How to Buy Farm Implements and Equipment on eBay

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How to Buy Farm Implements and Equipment on eBay

Farmers require equipment and implements to farm and produce livestock and crops. Farming implements and equipment need to be reliable, durable, efficient, and affordable. The various types of farming require specific types of machinery. The majority of farming machinery, especially when it comes to crop farming including equipment for preparing the soil, planting, cultivating, and harvesting.

Buying farming implements and equipment on eBay is a great way to find both new and used items for sale from sellers located all over the United Kingdom. With simple search methods, reputable sellers, and secure online payment options, eBay makes buying online easy and cost effective.

For those looking to purchase farm implements and equipment on eBay, it is recommended they have some understanding of the different types of equipment available and the popular brands that offer top quality and reliable equipment in order to make an informed purchase decision.

Finding Farm Implements and Equipment on eBay

eBay is a great place to find farm implements and equipment at affordable prices. To search for items, you can simply type "farm implements and equipment" into the search bar located on eBay's home page. You are then presented with a long list of related items for sale, giving you a general idea of what is available.

You can choose to filter this result down to something more specific by selecting from the appropriate search categories available. These include search by equipment type, brand, age of the item, its condition, and price range. Alternatively, you can search by typing a specific phrase into the search bar, such as a John Deere compact tractor or a hay baler.

Different Types of Farm Implements and Equipment

Farm implements and equipment include any type of equipment for preparing, planting, cultivating, and harvesting the land, as well as farming equipment for producing livestock. It incorporates a huge variety of implements. The more commonly used farming equipment includes tractors, ploughs and harrows, sprayers and irrigation, cultivators, and threshers.


The tractor is a requirement on virtually any farm, whether it is a crop or livestock farm. The tractor is designed to drive, pull, power, and tow a wide selection of agricultural machinery and attachments, such as balers, planters, combines, ploughs, sprayers, and mowers. Small tractors are used for getting around the farm and light towing or lifting duties, such as loading or carrying hay, manure, mulch, and even livestock. Large tractors can perform large cultivating and harvesting duties.

Tractors are designed to perform a wide range of farming and agricultural tasks. The following table provides a list of the commonly used types of farming tractors and a short description of each.

Tractor Type

Tractor Description

Garden Tractor

Very small, lightweight tractors; designed for use around gardens, commonly used for ride on lawn mowing and other light duties

Compact Utility Tractor

Referred to as CUT; common farm tractor; smaller than larger agricultural tractors; used for pulling various attachments, lifting, and towing

Farm Tractor

Larger than CUT and performs wide range of farming duties; used with various attachments for preparing land, planting, cultivating, and harvesting

Row-Crop Tractors

Designed for use in crop production, for cultivating; combines tractor and cultivator into one machine

Orchard Tractors

Specially designed for use in fruit orchards; low profile tractor able to pass under low branches

The type of tractor a consumer requires depends on the size of the job required and the type of work the tractor is required to perform. Naturally, larger farms with large areas of land to cover or cultivate require a larger tractor, while small lifestyle farms may only require a compact tractor.

Ploughs and Harrows

Ploughs and harrows are used to till soil and prepare the land for planting by breaking up the soil. Both implements are attached to the rear of a tractor and pulled along the soil. Ploughs and harrows are available in a range of sizes, dependent on the area needing to be turned over. A plough digs deep into the ground, aerating the soil and breaking up weeds and roots from previous crops. Once a field has been ploughed, it is then harrowed.

A harrow turns over the top layers of soil, smoothing out the soil surface after it has been ploughed, making it ready for planting. The different types of harrows available include spike harrows, drag harrows, and disc harrows. Each type is designed for use on different soil surfaces and to create various harrowed depths.

Sprayers and Irrigation

A sprayer is a piece of farming equipment that is used to spread fertiliser, herbicides, and pesticides over crops. For farming purposes, many choose to use a sprayer that attaches to a tractor. For small areas requiring spraying, many farmers choose small sprayer tanks than can mount onto the back of a quad bike, garden tractor, or compact utility tractor. For larger areas that require spraying, there are self-propelled spray units as well as long boom sprayers that can attach and cover an area up to 150 feet or 45 metres in length.

Irrigators supply water to the soil and crops. Centre pivot irrigators are commonly used on large fields. From a centre pivot, two long arms extend out, supported by wheels, and pivot around, enabling them to cover a large surface area. Smaller irrigation systems can work as a sprinkler system, shooting water from one point. For certain crops, such as grapevines, drip irrigators can be used. Using a system of pipes and small individual drippers, the drip water out slowly, supplying constant watering to the soil.


Similar to a harrow, a cultivator is used to aerate the soil and remove weeds during crop growth. Where a harrow covers a wide area, a cultivator cultivates a more specific area of soil so as not to damage the crops. Cultivators work only the top layers of soil. Field cultivators and row crop cultivators are two commonly used types of farming implements, designed for working large agricultural farms. While smaller cultivators used for cultivating small areas include rotavators and rototillers.


A thresher is used to separate the grain from the stalks and husks. Today, combine harvesters perform the task of reaping and threshing the crops. Various types of threshers are available, depending on how they feed the crop through the machine and at what speed. Large blades at the front of the machine cut the crop and feed it into the drum. The drum can thresh the crop in various ways, using rasps, teeth, or looped wires.

Popular Brands of Farm Implements and Equipment

Farming implements and equipment need to be hardwearing and durable, able to withstand long hours of working nonstop. Several manufacturers have become highly respected the world over for providing top quality, reliable farming implements and equipment.

Case IH is known for producing large commercial agricultural farming equipment, including tractors, combine harvesters, and various feeding, irrigation, and seeding systems. John Deere is best known for their quality tractors. An American company, they are considered one of the leading farming equipment suppliers. They also produce construction and forestry equipment. JCB is a U.K. based company known for their top quality tractors, as well as various other farming and construction equipment.

Choose New or Used Farm Implements and Equipment

Farming implements and equipment need to be of top quality, and they also need to be reliable, durable, and long-lasting. For this reason, many consumers prefer to purchase branded equipment with a good reputation that they can trust. Because this type of equipment can be very expensive to purchase, many decide whether to purchase new or used equipment.

New Farm Implements and Equipment

The advantage of buying new farm implements and equipment is that it usually comes with some sort of warranty, especially motorised pieces like tractors and combine harvesters. New equipment is likely to require less maintenance and servicing, likely to be more reliable over time. However, new equipment is expensive to purchase, which is why many consumers look to purchase used equipment.

Used Farm Implements and Equipment

The benefit of buying used farm implements and equipment is the cost. Consumers can pay significantly less money for a used item than what they would pay for the same thing brand new. Used equipment may be only a few years old, it may include manufacturer refurbished or seller refurbished items, or equipment may be 10 or more years old.

Used equipment does not tend to come with any warranties and may require more regular maintenance and servicing than buying new equipment. However, for those who want to purchase top quality equipment and implements, but do not have the budget to buy these new, buying used may be the ideal option.

How to Buy Farm Implements and Equipment on eBay

Finding farm implements and equipment on eBay is easy, and once you have found an item that you think suits your needs and budget, be sure to read the listing description carefully. Take note of the condition of the item, its location, and the seller's preferred payment methods. Farm implements and equipment can be quite expensive to purchase, so it pays to buy from reputable sellers. Look for top-rated sellers who offer PayPal payment methods. Top-rated sellers consistently achieve 4 and 5 star ratings, receive excellent feedback, have accurate listing descriptions, and ship items quickly. Often, farm equipment needs to be picked up by the buyer, but if it is going to be delivered, be sure to count in delivery costs on top of the purchase price.

If you want to find out more information about buying on eBay, then you can head to eBay's community resources. Here you can find discussion boards that have a wide range of topics, including buying on eBay and postage and payments. In these discussion boards you can ask questions, get information, offer advice, and connect with other like-minded eBay members.


For those looking to purchase farming implements and equipment on eBay, they have a range of different types of equipment to choose from, including tractors, ploughs and harrows, sprayers and irrigators, cultivators, and threshers. The type of farming equipment consumers require depends on what type of farming they do. In order to purchase top quality equipment that offers peace of mind and value for money, many buyers choose well-known brands, such as Case IH, John Deere, and JCB. These brands are internationally renowned for offering market leading farming implements and equipment.

When buying farming implements and equipment on eBay, buyers can choose from a wide range of listings. They have the option of searching for new items, manufacturer refurbished items, seller refurbished items, or used items. With useful buying tools, such as eBay Mobile and desktop applications, eBay helps consumers find their desired item at a competitive price, all from the comfort of their home or office.

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