How to Buy Hair Extensions

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How to Buy Hair Extensions

Using extensions is a great way to add some extra length to hair or fill it out more. They can even be used to patch up a haircut that went wrong, which for some can be a lifesaver. Hair extensions have the power to give women the hair that they have always wanted but never had. They are strands of real or synthetic hair that women and men can use to add to their own hair. Extensions look real and can be found in all colours. Some people even purchase extensions and then dye them with their own hair to achieve perfectly matching shades.

The cost of hair extensions depends on whether they are real or synthetic as well as the type of extensions. There are multiple ways that they can be worn. Synthetic hair that can be installed at home is usually pretty affordable, while real hair that is installed professionally can be very pricy. However, whether a budget is low or high, anybody can find extensions that match their hair and wallet size.

History of Hair Extensions

Most women since the ancient Egyptians have cared about their appearance just as much as the people of today. Although they were not realistic looking, pharaohs and important citizens wore extensions that were intricately weaved and braided together. The lower class people also wore wigs, but they were lower quality and less ornate. Men and women from the Victorian era also wore very large wigs that resembled the shape of a beehive. 100 years ago, extensions came back into style but they were expensive and only worn by the wealthy. These were more similar to the extensions worn today.

Types of Hair Extensions

Perhaps the most confusing part of shopping for hair extensions is trying to figure out which kind to get. Extensions can be attached to the head in several ways, and which type to get is mostly dependent on what the wearer needs the extensions for.

Bonding Hair Extensions

Bonding involves gluing sections of the new hair to the natural hair. It does not last as long as weaving methods, but it causes less damage to the natural hair. Bonding usually holds up for about four to six weeks before needing to be touched up. There are two types of bonding: soft and hard. Soft bonding is flexible and more comfortable. Its consistency is similar to that of rubber glue. However, soft bonding does not last as long as hard bonding, which is stiff and uncomfortable.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions are the most temporary and are usually worn for one-time special occasions, such as a wedding or party. The fake or real hair is pre-sewn onto strips which users can cut up in the lengths they need. The strips are then attached to the head by clipping them into place underneath the natural hair. These are the most affordable extensions to purchase. It is also possible to buy these extensions in sections with clips attached to the end of them. The biggest benefits that clip-in extensions have is that they are easy to install at home, they are temporary, they do not damage the hair, and they can be reused.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Hair extensions attached through fusion are the most natural looking, yet most time consuming. The extensions are individually attached to the natural hair with a micro glue gun machine. Once installed, the hair can be washed and styled like usual. Because of the amount of detail and time required to do this method, it is also the most expensive option.

Lace Front Hair Extensions

Lace front extensions have recently been developed and are the most natural looking on the market. The hair is pre-woven onto an invisible lace mould and placed onto the head. It is held in place with just some clips and can be reused many times. Despite looking so realistic, these are still very affordable.

Micro Braiding Hair Extensions

Micro braiding is popular for women who want a head full of mini braids rather than actual strands of hair. Each braid is attached to the head by weaving it into the natural hair. The process takes anything from three to 15 hours and can last for six months if it is maintained. Unfortunately it can only be washed every 12 to 14 days.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro rings, also called micro loops, are small aluminium rings with the hair extensions attached to them. They are small enough that they are not very visible and they have a lower cost than other types of extensions. Their biggest advantage is that they can be installed by a hairdresser in half the time of the extensions that are sewn or glued on and they are less damaging to the natural hair. However, some people find that the rings can be uncomfortable while sleeping.

Netting Hair Extensions

These braided hair extensions are woven onto a breathable net which is easier than weaving braids into the natural hair. The netting stays in place because the natural hair is woven into it. They last about three months if they are regularly maintained.

Track Hair Extensions

Tracking can be used to attach braids or hair to the head. The natural hair is first braided into tight cornrows, then the braided extensions or the hair extensions are either sewn into the braids or glued onto them. After completion, the hair can be washed and maintained like normal.

Hair Extension Quality

Synthetic hair is the most affordable option when looking for hair extensions. However, it does not last as long because heat and friction wear it down. Those wearing synthetic extensions cannot use hair styling equipment such as curling irons because it melts the hair.

Human hair is more expensive but it lasts longer and can be styled like normal hair. How it is washed depends on how it is attached to the head. For example, lace extensions cannot be washed. When looking at human hair, it is important to understand its quality. There are four different terms used to describe the quality of human hair.

Hair Quality


Double Drawn

This hair has had all of the shorter hairs removed twice so the ends are more even and appear fuller, a time-consuming process and therefore costly


Very high quality; each strand of hair has been organized so that the root is at the top and the tip is at the bottom; makes the hair more shiny and tangle less

Single Drawn

Lower quality than double drawn; some strands of hair may be up two inches shorter than the other strands

Virgin Hair

Hair that has not been dyed or processed; it is simply tied together and not attached to anything

It is very unlikely that people other than hairdressers would purchase virgin hair, but the other types can be found and they are ready to install or wear.

How to Buy Hair Extensions on eBay

When most people think about hair extensions they automatically assume that the only place to get them is at a hair salon. This is not true, however. Websites like eBay have thousands of hair products and all of the sellers are competing for business. This means that the prices are almost always better than anywhere else. Having such a large selection also means that people can easily find the exact version of what they want. The Health & Beauty section is a great place to start your search. Matching hair colours can be difficult so having a limited selection can really make the search process harder. 

To shop for hair extensions, go to the eBay website and enter the name of the product you want, such as "hair extensions". Next, click the search button and then eBay populates a huge list of the extensions for your to browse through. Since there are so many, you may want to narrow things down by being more specific in your search. For example, you could enter in "brown hair extensions" or "clip-in hair extensions". After you have done the search you can narrow it down even further by selecting the hair length you want, whether you want human or synthetic hair, and the style of hair you want. Extensions can be curly, wavy, straight, or in braids. This saves you the work of having to curl or style it yourself later.


Famous celebrities around the world are known to change their image constantly by changing their hair colour, style, and length in just a couple of days. Switching colours and styles is easy enough, but adding length that fast is impossible without the help of hair extensions. What was once a very expensive product, hair extensions are now very affordable and anyone can enjoy making their hair fuller or longer in just a matter of minutes or hours. With hair extensions, the glamourous possibilities are nearly unlimited. People who own several sets of hair pieces can regularly change their look to match their daily mood and feel confident in their appearance. It has been proven that those who have confidence in their appearance are more likely to be successful in their career and personal life. This makes the minimal investment in hair extensions worth it to increase confidence, attractiveness, and chances of success.

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