How to Buy Injection and Fuel Systems for Better Performance

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How to Buy Injection and Fuel Systems for Better Performance

Fuel injection systems control the process of moving fuel from the fuel tank to the engine on any type of vehicle including motorcycles, cars, trucks, and large vehicles such as tractors. Many people choose to upgrade the fuel system of their vehicle for performance improvement. Some of the benefits include a higher fuel efficiency rating, a faster vehicle, or even more eco-friendly fuel use.

There are several types of fuel injection systems, from older single point fuel injectors, to modern direct injection systems. Buyers must consider which type of injection system they want to purchase, which models are compatible with their vehicles, which are within their budget, and importantly, which offer the desired results. Buyers can choose to purchase fuel injection systems from local auto parts stores or online stores that sell vehicle parts and accessories. Considering each of these options can help buyers to make a purchase decision for the upgrade of the fuel system of their vehicle.

Knowing the Different Types of Fuel Injectors

Purchasing a new fuel injection system requires a basic idea of what is already in the vehicle and what models are compatible with the engine. There are four commonly used fuel injection systems on the market, although there are different options for older vehicles. These include single point, multi-point, sequential, and direct injection. Most modern gasoline car engines use direct injection due to the higher level of emission control and more precise fuel management.

Single Point or Throttle Body Injection Systems

Commonly referred to as TBI, these fuel injectors are outdated in most vehicles but still present on some vehicles, especially smaller and older engines. Single point injections are commonly installed in old cars with up to a two litre capacity and in modern cars with up to a one litre capacity. The advantages include that the system only has one injection valve, is easy to service, is relatively affordable compared to other models, and uses a throttle instead of an air meter. The disadvantages include that the single point injection pump allows for less exhaust regulation, meaning that it is harder to control the amount of contaminating exhaust being released by the engine.

Port or Multi-Port Injection Systems

Port injection systems, often called multi-port injection systems, are more modern than the single point injection systems. These injection systems use a single injector nozzle for each cylinder via the port. Multi-port injection systems are more precise than single port injection systems, offer more fuel regulation, and can eliminate the risk of fuel collecting in the intake manifold. They also allow more engine freedom as the intake manifold can be more lightweight and placed anywhere on the engine. The multi-port injection system shoots the fuel vapour much closer to the cylinders, which almost eliminates the chance of fuel going anywhere but the cylinders. These cylinders offer a significant upgrade in performance from single port injections.

Sequential Injection Systems

Sequential injection systems are a variation of multi-port injection systems. Where the standard systems spray fuel all at once, sequential injection systems are timed similarly to spark plus so that the fuel is injected separately but regularly. The result is a very small but effective improvement in efficiency as fuel is injected the moment the cylinders open and does not suffer from the 150 millisecond lapse sometimes seen in standard multi-port injections. Sequential injection systems slightly reduce emissions and slightly increase efficiency of the engine.

Direct Injection Systems

Direct injection systems are modern fuel injection systems and a relatively new industry standard for modern high performance vehicles. Direct injection is most common in diesel engines but is also frequently used in gasoline engines. Direct injection offers a precise fuel and air metering and higher efficiency levels compared to other fuel systems. Direct injection systems eliminate a portion of the induction track used in other injection systems so that fuel is literally injected directly into the engine without being mixed with air beforehand. The advantages of direct injection systems make them an excellent choice for most fuel system upgrades.

Variations of Fuel Injection Pumps

There are a few variations of fuel injection pumps available, including turbo injectors, which increase the flow of fuel and air to the engine and thus the engine's capacities. Methanol or cooling pumps help to cool the engine so that it can run more quickly or for longer without overheating. Pressure regulators help to control fuel consumption. There are many different injector variations although not all of them are quite as efficient as claimed. Buyers should ensure that the data listed on the box or in the description matches the requirements listed by the vehicle manufacturer before making a purchase.

Upgrading the Fuel Pump

It is important to consider the fuel pump as well as the injection system. Upgrading the injectors without upgrading the fuel pump can produce good results but often not as good as if both fuel pump and injectors were upgraded. Pumps can be upgraded as long as they adhere to the flow measurements on the vehicle. Most electric pumps are rated at 65 or 75 psi, although some may be higher or lower. Usually, it is a good idea to get a recommendation from a professional mechanic for safety reasons. Most fuel pumps should have maximum limits listed on the pump, and the maximum flow of the pump might also be listed in the vehicle's owner's manual.

Benefits of Upgrading a Fuel Injection System

Upgrading a fuel injection system can have a few benefits including better fuel consumption, a faster engine, and lower exhaust rates. Each of these side effects of a better injection system can benefit the vehicle owner as well as the environment in many different ways. Depending on the fuel system, it might be engineered to allow an engine to run for longer, which could be useful for long distance drivers. Performance and speed enhancing injection systems can be used by racers or owners of vehicles with older engines who would like to bring the engine up to more modern performance standards. Cooling and fuel control injection systems can reduce fuel consumption to save money over time especially when purchasing fuel.

Anyone who is not very experienced with injection systems should contact a local mechanic to ask about how much it would cost to remove old injectors and replace them with new injectors. This is for safety reasons because improperly installing injectors can lead to fuel leakage in the engine. Most mechanics should charge a reasonable price, especially if the new injectors have already been purchased and are ready to install.

Choosing a Fuel or Injection System for Better Performance

One of the most important steps to upgrading a fuel injection system is to choose the fuel injectors. Many fuel injectors are made for and sold for specific vehicles so it might be necessary to purchase injectors that are either made for or state that they are compatible with the vehicle they are to be installed on. Checking for the specific vehicle model can help with finding compatible injectors. However, it is also important to consider that some injectors are designed to fit a range of vehicles. Checking the specifications in the owner's manual that comes with the vehicle before buying the injectors can help to ensure that the injectors are compatible with the vehicle. Importantly, the fuel injectors must be made for the fuel type that the vehicle uses. For example, gasoline and diesel injectors are not compatible with each other. Choosing the correct model is important for keeping the engine in proper running condition.

Purchasing an Injection and Fuel System for Better Performance on eBay

You can choose to purchase your fuel injection system on eBay for budget, convenience, and availability reasons. eBay is an international marketplace with a wide range of injectors available, including unique and custom options, those not normally available in stores, and used models available for vehicles that are no longer produced. Buyers can choose to look for literally any model of fuel injector to suit any budget and any vehicle.

Search from the home page and try specifying the type of injection system you are looking for. For example 'sequential', or 'direct injection', or include special options such as 'turbo' in your search. Remember to read the full description to ensure that the system is what you think it is and remember to contact the seller with any questions you might have. From there, you can proceed with your purchase and wait for your injection system to arrive.


Injection systems can be upgraded and replaced to improve system performance including fuel economy, engine speed, engine efficiency, and the length of time that the engine can run without overheating. Different injectors have different capabilities and some are fitted with special features to allow for improved fuel flow, better airflow, more control, and fewer emissions. These are each excellent reasons to upgrade injection systems although it is important to consider the capabilities of the vehicle before installing new parts.

Buyers can choose between four popular types of injectors, although direct injection pumps are more modern and efficient. Most buyers should also choose the injectors based directly on the model of engine being used for the upgrade. Many vehicles require special injectors, although some injectors can be used with multiple injectors. Finally, buyers can choose to purchase injectors from auto parts stores, which might only stock basic injectors, or go online to sites such as eBay to find rarer and more advanced options.

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