How to Buy Grinders on eBay

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How to Buy Grinders on eBay

Popular for use in metalworking as well as construction, grinders are power tools that many professionals and DIYers alike find to be valuable additions to their toolboxes. These same people often find that buying grinders on eBay is a great way to access a variety of options at great prices without the hassle of travelling to stores or jumping to multiple websites for price comparison.

However, before buying grinders on eBay, it is essential to review basic information about these tools, including the four basic types of grinders and what they are used for in a workshop environment. There are also additional features to consider before deciding on a grinder to buy on eBay, including the grinder's power source, load speed, and disc size. After this, buyers must still take time to consider eBay search strategies as well as important buying tips to help ensure success. Ultimately, knowing what to look for and how to search and buy on eBay leads buyers to finding great grinders at great prices.

Understanding Grinders

The general term "grinder" when used in reference to tools applies to several different tools which all perform a similar function. These tools include angle grinders, bench top grinders, die grinders, and straight grinders. The basic function of any grinder is to cut, polish, or grind work materials; the result of which produces a polished surface or accurate dimensions on a particular part.

How Grinders Work

Because they derive their force through an external power source and not human strength, grinders are power tools. Once activated, their process is quite simple. The motor of a grinder is used to power a gearhead which is positioned at a right angle to the unit itself. This gearhead is subsequently mounted with some sort of disc which performs the grinding or cutting act.

The discs of a grinder are responsible for completing the different work functions of the tool which is basically to remove a very small amount of a surface. In general, a grinder only removes between 0.25 millimetres and 0.50 millimetres of material. However, some grinders also cut away material similar to power saws.

A grinder's discs come in a variety of sizes and can be replaced when worn independently of the tool itself. Usually, the unit also comes equipped with a guard, and in the case of a handheld unit, a side handle helps aid in safe operation of the tool.

Grinder Types

The four basic types of grinders each perform a separate task within the workshop environment, and they can all be found on eBay. Although they are all part of the same tool family, understanding the specialties of each type of grinder is the best way for craftsmen and women to make sure they have the ideal tools for the jobs.

Type of Grinder

Basic Function

Best for ...

Angle Grinder

Handheld tool that removes surface material or cuts through an object, depending on the disc used




Bench Top Grinder

Fixed tool which provides a stable surface for heavy-duty work including shaping, buffing, grinding, and sharpening





Die Grinder

Smallest option, mostly used to polish small, hard-to-reach surfaces such as those on die-cast models

Pipes or other small, metallic objects

Straight Grinder

Smaller, handheld version of the bench top grinder used for shaping, cutting, and deburring





Within each basic type of grinder, it is important to note that quality and disc type matter as well. However, before moving forward with the eBay buying process, buyers need to know which types of grinders they need.

Grinder Features

In addition to the four basic types of grinders that buyers can consider, it is also important to note additional features that different models of grinders offer. Each of these features can help get certain jobs done more efficiently and are worth considering prior to purchasing grinders on eBay.

Power Source

Grinders are usually offered with one of three basic power functions: electric, petrol, or pneumatic power. The third of these, pneumatic power, has become increasingly popular and is considered the superior power source. The benefit of using pneumatic powered grinders as opposed to electric or combustion-powered ones is that the air pressure needed for pneumatics serves the purpose of cooling the tools down, rather than heating them up, thus increasing safety. The downside to pneumatic power is the need for an air compressor to provide the power to the tool and its operator.

Load Speed

The success of many projects which require a grinder relies on the speed of the disc which is accomplishing the grinding task. A tool's load speed refers to the speed at which the disc rotates prior to the cutting or grinding process. The speed listed on most grinders is based off of what is called no-load pressure, or the speed at which the disc travels when not actually acting upon a surface. Usually, grinders are either considered slow speed or fast speed, though it is possible to get them at variable speeds as well.

Slow Speed Grinders

Slow speed grinders are very important if the units themselves are large, since a slower start speed leads to more stability when handling these tools. Slow speed grinders are also quieter than faster grinders and do not produce as much heat in executing tasks. Slow speed grinders operate around 2000 rpm and are best for burnishing metal.

High Speed Grinders

Smaller grinders, especially die grinders, on the other hand, thrive with a faster load speed. The faster the speed, the more efficient the units, which is important when working in small spaces. Faster speeds used with larger units equally reduce time for completing projects. High speed grinders operate between 5000 and 7000 rpm and are best for cutting harder materials such as metal.

Variable Speed Grinders

For more all-purpose tools, variable speed grinders are the way to go. With the ability to choose the speed at which the disc turns, a user can employ the same grinder for more than one type of task. Variable speed grinders allow users to set the speed, low or high, according to the tasks being performed and may be the best option for home-based work which only requires the use of grinders occasionally.

Disc Size

The final feature of grinders that buyers need to consider is the size of the discs that grinders use as compared to the size of the discs needed to complete jobs. The most common sizes of grinder discs are 115 millimetres, 125 millimetres, 150 millimetres, 180 millimetres, and 230 millimetres. The larger sizes are generally used on larger surfaces and those that need a greater amount of material removed or cut.

How to Buy Grinders on eBay

Once buyers are confident with the types of grinders they need and the features that they want, the eBay buying process can begin. It is important to make sure that you use proper search strategies on eBay as well as be aware of other tips and tricks to make the process smooth and simple.

Search Strategies

Searching for grinders on eBay can begin on any page of the site through the main search bar at the top of that page. It is important to consider specifics when designing a search. This includes the type, size, and brand of the grinder wanted. Entering more specific terms or keywords into a search yields more targeted results. Therefore, consider typing "Bosch angle grinder", since it will return a more manageable number of results as compared to "Bosch grinder" or "angle grinder" alone.

Buyers' Tips

In addition to search strategies, eBay buyers should also be aware of other important tips for success. Remember, eBay is a marketplace, not an individual retailer. Therefore, it is important to remember to assess a seller before committing to purchase. Read product descriptions carefully, look through feedback, and consider patronising eBay authorised sellers first.


Grinders are absolutely essential industrial tools for metal workers, construction workers, and many at-home DIYers. However, there are a lot of options on the market concerning grinders, which make the process of learning how to buy grinders on eBay a bit more complex than it may seem at first.

There are four, separate types of grinders that buyers should consider. They are angle grinders, bench top grinders, die grinders, and straight grinders. Each fulfills a separate function and works best on different types of jobs. In addition to the type of grinder wanted, it is also important to consider other features of grinders. This includes their power source, load speeds, and disc size. Each of these elements affects the type of work that grinders can accomplish.

Once ready to buy a grinder on eBay, there is still the task of searching for the right product. Using simple search strategies as well as common sense tips for success can make this process smooth and painless. Ultimately, learning how to buy grinders on eBay is a great way to save time and money.

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