How to Buy Induction Kits on eBay

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How to Buy Induction Kits on eBay

Induction kits, commonly known as air filters, remove the bulky and restrictive air box assembly found in most cars and replace it with a cone filter. This filter is installed near the engine's air inlet. The kit is used to expand the air intake into the engine and increase the horsepower of a car. Induction kits normally use either cotton or foam as the filtration medium. These kits provide more oxygen to the engine and minimise the loss of air pressure, which generates a greater amount of power.

In addition, induction kits offer better acceleration and better fuel economy. When driver's accelerate quickly, the induction kit produces a deep throaty noise. Induction kits vary widely in quality. There are many different kits, each offering a compatible fit with specific cars. When purchasing an induction kit on eBay, buyers must consider the various types, keep in mind their advantages and disadvantages, learn how to properly install this enhanced car feature, and familiarise themselves with eBay's buying process and the different features the online marketplace offers.

Types of Induction Kits

There are several types of induction kit available for purchase on eBay. The most effective type is often determined by the specific design chosen, as well as the quality of materials and airflow rate that the kit has. Buyers also need to consider how they want the induction roar to sound: cold air intake kits tend to be much louder than enclosed induction kits.

Cold Air Intake Induction Kits

Cold air intake (CAI) induction kits are specially designed to cool air as it passes through the engine. This helps to keep the engine cool, which improves its function. This process increases the air mass and allows the cylinder to fill with a higher concentration of oxygen. As it is heated, the cool air expands, creating a large explosion which enhances the power of the engine. Cold air intakes increase the efficiency of the car's engine, helping to promote better fuel economy and leading to a longer vehicle lifespan. Cold air intake induction kits tend to be more expensive than other types. The filters are located further from the engine, so they require additional pipework.

Enclosed Induction Kits

Enclosed induction kits, also known as closed air intakes, seal the air filter inside a heat resistant enclosure in order to prevent heat soak, which occurs when hot air from around the engine is taken in, causing a loss of power. Enclosed induction kits are designed to smooth and speed airflow into the engine, ultimately creating cooler air. This is accomplished by the use of a high flow cone encased in the housing. Enclosed induction kits tend to be quieter than other types because the loud induction noise is muffled by the closed filter.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Induction Kits

There are several advantages of induction kits. In addition to greater horsepower, induction kits are designed to last for a lifetime. Unlike standard paper filters, induction kits can be cleaned and re-oiled. So, these kits do not require replacing periodically.

Induction kits can do more harm than good to car engines if they are not installed properly. Without the air box to protect the original filter from heat and supply it with cool air, the new filter has to perform this task. If the cold air feed is not properly in place, the cone filter may suck in warm air into the car's engine. This leads to bad performance.

In addition, induction kits produce more noise, known as the induction roar, as the air is sucked into the engine through the cone filter. Although some people view this as a disadvantage, others prefer the sportier noise.

Installing an Induction Kit

When installing an induction kit, buyers first need to determine the appropriate kit for their car. Induction kits come in a wide array of brands and styles. Disconnect the car's electrical supply to begin the installation process by detaching the negative battery cable. Next, remove the existing air box by unscrewing its intake hose. Disconnect the engine breather pipe from the intake hose, and the intake hose from the throttle housing. Then remove the intake hose from the car.

At this point, all of the housings and support brackets included in the induction kit should be assembled. Determine the location on the engine where they are to be attached by consulting the instruction manual. With a screwdriver, attach support brackets to their specific location. Remove the air box support from the chassis by unscrewing it or detaching the bolt. Next, install any heat shielding or cooling systems to the mounting brackets. One end of the air hose should connect to its given place on the mounting brackets or the heat shielding, while the other end should be installed behind the front of the car.

Buyers should then attach the intake pipe from the induction kit to the engine throttle along the mounting bracket and screw it into place tightly. Attach any rubber adaptors or filters to the ends of the intake pipe. The new filter should also be connected to the intake pipe and tightened into place with a screwdriver. Finally, buyers should install the new breather pipe onto the intake housing, then onto the engine before reconnecting the battery. In order to check if the induction kit works correctly, buyers should start their car engine.

Registering on eBay

Buyers looking to purchase an induction kit for their car on eBay are free to browse the website without having to sign up. However, in order to buy an item, it is necessary to complete the eBay registration process. This allows registered eBay users to interact with other members, buy items, and review a seller's feedback ratings. Registered members also have the ability to save their searches and receive notification when desired items become available.

Searching for an Induction Kit on eBay

Buyers who wish to purchase an induction kit should begin their search on the eBay home page. Buyer's may enter any keywords such as "induction kit" into the search bar. This is likely to render a large number of results. Buyers can narrow down their listing by using more specific keywords related to induction kits, such as the manufacturer and type, for example, "Honda Civic induction kit".

Buyers can also use eBay's advanced search feature to find what they are looking for. Searching by using this method allows buyers to filter through features, such as price and condition. This feature also gives buyers the ability to browse items from specific sellers.

Search for Induction Kits by Make

When searching for an induction kit, buyers should consider including the make of the car. This is a great way to narrow down choices for those who wish to find an induction kit for a specific vehicle. Every induction kit is specifically tailored to a particular car so it is important to collect all of the necessary information about the car before making a purchase.

Search for Induction Kits by Model

In addition to the make of the car, buyers can further limit compatible induction kits for their vehicle by searching by model. As there are likely to be several induction kits for every make of car, it is important to also consider the car's model to ensure that the correct kit is purchased.

Search for Induction Kits by Condition

Searching by condition allows the buyer to browse new or preowned induction kits. While buying a new induction kit helps to create a worry free transaction, it can be much more expensive than buying a used kit. Buying a used induction kit is a great option for buyers on a budget. Many used induction kits have received limited use. Therefore, many can be found in a like new condition. Buyers should research what they are looking for thoroughly and communicate clearly with the seller about the exact condition of the induction kit.


Induction kits are a great addition to any car for those who love speed. These cone shaped filters help to increase a car's air intake and, in turn, increase the horsepower. Induction kits come in various types including cold air intake kits and enclosed kits. Cold air intake kits are the most popular type and are preferred for the loud sound that the engine emits in order to increase the car's speed. Enclosed kits produce a more subtle sound. If installed properly, good quality induction kits last a lifetime. Therefore, it is important to follow all of the manufacturer's instructions carefully when removing the existing air box and installing the induction kit.

When searching for an induction kit, buyers should consider the make and model of their car to ensure that the kit is compatible. Using an improperly sized induction kit can cause warm air to flow into the car's engine and hinder the vehicle's performance. With so many induction kits to choose from, eBay can help any car enthusiast to find the perfect air filter to increase their vehicle's power.

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