How to Buy Head Collars For your Dogs

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How to Buy Head Collars For your Dogs

Dog Head Collars are an invaluable tool suitable for all dog owners. Not to be mistaken for a muzzle, the head collar fits around a dog, using two loops that fit comfortably around the neck and base of the muzzle.

A useful training tool, the head collar can be employed during all stages of training, as well as every day life. Dog owners who have issues with their animal pulling on the lead find head collars a particularly useful tool to curb this unwanted behavior.

There are many places to purchase a head collar for dogs. These vary from general pet shops, specialist shops, veterinary clinics and auction sites like eBay. This guide will outline the advantages of purchasing a head collar for a dog and how to buy one.

What Is a Head Collar

A head collar is an attachment to a lead that is used to walk and control a dog via their head. The head collar works off the premise that the animal generally goes where it’s head is led. Therefore if the owner has control over the head it can assist the dog. This makes it easier for the owner to stop and correct any unwanted or dangerous behavior, like pulling on the lead.

Wearing a head collar does not restrict the dog in any way. The animal is still able to eat, drink and do all it normally would without the head collar on.

How to Buy to Buy an Appropriate Size Head Collar

Purchasing the correct sized head collar is extremely important. Thankfully it is a fairly easy task. All the knowledge needed to purchase a head collar is the approximate weight of the dog. Most head collars will be adjustable within the size that it is via small straps on either side of the collar. Be sure to fit the head collar as suggested by the accompanying instructions.

The breed of the dog will also help to categorize the dog into the right sized collar.

Advantages of a Head Collar

There are several advantages of using a head collar on a dog. The following is a list of examples (please note that it is not exhaustive):

For some owners it is important, but not always possible to preempt the actions of the dog to discourage unwanted behavior. A head collar offers a more even playing field for owners who are not as quick at judging reactions to certain stimuli.

  • It can speed up the training process.
  • It can sometimes have a calming affect on anxious dogs in public environments.
  • It is designed to emulate the pack ‘leader’ who asserts his dominance over subordinates. The head collar mimics this in a gentle and natural way.
  • It does not choke or hurt the dog in any way.
  • The dog is unable to pull the head collar off once it is on. It stays firmly in place once on the dog.
  • It is made of durable lightweight material (often nylon) that is easy to clean and gentle on a dogs skin.
  • The dog is still free to pant, eat, drink and yawn with the collar on.
  • It is a great tool to use against and calm boisterous behavior.

How to Introduce a Dog to a Head Collar

As with most new skills, it is important to offer the animal adequate training to the collar prior to excessive use. This includes introducing the collar itself to the dog before attempting to put it on the animal.

An example of how to achieve this is as follows:

Step 1

Introduce the dog to the head collar gently. A productive way of doing this is to use edible Reward Treats. Break down the movement of getting the head collar on the dog into simple steps, and reward the dog with a treat after each step is accomplished. Do not rush the process. Repeat as many times as necessary if the dog becomes stressed at any time. Do not proceed onto the next step until the dog is happy and comfortable with the current action.

Step 2

Once the dog is comfortable putting the head collar on, introduce short walks using the collar. Start off covering small distances within the comfort and familiarity of your home. Again, use rewards to recognize desired behavior. If for any reason the dog is pawing at the collar, take it off and go back to the beginning. Only progress if the dog is happy.

Step 3

Now that the dog is happy wearing the collar, it is time to introduce the rules. This is where training the dog into how the collar works comes into play. Take the dog outside of the home environment on a regular walk with the collar on. When the dog attempts to walk past you, stop immediately. This will stop his forward motion and cause him to also stop. Once he has stopped, continue with a slack lead and encourage him to walk with you. Repeat as necessary until the dog is walking as desired. Be sure to praise positive behavior. Use edible rewards if available.

It is important to note that these are very broad steps. Where needed, break each individual step down further to suit your dog.

Puppies and Head Collars

It is possible to fit a Puppy Head Collar. However, it is important to note that they will grow rapidly, requiring a larger collar as they grow. Be sure to check the fit at regular intervals, no longer than 2 weeks apart at a time.

Regular Collar

It is important to note that the head collar is not a replacement for a normal collar. Rather it is an alternative lead to walk the dog with. If the dog does not leave the property unless for walks and will always have a lead on, it is possible to purely only use head collars. If this is the case be sure that the dog is micro chipped, so if lost can be returned home.

Further Assistance

It is advisable to research further how to use a head collar before attempting to use it. There are many different forms of dog training nooks that will offer a deeper insight into how it works. Alongside this, there are dog training videos that will also help.

How to Buy a Head Collar on eBay

Purchasing a collar on eBay has never been easier. The auction site is designed for buyers to sell new and used products to people all over the world. It is a safe and secure alternative to leaving the house with more variety and diversity of products than on the high street.

There are a number of ways to search for a head collar for a dog on the site. This can be done by one of three ways:

  • Via the search function located at the top of every page. Using the search function can accommodate searches for specific items or a broader search category like ‘head collar for puppies’.
  • Via the advanced search (also located at the top of every page next to the search bar). The Advance search will lead through to a series of questions and prompts to hone in on the product desired.
  • Via the Shop By Category portal. The shop by category portal will take the user through to all categories where you can choose the appropriate category for your search. In the case of head collars it would be Pet Supplies.

Once a product is chosen, it is advisable to study the seller’s description and photo thoroughly. This will clarify the quality of the product, as well as answer any additional queries like where it has come from and why it is being sold. If in doubt about anything, you can always ask the seller more questions before you make a purchase.

It is possible to make payments in a variety of different ways. The most common is via PayPal. PayPal is a safe and secure third party that transfers the money between buyer and seller. It is also possible to pay via debit and credit cards.

If further information about how to use eBay is required, visit the Buying Tips page for additional material and frequently asked questions.


A Dog Head Collar is a great tool for not only training, but also every day life. It is an excellent tool for owners of excitable dogs who need to execute control over the animal when out in public, and wish to do so in a positive and gentle manner.

The key to using a head collar is to know how to use it. The best way to do this is to ask questions, read Books and watch Videos.

eBay offers a wide selection of different dog collars for all shape and sized dogs. Not only this, they also offer head collars for puppies. This means it is possible to train your dog early on using the collar.

As a safe and secure site that is globally recognized, eBay is a natural choice. Couple this with the ease and comfort of shopping from home, and it simply cannot be beat.

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