How to Buy Football Boots with Astro Soles

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How to Buy Football Boots with Astro Soles

With the high costs associated with maintaining a natural grass surface, many football clubs and sporting facilities have turned to synthetic grass called AstroTurf. AstroTurf is basically a synthetic plastic carpet. It is similar in consistency to a tightly woven carpet, with many short fibres which represent the blades of grass. This makes the surface firm and fast. Football boots with Astro soles are specifically designed for optimal performance on AstroTurf.

Normal studded or bladed football boots play very poorly on AstroTurf

A player with the wrong boots will slip, slide and generally have a hard time with proper footing. The right Astro Sole on the right turf can lead to greater speed, agility and victory while the wrong sole can cause unsure footing, twisting of knees and ankles and possible injury. So to play your best on an AstroTurf surface, learn the difference between types of Astro soles before your search online for the right pair of Astro Sole football boots for you.

There are three types of Astro Sole Football Boots:

  • Flat Astro Sole
  • Studded Astro Sole
  • Bladed Astro Sole

Flat Astro Soles

Best use:

  • Indoor sole. Flat soles are best used on indoor type AstroTurf. Indoor AstroTurf is a tightly wound synthetic carpet laid on top of a thin sheet of rubber. The surface is very firm. Balls played on this surface bounce high and fast. And the games played on indoor AstroTurf are quick and fast – like playing in a large living room.
  • Zigzag grooved flat sole. Because of the flat indoor surface the soles of the proper football boot must be flat as well. The flat Astro Sole boot consists of many small wavy or zigzag grooves along the sole.
  • Moulded gum rubber. The sole is a single piece of moulded gum rubber. The grooved soles provide a better grip. Similar to a tennis shoe grip on a hard court surface.
  • Good lateral movement. Flat Astro Soles are light and provide great side-to-side movement. This is good for indoor turf games. Since the fields are smaller, the type of play is quick. There is little room for great running speed. Only quick short steps.
  • Studded boots prohibited. Often an indoor football facility will prohibit the use of any type of regular studded or even small studded football boots. They will sometimes require all players to play with flat-soled boots whether they are specifically for football or just simply tennis shoes.

Check with your local indoor football facility for boot regulations. You can find the best flat Astro sole boot for your needs on eBay

Studded Astro Soles

Best use:

  • Outdoor Astro sole. Studded Astro soles are best used for outdoor type AstroTurf. Outdoor AstroTurf is found on larger pitches. It is softer and thicker than the traditional indoor AstroTurf. The blades of “grass” are thicker and longer. The rubber base is also thicker. Plays slower than Indoor turf but still faster than grass.
  • Similar to traditional moulded stud football boots. But instead of ten to fifteen round studs they have hundreds of short tiny studs along the sole. Like the traditional moulded sole boot, the Astro sole is a single moulded piece of rubber.
  • Small Studs provide better grip. The outdoor Astro “carpet” is thicker. The thicker carpet needs more grip from Astro soles while traditional moulded football boot soles would be too much. The hundreds of small studs of the Astro sole grip the shallow turf just enough to provide better quickness and agility than a grooved sole boot.
  • Good lateral movement. Like the grooved soles they are light and agile. Good for games in the small tight space of an AstroTurf pitch. They provide good support and grip for the quick lateral movements needed on a turf field.

You can find the best Studded Astro Sole Football boot for your needs on eBay.

Bladed Astro Soles

Best use:

  • Outdoor Astro sole. The bladed Astro sole, like the studded Astro sole, is best used for outdoor type AstroTurf. Outdoor AstroTurf is found on larger pitches. It is softer and thicker than the traditional indoor AstroTurf. The blades of “grass” are thicker and longer. The rubber base is also thicker. Plays slower than indoor turf but still faster than grass.
  • The bladed Astro soles are similar to bladed sole boots. But instead of ten to fifteen blades they have hundreds of short tiny blades, which run parallel down the sole of the boot. Like the studded Astro sole boot, the bladed sole is a single moulded piece of rubber.
  • Best for speed and acceleration. While the studded Astro sole boot is best for quick lateral movements, the bladed Astro sole, like the bladed football boot, is designed for speed and acceleration over lateral movement. The blades dig into and grip the turf moving forward better than the round studs.
  • Less effective for lateral movement. However, they are not quite as effective for quick lateral movements. On a smaller pitch lateral movement is more important. On a larger pitch forward speed and acceleration can be more important.
  • No boot restrictions. Unlike boot restrictions at indoor football facilities, most outdoor pitches have no restrictions on the type of boots worn on the pitch. However if a player chooses to wear longer studded or bladed boots he or she will have a difficult time with footing. This will give ankles and knees less stability, which may lead to injury.

You can find the best bladed Astro sole football boot for your needs on eBay.

Traditional Studded/Bladed Football Boots on AstroTurf

Why buy a pair of Astro sole boots just to play on AstroTurf? How do traditional football boots play on AstroTurf?

  • Too Firm. AstroTurf surfaces are too firm for the longer studs or blades of traditional football boots.
  • Fewer studs are less stable and can lead to Injury. The fewer points of the traditional stud boots hitting the firm surface is often unstable. This can lead to slipping and/or falling. The fewer points provide less ankle and knee stability. Ankles can be turned. Knees can be bent at odd angles.
  • Foot and leg pain. The fewer points and the less stability cause greater strain on foot and leg muscles. They will tire much faster in the course of a game.
  • Studs can break off. In colder temperatures, when the already firm surface can get even firmer, the studs or blades of the traditional boot can break off. The fewer points hitting the surface puts more pressure on each point. In the cold this added pressure may bend or break off the stud or blade.
  • Wear down faster. The fewer points also make the wear and tear on the boot greater. There is less support so more of the studs or blades wear down quickly. The body of the boot also wears quickly because of the less support. 

So to avoid injury or wear to a new pair of traditional football boots, look to purchase a pair of proper Astro sole football boots on eBay.

The Right Football Boot for the Right Condition

The type of AstroTurf you chose to play on will determine the type of Astro sole you will need. Is it an indoor surface? Is it an outdoor surface? What type of play do I want? Speed? Quickness? Stability? Below is a table of which boots best serve which type of AstroTurf surface.


Indoor AstroTurf

Outdoor AstroTurf

Flat Astro sole



Studded Astro sole



Bladed Astro sole



Traditional studded or bladed sole



Astro Sole Football Boots on a Grass Pitch

While Astro soles are best used on AstroTurf can they be used on a grass pitch?

  • Work fine on a grass pitch. One of the additional benefits to owning a pair they can be used to play on a grass pitch.
  • They will slip and slide on the wetter or more dusty pitches, but they are light and agile enough to perform well enough to play.
  • Flats not so well. Playing in flats on a grass pitch is like playing in tennis shoes. Better than bare feet but still very slick.

Cost of the Astro Stud Sole Football Boot

Moulded Astro Stud cost tips:

  • Least expensive of all football boots. Because the injection moulding process used to make the small tight Astro studded boot soles is so inexpensive, this contributes to the very low cost of the Astro boot.
  • Cheap Materials. Made of either calfskin or synthetic leather on top and sometimes recycled rubber on the soles. This helps lower costs.Heavy. They tend to be the heaviest of all the football boots as well. This is why it is recommended that they be used for indoor or dry outdoor Astro surfaces. Wet Astro sole boots can get even heavier.One pair of boots for all surfaces. While it is not recommended, the studded Astro sole boot can be used as the all-in-one boot for an amateur player on a very tight budget.

How to Buy Astro Sole Football Boots on eBay

eBay offers hundreds of different Astro Sole Football Boots, including flats, studs or blades. eBay sellers are known for their competitive pricing and unbeatable reliability, the advantage of buying on eBay is the wide selection and flexible payment options.  

You can buy both new and pre-owned football boots. Pre-owned boots are much cheaper. New is more expensive but you know what you are going to get. However a new pair of boots on eBay is still a much value than from a bricks-and-mortar shop.

To search for Astro Sole Football Boots visit the Sporting Goods portal. From there you can choose to search for Flat, Studded or Bladed Astro sole boots. Each page also lists, on the left hand column, boots by size, brand, sole type and new or used for further search references.

You can also type in specific words searches in the search box provided on every page, such as “flat Astro sole football boot”.

Once you find a pair of boots that you like, make sure you know your boot size. Some players like to size down one half size from their normal shoe size, for the purpose of a tighter fit. Just pick the size that is right for you.

When searching through listings, carefully review all the data. Make sure the item matches what you had in mind. Look over the photographs a couple of times. Feel free to Ask the Seller a question if you want additional details. Visit the Buying Tips page for more information.

Once you’re ready to buy, either place a Bid, Buy it Now, or put down your Best Offer. Buying with PayPal will ensure the transaction will go smoothly. All eBay users are protected by the Buyer Protection Program.


Choosing an Astro Sole Football Boot means picking the right boot for a buyer’s individual needs, style and budget. Different Astro sole football boots have different purposes. Buyers must decide on what type of surfaces they regularly play. Flat soles work best for indoor AstroTurf. Studded soles work best for outdoor-type AstroTurf.

The most expensive boot is not always the best choice for every buyer. Incorporating personal style and budget, a great boot can always be found. There are thousands of football boots on the market today. Finding the right Astro sole football boot is simple and easy on eBay.

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