How to Buy Headsets for Role Playing Games

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How to Buy Headsets for Role Playing Games

Role playing games have enjoyed enormous popularity ever since they became available on gaming systems. From classics such as "Ultima" to more recent hits such as the "Diablo" franchise, role playing games have made impressive advancements in graphics and sound over the years. As these qualities have improved, more and more gamers have become engrossed in role playing games. In order to fully appreciate the modern technology of role playing games though, gamers should own quality headsets.

A good headset creates an immersive experience and can improve gamers' performance in role playing games. In order to successfully purchase the right headsets for their needs, gamers should understand the benefits of headsets for role playing games, make a few pre-search considerations, and be familiar with the different features commonly available on headsets. eBay is a good source from which to buy headsets for role playing games, so consumers should also be familiar with a few basic points regarding shopping on the site. With the right preparation, gamers can find the headsets they need to get the most out of their role playing games.

Benefits of Headsets for Role Playing Games

Many role playing games involve navigating levels of different maps and confronting computer- or player-controlled enemies along the way. Successfully defeating these enemies and finding one's way across maps requires good reflexes and navigation skills. A headset can improve a player's abilities in both of these areas. Headsets with surround sound can let players know from which direction enemies approach, giving players time to prepare for confrontations. Surround sound may also make players aware of the locations of other characters and objects in a game, improving their navigation of maps. In addition to enhancing a players' reflexes and navigation skills, a good headset can also cancel out sound in the room in which the player is gaming. This can help the player better concentrate on the role playing game.

Pre-Search Considerations

Before searching for headsets, gamers should consider the gaming systems they own, which role playing games they have or are looking to acquire, and what their budgets are for spending. There are many headsets for role playing games on the market, and making these considerations helps gamers target their searches. This, in turn, results in more efficient shopping.

Gaming System

A headset can be loaded with cutting-edge features, but these are worthless if the headset does not work the player's gaming system. It is therefore important to determine which gaming system the headset should be compatible with before one begins a search for a headset. Some headsets are designed to work with a specific gaming system, such as the Microsoft Xbox 360, while other headsets work on multiple platforms. It is also possible to buy headsets that work for both PCs and gaming consoles. If buying a headset for a PC, it is important that the sound card supports special features on the headset, such as surround sound.


The collection of role playing games that a gamer owns and ones he or she plans to purchase can influence a buying decision. If these games support positional audio, as many games do, players need headsets with this feature to hear where sounds are coming from in relation to their characters' positioning on the screen. Gamers must have headsets with surround sound in order to get a surround sound experience from games that support this feature. To chat with other gamers during role playing games, headsets that have independent chat volume and those that can be controlled separately from the game's volume make sense.


Headsets span a broad price range, so gamers must determine how much they are willing to spend on their headsets before searching. The more advanced the features of a headset are and the more comfortable the headset is, the more it is likely to cost. It is possible to get high-quality headsets on the lower end of the price range, but doing so may require sacrificing a few features. A user shopping on a budget should therefore determine which features are more important and prioritise those features in the search for a headset.

Choosing Headset Features for Role Playing Games

As gamers search for headsets for role playing games, they should pay attention to the sound features, microphone features, fit, and wired or wireless connections of the headsets they are considering. Being familiar with these features helps gamers buy the headsets they need to improve the role playing experience.

Sound Features of Headsets

Sound features are some of the first details of headsets that gamers look at. Common sound features that gamers encounter on headsets are positional audio, sound output type, bass booster, and independent chat volume control.

Positional Audio

Many role playing games today are designed with positional audio. Sounds indicate the location of other characters and objects relative to the character's position on the screen. In order to hear positional audio, gamers must have headsets with the positional audio feature. This can make role playing games more engaging and also improve gamers' performance.

Output Type

Output type is another important feature that influences gaming experience. The table below describes the different types of sound output available on headsets.

Output Type



Audio split into left and right channels; gamers hear one set of sounds together through the left earphone and another set of sounds together through the right earphone

5.1 Surround

Audio split into centre, left-front, right-front, left-rear, right-rear, and subwoofer channels; sound perceived as coming from all directions of a room rather than just two sides

7.1 Surround

Has all of the audio channels of 5.1, plus two more rear channels behind the right-rear and left-rear channels of 5.1; creates more areas from which gamers perceive sound

Many surround-sound headsets have multiple drivers in each earphone speaker to create surround sound audio. Wireless headsets sometimes use a single driver in each earphone that mimics the sound directionality of multiple drivers. This feature saves battery life.

Bass Booster

Bass booster is a relatively simple feature. It increases the level of bass output in a headset to provide additional depth to the sound it produces. This can be a good feature if a game or gaming system has weak bass and produces "thin" sound as a result.

Independent Chat Volume Control

Independent chat volume control enables gamers to adjust the sound of chat sessions separately from the volume of the game. Those who typically chat with friends and other gamers during role playing games may find this feature useful.

Microphone Features in Headsets

A headset microphone's impact on gameplay is not as big as that of the sound. This does not mean that gamers should overlook the microphone, though. Gamers who chat while they play may appreciate headset microphones with voice monitoring. This feature prevents the gamer's voice from projecting too loudly into chat sessions, enabling focus on the action in the game. Microphones that block external noise also make for more clear chatting.

Fit of Headsets

Since many gamers spend a good deal of time on their gaming systems, their headsets should feel comfortable. Fit is therefore an important feature of headsets for role playing games. Gamers can choose ear-cup designs that go over the ear, ear-pad designs that go on the ear, or earbud designs that go in the ear. Comfort comes down to personal preference, so it is up to gamers to decide which designs they prefer.

Many headsets have two ear pieces, but it is also possible to buy headsets with a single ear piece.. These headsets provide a less immersive experience than those with two ear pieces, but they may better suit gamers who need to be more aware of their physical surroundings while they play the games.

Wired or Wireless Connections for Headsets

Another important feature of headsets is how they connect to gaming systems. Gamers can choose between wired headsets and wireless ones. Those in the former category connect to gaming systems via USB generally and do not require batteries because the USB connection provides power from the gaming system. A Toslink wired connection is a good way to deliver surround sound. Wireless headsets are capable of surround sound, but usually provide virtual surround sound, as mentioned above. They also require batteries. Many wireless headsets use a Bluetooth connection,, so gaming systems must have Bluetooth capability in order to work with these headsets.


Headsets are important accessories for role playing games. Sound features such as positional audio can improve gamers' performances by enabling them to perceive where sounds are coming from in relation to the characters they control on the screen. This enhances reaction times and navigation skills. Features such as surround sound can also create a more immersive experience, increasing the intensity and enjoyment of role playing games. The voice monitoring and independent chat volume control features on some headsets make it easier and more enjoyable to chat while playing.

Gamers should be familiar with these features when buying new headsets for role playing games. They should also know which gaming systems and games they want to purchase headsets for. One can find a large selection of quality headsets on eBay. Knowing how to search the site helps shoppers find the right headsets for their needs, and being able to find local sellers can save gamers money on their purchases. Headsets enhance role playing games, and knowing what to look for and how to find them on eBay makes it easy to enjoy games as their designers intended.

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