How to Buy False Nail Glue on eBay

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How to Buy False Nail Glue on eBay

False nails have become hugely popular because they are easier to maintain than real nails. They can simply be applied to the real nail and any design or pattern can be placed on top. There are even false nails which are already patterned or even have the necessary adhesive ready attached.

Nail glue is an essential element of the false nail application process in most instances. Traditional acrylic nail products tend to require a separate adhesive to ensure the nails stay exactly in place and look as they should. Sourcing false nail glue online is extremely straightforward and using eBay gives you a wide range of choices and bulk buy options too, which are often extremely cost-effective.

Types of Nail Glue Product

Nail glue is essential for securing false nails to the bed of the real nail. The majority of false nails require a separate adhesive glue whilst some come with it already attached to the backs of the individual nails.

Buyers will need to decide whether they want to be able to judge their own level of adhesive through a separate glue or prefer the convenience of ready-glued nails. In the second case it’s important to remember that they may come loose sooner due to not deciding the amount of adhesive yourself. Wearers can simply re-apply the nails with a separate glue however so there are benefits to both products.

Applying False Nail Glue and Nails

Understanding exactly how to apply the false nails and their glue from home is a straightforward process which needs to be done correctly for the right effect. Below is a quick step-by-step guide to this process which can be completed in a few short minutes.



Stage One

Lay out the nails in the order they’ll be placed on.

Stage Two

Cut the real nails as short as possible.

Stage Three

Push back the cuticles using the purpose-designed stick or a cuticle oil.

Stage Four

Apply the nail glue evenly to the first nail.

Stage Five

Take the false nail and it onto the real nail bed pushing it into the cuticle.

Stage Six

Repeat the necessary stages for the rest of the nails.

This shows how integral the glue is to the process when applying non-adhesive false nails. It’s the only way the false nails remain attached to the real nail bed and when a full false nail kit is bought it usually contains glue as well as the false nails and additional accessories including primer and even basecoats.

Removing False Nail Glue

Despite its clear beneficial uses false nail glue is known for being difficult to remove. This is because it is designed to be long lasting, but if it accidentally gets onto the skin or fabric it will need to be removed as soon as possible. This is also the case if the nails become chipped and you want to apply new ones.

To remove false nail glue it is first necessary to soften the glue by soaking the nails in warm water for approximately two minutes. It is then possible to remove any glue that comes away easily. Then larger clumps of glue can be removed with a nail file and any remaining glue should be removed by using acetone nail polish removers. Using cotton balls and the appropriate removal liquid, all the glue should be removed before a further application of fake nails is carried out.

Ingredients in False Nail Glue

The ingredients in false nail glue are what cause its adhesive qualities. There are some ingredients which are present in the majority of glue products including:

  • Ethyl Cyanoacrylate – the main adhesive ingredient in glue. Can irritate the skin and eyes so needs to be treated with caution.
  • Polyurethane Acrylate Oligomer – a chemical which reduces the stickiness of the glue once dried.
  • BHA – a chemical used in many cosmetic products to increase shelf-life.
  • Benzoyl Isopropanol – the ingredient which turns the nail glue into its solid form and ensures the nail is kept secured.
  • Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate – an enhancing ingredient which helps lengthen nails.
  • Citric Acid- usually included for its preservative qualities.

These ingredients or a combination of some of them are essential in providing the complete product to ensure false nails are fully attached to the real nail below.

Caring for False Nails

False nails are generally made of acrylic and need to be maintained to ensure they stay in the best possible condition. Caring for false nails isn’t difficult but is something that all wearers should ensure to make sure they last as long as they’re designed to. Beauticians suggest using cuticle oil on a daily basis as it avoids the false nails causing damage to the real nails and eventually causing damage to the false nail.

False nails should never be cut with scissors. So if they begin to grow out they can be filed to keep them looking their best. It’s also recommended you keep them as dry as possible as acrylic can be damaged by water and warm water in particular can cause the nails to come loose if the glue is warmed, so it’s time to invest in a pair of rubber gloves when doing the washing up to protect false nails. It’s also recommended that antibacterial soap is necessary as bacteria can get under the acrylic and destroy the real nail. This is to be avoided at all costs as it can result in permanent damage to the nail bed.

It is also important to fix cracked or chipped nails as quickly as possible. This is not just from a cosmetic perspective but also because if any water or materials get in behind the nail there is an even higher chance that the real nail will become permanently damaged as a result of bacterial infection. Follow the tips above if nail removal is required.

Cost effective Nail Glue Options

For regular wearers of false nails then a good supply of false nail glue is essential. Finding a good deal on multi-buy products on eBay is one way of ensuring that nail glue and the maintenance of false nails is kept within budget.

Larger and bulk buy products are a sensible option for buyers who got through large quantities of product or who like to ensure they always have a bottle at the ready when necessary. This isn’t the only way to guarantee a cost-effective purchase as there are single glue products available at competitive prices too.

It is also possible to buy related nail art products including nails where adhesive is already attached or adhesive tabs which can be applied straight to the real nail before the false addition is attached. All these types of product are easily available at reasonable prices on eBay.

How to buy False Nail Glue on eBay

Buying false nail glue on eBay is a process which shouldn’t take too long and usually begins with a general browse to become familiar with the site. To locate the false nail glue buyers first need to go to the health and beauty section of the website and then select the hand and foot care subcategory. From here the choice gets wider with false nails, nail polish and nail art options amongst others. There is no specific nail glue category but it can be found when browsing in any of these areas.

When purchasing nail glue it might make more sense to use the search function eBay offers. Entering the relevant search term will lead to all products than include that specific term, so it will be necessary to once again narrow the search down by using the health and beauty category found in the left-hand navigation panel.

Browsing false nail glue on eBay is a way to ensure that the widest possible range of products is looked at and therefore a more considered choice can be made. It is also particularly useful for products which may be unavailable on the high street or be a discontinued line.


Buying false nail glue on eBay is one way of ensuring that you always have a constant supply of your favourite adhesive product. Many of the corresponding products including the false nails themselves can be bought alongside the glue. This means eBay can be used for ensuring all the nail art and related you need are available in one place.

False nail glue isn’t always necessary but the alternative products including ‘stick-on’ nails and adhesive tabs can be bought too meaning whatever product is preferred it can be found on eBay. The range of products also allows for the price range to differ greatly so budgets can be met at both ends of the spectrum. The opportunity to bulk buy products as well as kits to design tend to include all the necessary basic products as well as adds additional attractiveness to the site.

The ever expanding health and beauty industry means products are continually in demand and this includes essentials such as glue as well as adornments such as the nails themselves. The demand for the product means buyers will be interested in seeing the widest range possible before making their mind up to ensure the best item is purchased in the end.

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