How to Buy Floor Mats on eBay

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How to Buy Floor Mats on eBay

The purpose of using floor mats is to protect the vehicle's carpet from wear and tear as well as damage from other things like water, road salt, mud, and spilled drinks. The mats are available in several kinds of materials and colours, giving buyers the ability to find the ones that are best for their vehicle and lifestyle. The various kinds of mats range in price and function, so there is no specific type that is the best to get.

The carpet in a vehicle typically gets damaged or worn down faster than any other area on the inside. While the seats can easily get worn down too, they are not subjected to the mud, salt, and other debris that gets tracked in on people's shoes or a pet's paws. Since the carpet of a vehicle cannot be replaced without spending an exorbitant amount of money, the best option is to get floor mats. By purchasing mats early on, owners can prevent their automobile's carpet from getting damaged in the first place. Keeping the vehicle in good condition is necessary in order to maintain its value. Buyers inspect the inside and outside of a car for signs of damage when they are deciding whether or not to purchase it, and they expect everything to be in good condition.

With a basic knowledge about floor mats such as what materials there are, the kinds they can buy, and what the price ranges are, anyone can shop for, and purchase a set of mats within their price range.

The Advantages of Using Floor Mats in a Vehicle

Making simple efforts to maintain a vehicle makes a big impact on its value and interior atmosphere. Nobody wants to ride around all day in an automobile that's dirty and worn down. Taking small steps such as purchasing floor mats and seat covers ensures that the vehicle is always in its best condition and is easy to clean if it gets dirty.

Inevitable Stains and Spills

Almost everybody winds up eating or drinking in their vehicle at some point. When they do this, there is a big change that something will end up spilling and staining the floors. Liquid-proof floor mats with raised edges can catch the spills and contain them before they reach the carpet. Once the driver has pulled over, they can simply take the mats out and rinse them off. This is much easier than trying to shampoo carpets inside the vehicle.

Dirt and Grime on Shoes

No matter how hard people try to keep their carpets clean, dirt will still get on them. Every time a person steps outside, things on the ground cling to the bottom of their shoes. Then when they get back into the vehicle, they step on the carpets and rub all of that debris onto the flooring. Any kind of floor mat can minimise the damaged caused by this.

Every Day Wear and Tear

Even if drivers never tracked dirt into the car or spilled anything, the carpets are constantly subjected to the friction or peoples' feet. That constant rubbing against the carpet fibres causes them to wear down until they are all matted together and start falling off. This is not repairable but can be avoided by protecting the carpet.

Floor Mat Materials

Floor mats are made out of several different materials. The most common ones include rubber, carpet, and vinyl. Each one has its own advantages and comes in several styles. For example, carpet and vinyl mats are usually one solid colour, while rubber can be found in a variety of colours with different designs.

The rubber mats are best used in wet environments because they are durable, very easy to clean, inexpensive, and completely water resistant. The most effective ones have a rim or lip around them to keep the water from going off of the mat and onto the carpet. Cleaning these mats is as simple as taking them out, rinsing them off, scrubbing if necessary, and then letting them dry. Nearly any kind of regular soap can be used on them. The thinner rubber mats should be inspected for holes before being put back in. They are easily punctured by things like high heels.

Carpet mats are used to match the vehicle's interior. Some owners do not like the way that aftermarket mats look inside, so they try to find ones that blend in as closely as possible. Carpeted floor liners are just as susceptible to damage as the carpet floors are. However, they are easily replaced and can be cleaned by rinsing them down and washing them with carpet cleaner. Unfortunately, these mats do not prevent liquid from running off the sides and damaging the carpet beneath.

Vinyl mats are very stiff and durable. Usually they are clear and make the existing carpet look shiny. They work well in wet climates, but they usually do not have a lip or rim to contain the liquid. Their biggest advantage lies in their ability to hold up for years, protect the carpets from wear and tear, and allow owners to have matching floor mats without finding a custom colour.

Types of Floor Mats for a Vehicle

In addition to choosing the material of the floor mats, buyers also have to select the type. Vehicles are all shaped differently on the inside, which means that not all floor mats will be the right shape.

Type of Floor Mat


All Weather Floor Mats

The most effective kind of floor mats

Moulded to fit inside a specific make and model of vehicle

They are the exact shape of the floor area, and made out of thick, stiff rubber that lasts for years

Has a 5- to 8-centimetre tall ledge around the mat that holds in the water and debris; great for areas in wetter climates

Since they are bought in custom shapes, these mats are also more expensive

Fitted Floor Mats

Available in any material

Like the all weather type, they are made to match the shape of a vehicle's floor

Typically most used by those who want to find carpet mats that match the colour of the existing carpets

By getting them fitted, they are less noticeable and look like they came with the vehicle

Generic Floor Mats

The most common type because they can be found at any auto shop and are the most affordable to get

Their shape is universal and is supposed to fit in any vehicle, which means it is impossible for them to be the best size for every automobile

Some of them, such as the rubber ones, come with the ability to trim off certain sections so that they fit better

Available in more colours and varieties than other types

Which floor mats to select depends on the owner's needs. In drier climates it may not be necessary to spend a lot of money on a custom set unless the shopper also wants the mats to flow with the interior of their vehicle. Generic ones do tend to be more noticeable, but they are also cheaper to buy and can be found with fun things on them like logos, patterns, and cartoon characters.

How to Shop for Floor Mats on eBay

When looking at accessories like floor mats, it is easier to shop online for them. Shops are limited on how much inventory they can carry, so you may only get to look at a few different versions there. Sites like eBay have thousands of products to look through so you can find the one that is best for you and your vehicle.

Type "floor mats" into the eBay search bar, or enter something more specific like "Nissan floor mats". After you click on the search button, a large list of products will appear. Since there are so many options, try narrowing down your search by specifying your preferences. For example, you can enter in your price range and sort the listings to show the lowest priced items first. You can also choose to look at used or new mats. However, unless the floor mats are in as-new condition, its best to stick with mats that have not already been worn down.


Protecting the interior of a vehicle is essential to maintain its value. People not only want the exterior to be shiny and attractive, but they always want to enjoy the inside of the vehicle as well. After all, the interior is what owners see the most. A clean and maintained car is much more pleasant to drive around town than a dirty one that is worn down. Simply taking the time to find and purchase a set of floor mats can save the vehicle from future damage, make it easier to keep clean, and help maintain the value of the car. There is an abundant amount of floor mats to choose from, so anyone can find a set that fits into their vehicle and looks the way that they want them to. Even the less expensive ones protect the carpeting to some extent and they are very easy to remove and clean when needed.

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