How to Buy Gaming Merchandise on eBay

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How to Buy Gaming Merchandise on eBay

Video games, once considered a niche hobby pursued only by teenage boys, have grown into one of the highest grossing industries in the world. In the U.K., more money is spent on video games than on trips to the cinema and DVD purchases combined. Billions are spent each year on games alone, but that is only part of the picture. With every new game release, there is an entire line of merchandise to complement it.

Today's gamers can enter their fantasy worlds from nearly anywhere. Modern video games can be played on home consoles, computers, numerous portable devices, and even cell phones. The ubiquity and popularity of video games is what drives the production of gaming merchandise ranging from posters and figurines to clothing and trading cards.

Anyone looking for exciting merchandise for their favourite game character should look to eBay, a worldwide online marketplace with an extensive inventory of gaming merchandise. eBay gives shoppers access to a convenient platform and numerous support features. Consumers can choose from retro or modern gaming merchandise, and select toys or clothing, comics or posters when buying gaming merchandise on eBay. They can set a budget and then determine which items to purchase, ask questions and arrange shipping, all without leaving home.

Choose Retro or Modern Gaming Merchandise

Over the decades, numerous video game franchises have developed, bringing with them countless lines of merchandise. eBay shoppers have access to wide variety of gaming merchandise, from posters advertising the latest game release to vintage figurines from original the Atari games. While many younger gamers spend money on merchandise for the newest, most popular games, more mature gamers are often interested in merchandise from the games they played as teens.

Retro Gaming Merchandise

Retro gaming merchandise is widely available on eBay. While the games themselves are highly collectable, the merchandise used to advertise the games is also sought after by gamers and collectors. In some instances, the product designs have become pop culture icons and their images are used on items such as posters, clothing, and advertisements. While a larger per cent of retro gaming merchandise remains quite affordable, some of the most desirable items can fetch hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Modern Gaming Merchandise

Merchandise for modern video games can be found on store shelves as soon as the game is released, and gamers young and old flock to it. A variety of new and used merchandise for modern video games is available on eBay. Unless it happens to be a special item, such as a limited edition or a factory prototype, these items are fairly inexpensive and readily available.

Select a Type of Merchandise

eBay shoppers looking for gaming merchandise can end up overwhelmed with options unless they head into their shopping excursion with a plan of action. Gamers can narrow their search down quickly by focusing on a particular type of merchandise, such as figurines, clothing, or comic books.

Figurines and Action Figures

Video game characters make popular material for statues and figures featuring elaborate poses and detailed costumes and weaponry. Sculpted resin statues are heavier and more durable than plastic action figures, but are meant for display only. Traditional action figures feature articulating joints and interchangeable weapons and accessories. Some action figures, intended primarily for display, are more detailed but have a limited range of motion.


Clothing items with game logos and characters from old and new games are another popular items. eBay shoppers can select from shirts,, hooded sweatshirts, hats, and more commemorating early games or featuring graphics from modern games. Gamers and fans who enjoy dressing as their favourite characters for gatherings and conventions can find full-sized replica costumes and accessories for their favourite characters.

Comics and Manga

The storylines in video games make excellent material for comic books and manga, or stories written in Japanese by Japanese creators. Gamers enjoy following comics that are direct adaptations of their favourite games, but many also appreciate comics that develop new storylines. Some comics and manga are written as prequels or sequels to popular games.

Printed Material

Printed material, to include posters,, magazines, and game guides, combine artwork with advertisement. Older magazines and posters make great memorabilia items. Gamers can find an abundance of these items on eBay.

Trading Cards

Trading cards make great video game memorabilia. Gaming trading cards feature images from the games along with original artwork, and short bios and stats on characters. Several game franchises turned simple trading cards into elaborate collectable card games, creating a whole new following and product line.


Nearly every video game on the market has a complete line of toys that goes along with the story line. Figurines, plush dolls, board games, and replica vehicles are just some of the video game toys that can be found on eBay.

Other Items

Gaming merchandise extends beyond toys, comics, and trading cards. Game enthusiasts can navigate to eBay to buy backpacks, home decor, and fashion accessories commemorating their favourite games. Some merchandise is created as a real-life reference to specific game content, such as a the COG tags the characters wear in Gears of War, while other merchandise is a practical item fashioned after something in the game, such as a Minecraft pickaxe bottle opener.

The table below provides a list of some of the most common types of gaming merchandise available on the market, and a brief description of each type:

Type of Merchandise


Figurines and action figures

Posed figures; often made of sculpted resin or plastic


Shirts, hats, hoodies, or other items; many feature game logos, quotes from games, or graphic images; even costumes are available

Comics and Manga

Game storylines are easily translated to comics or manga; manga is a Japanese form of comic book emphasising science fiction and fantasy, often of a violent or sexual nature

Printed Materials

Posters, magazines, game guides, or other artwork

Trading Cards

Often feature images from the games, or other artwork; many can be used to play games


Figurines, dolls, board games, vehicles, and other items that tie into the original game;

The items listed in the table above are only some of the many types of merchandise buyers can find to expand their collection of gaming merchandise. Examples of all the above, and more, can be found on eBay.

Narrow the Options

Consumers searching for gaming merchandise on eBay find it helpful to restrict searches to items within a price range or area of interest or knowledge. Setting a budget when shopping is always a good idea, and in the case of gaming merchandise, it helps limit the potential product choices to a more manageable number. When in doubt as to what to buy, a good rule of thumb is for consumers to buy only what they like or what they know.

Set a Budget

Shopping with a budget in mind not only enables shoppers to make smarter purchases, it may prevent them from spending more than they can afford. A budget puts boundaries on a purchase and serves to limit a buyer's choices in the marketplace, two important factors when shopping for gaming merchandise on eBay. Though the majority of gaming merchandise is mass produced and therefore, relatively affordable, rare items in high demand quickly go up in price. Consumers should compare prices before purchasing gaming merchandise, as it is difficult to determine if an item is truly worth the seller's asking price without a point of comparison.

Determine What to Buy

Buyers who are uncertain as to what gaming merchandise to buy should follow the advice given for years to buy only the things they truly like. With gaming merchandise, this can mean purchasing items commemorating a particular character or game, or purchasing only a certain type of items such as gaming posters. This advice is especially useful for anyone who is beginning a gaming merchandise collection.

Experienced buyers can extend that advice to items they know. eBay shoppers who are familiar with a certain genre of gaming merchandise can comfortably purchase items within that genre knowing they are likely getting a good item at a fair price.


Since the introduction of coin-operated arcade games in the 1970s, video games have grown exponentially in popularity. That popularity created an enormous market for merchandise advertising and commemorating the countless that have been released over the decades. The amount of money spent on video games and related merchandise annually is in the billions, and this will only increase as video games continue to find their way onto every electronic device released and gamers spend more time plugged in.

With the vast inventory of gaming merchandise available on eBay, shoppers can have difficulty navigating through the pages of item listings to find what they are looking for. Planning a budget and focusing a search on a specific type of merchandise limits the buyer's options to a more manageable number. Selecting merchandise specific to a favourite game also keeps buyers on track and reduces search results. By heading into the excursion with a plan in mind, shoppers can ensure they come away with an exciting new addition to their gaming merchandise collection without spending too much.

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