How to Buy Fake Tan Bronzers

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How to Buy Fake Tan Bronzers

Fake tanning has recently become quite popular due to the ease of it as well as the health benefits. Lying out in the sun or going to a tanning salon to achieve that perfect bronze colour is risky and can have permanent negative side effects. UV rays have been discovered to lead to skin cancer as well as several other unsightly effects such as premature wrinkles, dark spots, leathery looking skin, dry skin, and tan lines. Although tan lines are temporary, the other side effects are hard or impossible to reverse. Since the entire purpose of tanning is to enjoy attractive looking skin, ruining a complexion by being exposed to UV rays hardly makes sense.

In the beginning, fake bronzers were known to turn skin an unnatural orange colour, be difficult to apply evenly, and have a rather unpleasant odour. For this reason, many people avoid it thinking that tanners are still like this. However, this is no longer the case because improved formulas have made fake tan bronzers much more natural looking and not so unpleasant to use. They are also more temporary than fake tanners. The tan washes off if the user does not like the colour it gives them.

If used correctly, bronzers offer people a way to get a fast and attractive tan without risking their health or leaving the comfort of their home.

How Fake Tanners and Bronzers Work

When tanning by being exposed to UV rays, the deeper level of the epidermis is effected. Fake tanners, however, only affect the outermost layer of skin. The tanning products have an ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is a colourless sugar that reacts with the cells in the top layer of skin. The reaction causes the skin cells to change their colour and is completely safe. Fake tanning solutions typically last for a week before fading away.

Bronzers on the other hand are designed to be more temporary than fake tanners and they only last for a day or until they are washed off. Rather than dying the skin, bronzers simply cover the skin and are not absorbed. In summary, UV rays darken the bottom layers of skin, fake tanners dye the top layer of skin, and bronzers form a pigmented layer over the skin.

Types of Fake Tan Bronzers

As mentioned earlier, bronzers are designed to give people a temporary glow that washes off or fades away within 24 hours. This can be ideal when people want to look good for one particular event and then go back to normal. It is also beneficial for those who are unsure of fake tanning altogether and just want to try it temporarily. Despite advancements in the formulas, some people's skin pigment is just prone to turning orange from self tanners, so it is always a good idea to try out bronzers first before applying something that stays on for a week.

The biggest difference between bronzers is how they are applied. There are four kinds of application methods that shoppers can choose from.

Bronzing Powders

Bronzing powders are the easiest to apply because they can be applied anywhere needed without the tan turning out blotchy. Unfortunately they are limited in the amount of colour they add and they have the shortest lifespan because the powder can easily rub off.

Bronzing Gels

Bronzing gels are the most difficult to apply evenly and the application can be a messy process. They do add a good amount of colour to the skin, but they are also the most notorious for making the skin turn the dreaded orange colour. When shopping for gels, it is important to find a product that gets consistently good reviews.

Spray Bronzers

Spray bronzers are a fantastic way to get a quality, temporary colour. They are easy to apply and there is little to no mess. It is just important to wear a towel or something that the spray cannot ruin. Sprays also have a decent lifespan and they are usually good about giving the skin a natural tan colour rather than an orange one.

Stick Bronzers

Stick bronzers are similar to a tube of deodourant. The tanning formula is simply rubbed onto the skin for instant colour and sometimes comes with a powder to help make the tan last longer. Unfortunately these applicators really only work on larger surface areas such as the legs. Applying them to the face is too difficult.

With all of these bronzers, remember that no matter how they are applied, they are still easy to rub off, so let the solution dry completely before touching it or putting clothes on over it. Also have a backup plan if the weather turns foul and starts to rain. The water washes off the bronzer. It is a good idea to carry an umbrella for protection.

How to Choose the Best Fake Tan Bronzers

To decide on which bronzers work best, there are a few steps that people can follow. No bronzer works universally for everyone so it is important to figure out what to look for.

1. Choose the Type of Application

The biggest difference to the user is how the bronzer is applied. They are not all equal as far as how long they last, where they can be applied, how much colour they give, and how messy the application process is.

2. Select the Right Colour

Pale and dark skinned people cannot all purchase the same bronzer. There are different shades that shoppers have to choose from if they do not want to end up turning a less than appealing colour, such as orange. Read the product descriptions thoroughly and view pictures of the colour tint.

3. Read the Reviews

Not all bronzers are created equal. Higher quality ones are easier to apply, last longer, and have a more natural tint to them. Be sure to research each brand thoroughly and see what people are saying about it. Stick with the products that consistently get four and five star ratings, but take all reviews with a grain of salt. Some people order the wrong shades and then leave bad reviews because they did not understand that they need to figure out what bronzer is best for their skin tone.

4. Bargain Shop

After choosing the bronzer to get, it is time to find the best price. Local shops tend to charge the most for bronzers and any tanning products. They can usually be found for better prices online than in shops. Also, when shopping, double check the size of the product. It is easy to make the mistake of ordering a bronzer at a cheaper price and then discovering later that it was just a smaller size.

Find Fake Tan Bronzers on eBay

eBay is a website where thousands of people and companies can sell their products in one place. Because there are so many different sellers, shoppers can find multiple sellers who all have the same product listed. This allows them to compare prices and select the best deals. Many sellers even offer free shipping on their products.

Shopping on eBay is a simple process. All buyers have to do is type the name of the product that they are looking for into the search bar. For example, enter something like "fake tan bronzers" and then click the search button. eBay then populates a list for you of all the many bronzers for sale on the website. You can then start browsing through them and adding the ones you are interested in to your eBay Watch List. By adding them to your list, you can get quick access to them later without having to search all over again. This also makes it easier to compare the products side by side after you have finish selecting the most promising ones.

As you shop, read through each seller's ratings to make sure that their past customers have been pleased with the product as well as the service provided. Also verify what the postage costs are because that adds to the overall price of the bronzer. In some cases, sellers price their products low but then charge more for shipping which can appear like more of a bargain at first glance.


A golden tan makes the skin appear more radiant, healthy, and smooth. Darker skin has even been shown to reduce how noticeable imperfections are such as stretch marks, scars, or veins. Since tanned skin can make anyone feel more satisfied with their appearance, it is no wonder that people have subjected their bodies to UV rays for years just to achieve their desired look. Luckily, this is no longer necessary since fake tan bronzers are now very effective in darkening the skin to a nice, sultry shade without exposing the skin to the damaging effects of UV rays.

Because of fake tan bronzers, everyone can enjoy lusciously tanned skin even if they just want to change their skin tone for one special occasion. Anyone who wants a darker skin tone can use bronzers because they are easy to apply and the tan effect can be removed at any time.

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