincare product, consumers should be aware of the risks associated with using face moisturisers. One should make sure that the ingredients are safe and that the product is free of bacteria. One good strategy for buying a safe face moisturiser with SPF is to purchase a reputable brand, such as Clinique or L'Oreal. Some consumers may also not be aware of the allergies that they have to ingredients in face moisturisers. It is therefore important to test a product in a small, inconspicuous area before application on the face.

What to Look for in a Face Moisturiser with SPF

Once consumers have good background knowledge of face moisturisers, they can begin to look for products that suit their needs. In order to get a sense of what to look for, consumers should know what the key ingredients in face moisturisers are, how face moisturisers with SPF protect them from the sun, and how to shop by skin type. By developing a good idea of what to look for, consumers can greatly increase their chances of purchasing products that are right for the different skin types.

Key Ingredients

There are numerous ingredients that can act as occlusives and humectants and add moisturising compounds to skin. Plant oils, animal oils, mineral oils, shea butter, cocoa butter, and silicones are ingredients that effectively add naturally occurring moisturisers to skin. Ceramides, petrolatum, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and amino acids are common examples of occlusives. Humectant ingredients include sorbitol, glycols, and glycerine. Sunscreen helps protect against harmful sun rays. Consumers can expect to see variations of these ingredients in the different face moisturisers with SPF that they encounter.

Protection from the Sun

Face moisturiser with SPF has the added benefit of protecting users from skin damage that sun can cause. The sun has three types of ultraviolet radiation: UVA, UVB, and UVC. The atmosphere blocks UVC rays, so only UVA and UVB reach people. UVB radiation causes sunburn, which is largely responsible for a few types of skin cancer. The sunscreen in a face moisturiser mostly protects against UVB rays. UVA rays penetrate the skin more deeply than UVB rays do, and they can cause wrinkles and some types of skin cancer. It is therefore beneficial to look for face moisturisers that explicitly state that they protect against UVA rays.

The sunscreen in face moisturisers works by filtering sun's rays. Organic filters absorb radiation and turn it into infrared energy before reflecting it. Inorganic filters are comprised of either titanium oxide or zinc oxide, and they simply reflect radiation to prevent the skin from absorbing it. The level of protection that a face moisturiser with SPF offers is rated with a number. The higher the number, the more protection a face moisturiser provides.

Finding a Face Moisturiser by Skin Type

The table below lists the different types of skin for which face moisturisers with SPF are designed. It is important that a consumer match a moisturiser with his or her type of skin in order to achieve ideal results.

Skin Type


Dry Skin

Moisturisers containing oils, such as grape seed oil, are ideal for treating dry skin. Petrolatum is an effective occlusive ingredient since it lasts a long time.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is relatively moist, but it may become dry at times. Associated moisturisers are non-comedogenic, meaning that they do not clog pores.

Aging Skin

Moisturisers for aging skin also contain petrolatum. In addition to this ingredient, many contain antioxidants or alpha-hydroxy acids to prevent wrinkles.

Blotchy Skin

Lightening moisturisers penetrate into the skin to treat pigments caused by overproduction of melanin. This helps clear blotches on the skin.

Men's Skin

Men's skin is more susceptible to skin cancer than that of women's, and it is also oilier. Face moisturisers may therefore be non-comedogenic and have stronger SPF.

Consumers with acne have oily skin and should therefore look for non-comedogenic face moisturisers. Individuals who want face moisturisers for firming their skin should purchase moisturisers designed for aging skin.

Additional Buying Tips

In addition to developing good knowledge of face moisturisers with SPF, consumers should also observe the weather in their locales and consider moisturisers with enhancing ingredients. By following these tips, buyers can be sure that they are using the right products at the right time of year and get extra benefits that some face moisturisers may not provide.

Observe the Weather

The weather has a big influence on the type of face moisturiser with SPF that a consumer should use. Hot, humid summers call for non-comedogenic moisturisers, since consumers tend to perspire more and produce more oil naturally. Face moisturisers with oils among their ingredients can cause skin to have acne breakouts. Conversely, consumers may want to switch to moisturisers designed for dry skin during winter. Cold, dry weather can damage the skin, calling for greater protection and greater conservation of skin moisture. Consumers may also be able to use moisturisers with lower SPF if they do not plan to be outside a great deal during winter.

Consider Enhancing Ingredients

While occlusive and humectant ingredients are important in skin moisturisers with SPF, there are a number of other skin enhancing ingredients that consumers may wish to consider. Synthetic hydroxy acids help shed dead skin cells and promote the growth of new ones. Soy may increase the amount of collagen in facial skin, making it look and feel smooth. Vitamin C may also help the skin produce more collagen, though it does not react well with the Vitamin A found in wrinkle-reducing retinol.

Buying Face Moisturiser with SPF on eBay

The website eBay offers a large selection of face moisturisers with SPF, and it is easy to find ones that suit your skin type and protect you from the sun. You can perform a search from any page on the site by entering a term, such as "face moisturiser SPF", into the search bar. The results are likely to be extensive, so you may narrow them by selecting a category such as your skin type, a brand, or appliance, among others.

Sellers may be located anywhere in the UK and possibly abroad. One way to save money on a face moisturiser with SPF is by purchasing it from a local seller. By using the website’s advanced search tool, you can specify the distance from your postcode within which sellers should be located. The closer the seller is to you, the less shipping is likely to cost.

When you find items that you would like to purchase on eBay, it is good idea to ensure that you are dealing with a seller with consistent track record. Be sure to review feedback the seller has received from other customers so that you can be confident as you place a purchase order.


Face moisturisers with SPF help keep skin soft and supple by retaining more of its moisture, attracting additional moisture from the air, and adding naturally occurring moisturisers to the skin. These moisturisers also contain sunscreen, which protects users from the damaging effects that sun's rays can have on skin. Although many consumers may view the face moisturiser solely as a cosmetic product, adding sunscreen to it offers numerous health benefits for users, including protecting them from skin cancer.

There are many options available for purchasing a face moisturiser with SPF. Not all moisturisers are appropriate for all skin types, so it is important for consumers to be aware of their skin types before making a purchase. Ingredients also vary from product to product, so consumers must be familiar with key ingredients in order to make good decisions.

The wide selection of skin and face care products that is available on eBay makes is easy for a consumer to choose wisely when purchasing a face moisturiser with SPF. Additionally, the many user-friendly tools that the website offers makes the process of purchasing this product convenient.

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