How to Buy Fitted Carpet for a Bedroom

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How to Buy Fitted Carpet for a Bedroom

Purchasing a fitted carpet for a bedroom isn’t a task which is undertaken every day, but when it is done, the task should not be entered into lightly. There are a whole host of things to consider before even thinking about approaching a store or an online site. Failure to examine every aspect of the buying process carefully could result in great disappointment as well as a waste of hard-earned money. However, with just a little effort, coupled with care and attention, the bedroom will end up feeling like the warm, comfortable, restful haven that it should be. If the bedroom is being completely redecorated, a useful tip is to choose the carpet first, but fit it last, as it's easier to match the other fabrics etc. to the carpet than the other way round.

What is a fitted carpet?

A fitted carpet is a carpet that covers the entire floor area within a room or passageway, such as a hall or a landing. Unlike non-fitted carpets, they leave no space between their edges and the walls, so it’s impossible to see any of the flooring underneath.

The Advantages of a Fitted Carpet

Fitted carpets are considered to be very luxurious, but apart from that, they do have some more practical advantages over non-fitted carpets and other types of floor cover. Because they are fitted, they don't move over time, unlike non-fitted carpets and rugs etc., and they prevent draughts from penetrating through the floorboards, especially in older buildings. Furthermore, not only do they help to improve the bedroom's environment with their sound-absorbent qualities, but they are also very good heat insulators and help the bedroom to retain its warmth, resulting in lower energy bills than would otherwise be the case. Additionally, they provide a cushion for small children when they fall over. Finally, they are more comfortable to walk on, especially in bare feet, which is important in a bedroom.

Types of Fitted Carpet Textures

Fitted carpets are available in four different textures – cut pile, cut and loop pile, level loop pile, and multi-level loop pile. Each one has different properties to suit the area where it’s intended to be laid. For example, a cut pile texture is very suitable for an area that has high household traffic, such as a hallway or a living room. However, a bedroom is an area of low footfall and is more suited to a cut and loop texture, which gives a softer, more luxurious look and feel. If the bedroom is for children and has to double up as a playroom, something a little harder wearing may be in order. There are many terms bandied about, and it’s quite a confusing area, so be sure to quiz the salesperson about the different types in order to get exactly what is needed.

Carpet Materials

Nowadays, most carpets are made from synthetic materials. Acrylics, nylon, and polyester are three that come readily to mind. The reason for their popularity is that they are cheap when compared to wool, as well as being durable and comfortable. With modern technology, the quality is improving all the time, although traditionalists still abhor anything but natural wool, which is still widely regarded as the best material for carpets. However, whilst not disputing wool’s many fine qualities, for most people, it’s a question of economics, as wool is much more expensive than synthetics. For those who wish to push the boat out a little, there is a halfway house with woollen blends or mixes, which incorporate wool and synthetics. They are still, however, rather too expensive for most people.

Pre-purchase Points to Ponder

Plain or Patterned

A plain carpet suits any bedroom and gives greater flexibility when it comes to selecting the other fabrics and wall paper etc. If redecorating, the carpet can remain, while the rest of the colours can be changed completely at a much lower cost than that of a new carpet. Plain carpets also open up the bedroom and make it appear more spacious. Patterned carpets abound in many different styles, but it’s important to choose one that doesn’t dominate the bedroom, or clash with the other fabrics and wallpaper. Given that a carpet purchase is expensive and won’t be repeated in the foreseeable future, it’s important to choose a pattern that won’t induce boredom or irritation as time goes by. Also, think about how the other fabrics etc. can be changed when it comes to redecorating.


Pale and pastel colours are always attractive and give the bedroom a warm feeling, although they show the effects of soiling more readily than medium or neutral shades. Dark colours make the room feel more closed in, while lighter colours promote a feeling of space.


Being an area of low traffic, a bedroom carpet won’t demand as much cleaning and general maintenance as a carpet in a hall or a lounge. However, there will probably come a time when a cup of tea will get spilled or somebody forgets to take their dirty shoes off before entering. The situation is even more acute in a child’s bedroom, so don’t forget to check out the carpet’s stain-resistant and easy-cleaning properties before buying.

The Lifetime of the Carpet

If the bedroom is being done up as part of a house makeover with a view to selling, then the carpet needn’t be of the same quality as it will be if it's expected to last for a number of years.

The Budget

When deciding which carpet to buy, don’t forget to include the cost of an underlay and any other material costs, as well as fitting and any freight charges which may have to be met should the carpet be coming from a source other than a shop or online site that offers free transport.

Getting the Best Value for Money

Now it’s time to actually buy the fitted carpet. In order to ensure that the allocated budget works as hard as possible and doesn’t get wasted, don´t forget the following advice.

Room Measurements

Where possible, have the bedroom floor area measured professionally. While this may seem to be superfluous advice, it’s surprisingly easy to end up buying either too much or too little carpet. Carpet laying, while easy for the professional, is not without its difficulties for the uninitiated, whose eye may not spot all the difficulties that may be encountered in cutting the carpet roll, as well as the potential waste problems caused by different carpet widths.

Sample the Wares

The lights of a shop can produce colour variations in a carpet, so always try to get a sample of the carpet to take home, where it can be viewed in situ to gauge its true shade. It also provides an opportunity to test the colour against the other fabrics, furniture, wallpaper, and paint that are currently in the bedroom if there is no redecoration planned.


Be sure to purchase new underlay. Not only does it make the new carpet more comfortable, but it prolongs its life by up to 40 per cent.

Fitting the Carpet

Always arrange to have the carpet fitted professionally. The carpet cost a lot of money and there is no point in cutting corners at this late stage. A properly fitted carpet also wears better. Furthermore, amateurs are more prone to error and there’s no comeback if the fitting goes wrong.

Spend to the Limit

As with anything else, the more that is spent, the better the product that is bought. A fitted carpet is no different, so spend the maximum that is affordable. Buying a cheap carpet is a false economy as it wears out much quicker and is often more difficult to clean.

How to Find a Fitted Carpet for a Bedroom on eBay

First of all, go to the eBay homepage. Hover the cursor over the Home & Garden tab in the left-hand column until a sub-menu appears to the right. Click on the Home & Garden link in that menu. On the next page, click on the link for All Categories. It can be found under the heading Home & Garden on the left-hand side of the page. That produces a mini-page in the centre of the computer screen. Look for the category Rugs & Carpets and click on the link for Fitted Carpets & Underlay. That brings up the first of the many pages featuring fitted carpets and underlay from the eBay database. For further refinement of the search, look at the Type sub-menu on the left-hand side of the page and click on Choose More. A smaller page appears in the middle of the monitor offering extra options. In the column to the right, there is a list in blue. Go down the list and click the cursor on Room. That changes the information to the left, which now lists the different rooms that are available. Check the box for Bedroom and then click on the Go button at the bottom of the page. That action generates page one of fitted carpets and underlay for the bedroom. For even more search refinement, check the various option boxes in the left-hand column, or click on the Advanced tab, which is situated towards the top of the page, next to the Search button. Alternatively, if the details of the sought after carpet are already known, just type them into the Search Box and click on the Search button.


Buying a fitted carpet for a bedroom may appear to be a daunting task at the outset, but much of the apprehension that is generated is because it involves spending a lot of money on something that is an infrequent purchase. As such, knowledge of the market is probably sparse. However, by carefully thinking about the room in question with regard to size, decoration, and comfort levels, it becomes a whole lot easier. Then, when it’s time to actually make the purchase, such technicalities as carpet texture and material, underlay, and fitting can be considered. Always buy the best carpet and underlay that is affordable out of the household finances, as cheap carpets never last, and be sure to have the area measured by a professional and the carpet fitted by experts. It’s too precious a purchase to take any chances.

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